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According to this sign thing that I have on my wall I am:

"Purple Profile~

You are a purple person if:

You are imaginative, sensitive, artistic, and sophisticated. You have noble ideals and a keen appreciation of the cultural.

You are alert, demanding, foresighted, confident, resourceful, spontaneous, and highly independent. You take delight in the beautiful, the gracious, the sensitive, but maintain an attitude of critical appraisal.

In love you seek to attain a magical quality and refuse to settle for anything else. You refuse to be 'swept off your feet' unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely ascertained.

You are active in the support of things you believe in, and are concerned with the pursuit of truth and other human values.

You take chances and believe that you must do so to make the most of what life has to offer.

Purple is an exclusive color, mystical in quality, blending the two extremes of the spectrum, red and blue. Traditionally, purple represents splendor, dignity, royalty, rank, and wealth.

Purple is a unique color, and it is a truly unique individual who holds it dear."

I'm 15 years old, a sophmore in High School, and a proud lesbian. w00t! haha

I absolutely love music, especially rock, punk, alternative, and metal. I will listen to nearly any genre though if I like a particular song/artist.

I cannot draw at all, but I love art, especially anime.

I love reading random manga, but I hardly ever read all the books in a series.

I'm slightly OCD. I have to keep everything organized or else I get very confused. Maybe that's not OCD, maybe I'm just confused easily...

I love:

Romance genre fanfiction: I particularly like slash, as long as good characterazation is used. (I hate it when people make one character unrecognizable just to fit them into a slash pairing. It can be done with correct characterazation.) I am a romantic.

The Harry Potter series: My favorite characters are Remus and Tonks because I find my personality to be very much like Remus and I love Tonk's character. I also like Luna and Sirius. My favorite ships in Harry Potter are: Sirius/Remus, Remus/Tonks, Hermione/Ginny, and Luna/Neville.

The Lord of the Rings series: In general, I like the books more than the movies, but I love the movies as well. Though the movies left out a lot, they included Arwen much more than the books did. (She is mentioned twice throughout the course of the books and is never described in detail) My favorite ships are Arwen/Aragorn, Aragorn/Legolas, and Arwen/Eowyn.

The X-Files: I love the show, and I have ever since Michelle was watching it and I watched it as well. :) My faorite pairing is Dana Scully/Fox Mulder. It is the most canon pairing on the show, but I love reading stories where people take their relationship and fill in the gaps that the show has left..

Pirates of the Carribean: I have not seen the third movie yet, but I did like the first two movies a lot. My favorite relationships are Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swan and Elizabeth Swan/Will Turner. For some reason I just don't like the Jack/Will slash pairing...

CSI Las Vegas: I want to be a DNA analysist/CSI, so I love this show! My favorite pairings are Grissom/Sara and Sara/Cahtherine (only if the characterazation is very good), and some Sara/Greg.

Bones: I love this show as well. Angela is my favorite character, but I like all of the characters a lot. Angela reminds me of my friend Portia. My favorite pairings are: Booth/Bones and Angela/Jack (I was sad when they didn't get married)

Standoff: It is not a very popular show and has nearly been cancled a few times, but I love it anyway haha. The show has sooo many twists and turns in the plot-I love it. My favorite relationship is the canon one of Matt/Emily.

Ghost Whisperer: No, I don't like it just because Jennifer Love Hewitt is the star (howerver hot she may be haha) I love the show because it makes it seem like anybody could be thrown the supernatural gift that she has. It's very realistic. I think the Melinda/Jim pairing is cute.

Evanescence: Amy Lee :) 'nuff said

Three Days Grace: Is my all time favorite band. Their CD "One-X" is like the soundtrack in my mind haha. I love all there songs; there is no way I could pick a few as my favorites.

Disturbed: Awesome metal/hard rock band. Land of Confusion is one of my favorite songs and I love the animated video for it.

Favorite Quotes:

"Falling is easy, it's getting back up that becomes the problem"

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

"Once I had a halo, but then it caught on fire"

"When words speaks"

"I like walking in the rain because no one knows I'm crying"

"I don't run from you, I walk away slowly, and it kills me because you don't care enough to stop me"

"Smile, it hides everything"

"I'm not in denial, I'm just selective about the reality I accept"

"How high can you fly with broken wings?"

"I'm living in this world because I'm too scared to leave"

haha, yay long profile! Send me a message or an email ( if you want to. Thanks for checking out my profile:)
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