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Hi, I'm Clara and I don't really know what your supposed to say on these bio thingies so i'm just going to say a few facts about me:

Fave colour = yellow

Hobbies/ Sports = i go sailing, play clarinet, i like reading (although i am really slow, or rather i savour books and digest them slowly) I play hockey (but i suspect that the only reason i managed to get on the C team is because i was the only player on the D's) and i like drawing

Appearance = I am tall, blonde and blue eyed and still manage to look awfull no matter what

Dental status = according to my old orthodontist i'm irelands no. 1 dental disaster and thats an acheivement!

Things you are most likely to hear me say = "Thats not very nice" in a squeaky voice "youv'e got to catch the storm before the storm catches YOU"

After having a sugar overdose i usually = jump up and down, skip, spin around in circles until the whole world is a blur and i can't stand up and sing songs incredibly out of tune

Favourite hp book= PoA

Favourite hp character= Moaning Myrtle

Things I really like= GRHUBARB (the best plant ever! - please don't kill it), reading good fanfiction, writing not-so-good fanfiction, chocolate, email, my freinds, making fiends (, pork with roast potatoes, potter puppet pals (, pancakes with lemon and sugar, hugs, anything yellow, anything smiley, muffins, being happy, smoothies, bananas, banana smoothies, stripey socks, mango juice, Ħupsidedown exlamation marks! the sea, cheese, comfy sofas, polka dots and nice stuff

Things I really hate= cucumber, when things don't make sense, when i get really confuzzled, celery, when my brother breaks the lego models I make for him, when nothing i do seems to work, pencils nibs that always break, things that shrink in the wash, when an unmanageable knot appears at the back of my head, when the roof leaks and the ceiling of my bedroom goes brown and mushy, things thaat are really annoying (eg. the scooby-doo theme tune), and lastly, my school uniform.

You are probably wondering why my username is chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that conducts photosynhesis. No I do not make my own food, nor am I green, but during a certain science class a friend of mine started calling me that and continued to do so for about 2 weeks and 4 and 1/2 days (okay, I have no idea where that figure came from, I have no idea how long she called me that for, come to think of it, she still calls me that) When it came to thinking of a username it was the first name that came to mind

List of Random names people call me - chlorophyll, CopLopARopA (my name in op), Prawnkins (don't ask), Claz (but please don't call me that), Claree (only my brother calls me that, lets keep it that way), Clarabelle and Clara Lara Funpark

More random facts about me = I am 14, I am usually very hyper. I live in Ireland and have a 5 year old brother who is obseesed with the character Fred from Scooby doo, Batman, fighting Bad Guys (normally me). I have a fish called Shaw Shaw who is really boring.

I'm Mrs. Ronald Weasley

The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz
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I'm Mrs. Albus Dumbledore

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
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I'm a Weasley!

The HP Family Quiz
made by Sapphire.

I'm a Shooting Star!

The HP Broomstick Quiz
made by Sapphire.

Lupin - Defense Against the Dark Arts !
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