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Real name: Veronica
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Veronica. 21. California. In Love Weasley Twins. Sirius Black is my hero. Music. MySpace.

My R.I.P. for ♥Fred Weasley♥: One without the other is like a day without it's night. Give them hell for us, Fred.

If you want to add me on MySpace, contact me first or I may deny you.
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Silver Platters by Padfoot11333 3rd-5th Years
Roxy Weasley writes, and Lucy Weasley reads.
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Jeffery Potter always had sensed he was somehow different from his playmates...
Out of the Blue by Secret Marauder 90 1st-2nd Years
This story weaves the tale of James and Lily from the day they met right up...
Where Light and Shadow Meet by Ennalee 1st-2nd Years
All his life, Percy has built and gathered, painted and carved, and now everything...
Different in the Morning by Gmariam 3rd-5th Years
Seventh year is almost over, and after indulging in the kitchen a bit too much...
Rid of Me by littlebird 6th-7th Years
Hermione gets the cat, the flat, the food, and the furniture. Ron gets the family...