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i love sirius....

I an a Harry Potter obsesed teen. Of course you could have gessed that....Well, here are the bacics of beautiful me!!

Name: Karii Black!! (not realy, but, whatever....)
Age: early teens (hey, what are you, my stalker?)
Gender: Girl
Location: Britain, I wish, at least. Realy, I'm here in America. Hicktown. [sarcasm]YAY[/sarcasm]. Instermenterment: Flute!! (oh yah!! so hardcore!)
My Song: "Smells like Ten Sprrit," By Nirvana. (it's been my song since i was, like, two. long story [sort of])
My Heros: Jo, of course
Religond: christian. Yes, i'm christian, and a hp fan!! Im not with the crazy "harry potter is worshiping the devil" poepleThey actualy get on my nerves.
Siblings: 4 brothers and 1 sister (all smaller gah)
Dating status: Single
Zodiac sighn: Aquarius

Movies: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom of Heven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spaceballs, Goonies,Phantom of the opera, Jeasus Christ Superstar, Red Rose
TV Shows: Simsons, Family Guy, South Park, American Idol, HouseMD
Bands: 3 Days Grace, Story of the Year, Nirvana, Reverse Halo Efect, Susie and the Banchies, The Cranberries, Hinder, Nickleback, The Fray, Blue October, Weird Al, Ben Folds, NYNC, Andrew Lloyd Webber (yah, he dose musicals, and don't sing. Got a problem, foo?), Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Bo Vice (he totaly should have won that American Idol season)
Songs: "The Fish Stick Song," by Rapper Mcrappyperson, "Past the Point of No Return," by Andrew Lloyed Webber, and a few other people, "This Love," by Maroon 5, "I Hate Everything About You" by 3 Days Grace, "The Prom Song" by Hellogoodbye, "I must be Emo" by Adam and Andrew, "To Bad" by Nickleback, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, "William Tell" by some classic composer dude, "Dying in Your Arms" byTrivium, "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifeless, and many more...
Book. HP (all), "Da Vini Code" -Dan Brown, "Insomea" -Stephen king , "Gaurdians of GaHoole" -Kathyren Laskey , there are so many more....

Movie: Da Vinci Code. It was totaly MESSED UP. It was almost entirely different from the book.
Book: "Eye of the dragon" -Stephen King (BORING!! nothing happends. I read a little more than half of it, stopped, read the enging, justin case it was important in the Dark Towr seiries, and put it back, and picked up "the Gunslinger")
Bands: Justin Timberlake, Pusseycat Dolls.
Songs: Sexy Back, Buttons, Smack That
People: There are so may...Sean (no not in hp. lol), Other anoying people like that, Preps (I'm not talken happy preps, i'm talken big egoetistical, mean, back-stabbing preps), Max(POSER)

Fave book: GoF, HBP
Fave Movie: GoF
favorite ships: Hermione/Draco, Lilly/James, Ginny/Harry, Remus/Tonks, Sirius/OC

Fave character: Sirius. He's ::sniff:: gone now, though.....::goes into crying fit::. ::after crying fit:: then, Dumbledore. But now hes ::sniff:: past ::tear:: on. i gess. Hagrid, Harry, Draco, The weasleys (exept for ron and persey)
Lest fave book: CoS , OotP
least fave movie: CoS
Least fave caracters: Lusious Malfoy (he brainwashed Draco. I KNOW IT!!), Bellatrix (SHE KILLED SIRIUS, THE LITTLE ::long strand of beeps:: ::sees bellatrix:: ME KEEL YOU EVIL HOTTIE KILLER!!! ::is restrained by the amazing steve (JERRY!!! JERRY!! JERRY!!)::)

MY OVERVEIW OF THE BOOKS (lie you realy care, but...)

SS: Marvelous. i've read it three times, and can't wait to read it again!! Although the beining is a little bit of a drag, it's deffinately worth reading!!

CoS: Also a wonderful creation. I've only red it twice, butI love the introduction of all the new characters and contraversy.

PoA: Very good. Not one of the best books, but an amazing thing happends. this thing is Sirius Black!1 He is *amazing* and my favorite character!! (he's deffinately to sexy for his shirt)

GoF: One of my favorites!! The darkness gradualy sets in. it's awsumly swankdefied (sp?) [Swankdified if , unfortunately, not mine. it belons to LadyLupin, the creator of the amazing"Legasy of the Mauraders"{read it!!}]!!!

OotP: it is awsum but so so so so so sad. my dearest siri edies!!! :(((((( Why dose bellatrix have to be so mean!! :,,(
HBP: Amazing!! i loved it!! I think it's an interestig twist. "is snape good,or is he bad?" you know. I think he's good becauseif you do recal, Hagrid overheard Snape and Dumbledore arguing over some thing. Snape "didn't want to do it." What? you ask (i can see that smile on your face. I DON"T mean anything like THAT) Killing dumbled. just reread the book. you'll see what i mean....

Harry Potter Characters and their opinions on you

Your Boyfriend: Neville LongbottomName: Andrea WilpersnappsWand: Unicorn Hair, Ash, 11/9 inches.Best Friends: Jaina Proudmoore, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood.More about you: Your very hyper but perfect for shy little Neville! You might be the one and only person in the world to, eventually turn shy, unoutgoing Neville into a brave hyper Neville like you!House: Hufflepuff -The Place of the cute, kind, shy(Well, maybe your the opposite of that)and loyal little goodie-two-shoes!Reputation: Ms. HyperNEVILLE: "I...don't tell her. But I love her! She might be the only one to change me!"HARRY: "Oh, many people tend to run away from her. I don't know why, though... she IS adorable and cute."DIANNA: "I agree with Harry. I mean, she might be Ms. Hyper but she IS smart!"HERMIONE: "Can I take three lousy seconds with peace and quiet and ALONE just to finish my essay?! PLEASE?!!! *You run in the Common Room*YOU: HERMIONE! HERMIONE, HERMIONE, HERMIONE!!!! (Hermione) URGHHH!!!!! *Covers face* See what I mean?!"DRACO: "AAAHHH!!!! SHE'S...TOO...HYPER!!!!!!!"DIANNE: *Runs around screaming* "She's...too...hyper!!!"GOYLE: *Even he's afraind of you*CRABBE: Do we care what he thinks about you?!BERNADETTE: "If I ever see that girl again, I'll bring her to my father!" Me: I thought your father is in Azkaban...-_- Silence! I will not take such tourment from a filthy mudblood!"PANSY: "Errr...I've never met her, you know?"DAPHNE: "I tend to run away from her. She's too...hyper."RON: "Aargh! She's that Ms. Hyper isn't she? I see why the school named her that!"DEAN: "Get her out of here!"SEAMUS: "She looks cute in that little ribbon of hers!"JAINA: "Well, she's too hyper for anyone. So, when doing their assignments, the whole Hufflepuff Common Roon goes and does their work in my room. Where only they know the password. But inspite of all this, she's nice and cute. And in time we became best friends!"ALEXANDRA: "I'm glad Andrea's not in my House!"MIRANDA: "Oh, I simply say 'Hi' to her and pushes her out of the Gryffindor Common Room."KIARA: "I like her, she helps me with my Herbology essays."ERIKA: "Well, she did help me ace my essay and exam on Herblogy and History of Magic. So, basically, I like her."FRED/GEORGE: "We LOVE her! She goes along with our plans of pranking and she SMILES at us when we prank HER!"CHO: "Well, she has to look more prettier so she can be popular like, well, *Flips hair and grins* me!"LUNA: "I love her! She listens to every word I say about the Quibbler!"LAVENDER: "*Whispers something behind the back of her hand to Parvati* She's hyper."PARVATI: "*Listens to what Lavender says* Yes, she's very hyper."GINNY: "I think she's cute. But mainly, she annoys me. She's too hyper, you know...to be friends with anyone."OLIVER: "Well, she's very hyper but very cute. And not to mention sweet and adorable."~!~!~!~!~!~!~THE TEACHERS~!~!~!~!~!~DUMBLEDORE: "She's very bright, but too active for the Order. She might go running around telling everyone about it!"MCGONAGALL: Even the most strict teahcer of Hogwarts don't like your hyper ways.SNAPE: "If I ever see that girl move a great deal, I'll take points from Hufflepuff, give her detention for 5x a week and serve her to the Dark Lord!"LUPIN: "I wonder why her Patronus is an animated animal. A hopping rabbit then a digging badger. So, meaning she's perfect for Hufflepuff. The badger tells all of it!"QUIRRELL: Before he died, he really wanted to kill you because you were just too hyper.LOCKHART: Thinks you were one of the most cutest students he's ever taught.UMBRIDGE: Is very irittated with your Hyper acts!SLUGHORN: "I like her! But she's too hyper! Well, she is a very good potioneer."~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~OTHERS!~!~!~!~!~!~!SIRIUS: "Well, I like her. She's very good at dancing and I love her little smile!"FLEUR: "I 'ave never 'ad a chanze to meet her. And I am glad I never did!"GABRIELLE: "Like I said. I never 'ad a chanze to meet any of the 'Ogwartz studentz!"VOLDEMORT: "SHE'S...TOO...HYPER!! *Twitches*SHE...MUST...DIE!!!!!!!!!!! *Twitches again*"~!~!~!~!~!~!~YOUR STORY~!~!~!~!~!~!RING!!!!!!"That's it for today, now, chaps!" said Professor Sprout cheerfully. Everyone got up and left for the room. Talking excitedly about the new things they had learned. You hastily picked up your things and shoved them in your backpack. Then you skipped along to Defense Against the Dark Arts hapilly and smilling brightly. "Hi, Harry, Hi, Ron, Hi, girls!" you said as you waved to the Golden Nine. "Oh, hi!" They smiled at you and waved. And they walked for their Transfiguration class. But Alexnadra was left for Herbology. "Bye, guys!" hse waved. You continued on skipping and hopping around and around when you felt someone patted you gently. You turned around a faced Neville Longbottom. "Why, hello, Neville!" you positivley beamed. "Would you like to g-g-go to the A-Autumnal B-Ball with m-m-m-m-me???" he said, his face turning 10 shades of red. You two had been friends ever since your first year and here's the result! "Why, of course!" you said. "See you at the Ball!" you cried skipping happily as ever.The next night you were getting ready. You had put on a yellow, strapless gown. The skirt part was torn. From the left leg and up to your right hip. Jaina Proudmoore, one of your best friends, had helped you with your make-up. You had on bright-yellow eyshadown, pink blushon and pink lipstick. She also tied your hair with a pink ribbon and curled your hair. As you met Neville. He looked at you for a while before you two danced all night long. After dancing. You sat down on the table. "Do you like flowers?" asked Neville. "Of course I do!" you exclaimed. "Well, them follow me!" he said and grabbed your hand and pulled you to the greenhouses. He took different bags of flower seeds and said. "Would you like to plant these flowers?" asked Neville. "Yes!" you yelled and took five flower-seed bags. Soon you two were planting and after hours of long work finally stood up. "Now, do you like playing tag?" you asked. "I try to. But I'm too-" "Tag!" you said patting him on his chest. He followed you as you ran up the corridors laughing and giggling. You've never seen Neville Longbottom smile or run happily like this before. And then-"Tag!" he said, he made for your arm and touched it. He ran up the stairs to the 5th floor. And stopped. He panted heavily and wiped his sweaty head. "I really enjoyed that, Neville." you said as Neville bends down and pants. You lifted his head with two fingers and you gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. Playful, but gentle. After that, the two of you had been going out.Take this quiz!

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WhAt Do ThE HaRrY PoTTeR cHaRaCtErS sAy 2 uR fAcE n bEhInD uR BaCk... {[Galz onli! soz!]}

HOUSE: GryffindorBF: HarryBFF: HErmione, Ron & HarryHARRY: Thinks your the prettest girl in the world and is so happy he met u! :) :2 UR FACE:"Baby, i love you" :BEHIND UR BACK:"I think i wana marry her.."RON:Thinks your funny, and secretly wishes u were going out with him not Harry...HERMIONE: Hates it how you get such good grades and you don't even try. She also loves your personality! :2 UR FACE:"Lets study later, k?!" :BEHIND UR BACK:"Do u think she cheated on her Potions final?!"FRED&GEORGE:Think it's fun 2 prank you. :TO UR FACE:"Wheres Ron?!" :BEHIND UR BACK:"What prank should we do on her today?!"DRACO:Thinks you MIGHT be cool if u ditch Potter, which you wont! :2 UR FACE:"Potter LOVER!!!" *throws rock* :BEHIND UR BACK: Damm.. Potter got there first...CRABB&GOYLE:Hate u cuz Draco told them 2! :2 UR FACE: Nothing.They just Laugh at Dracos jokes. That IS thier job! :BEHIND UR BAK:"She's pretty hot" *eats another cupcake*PANSY: Is glad ur not with Draco. :2 UR FACE:"Ew! That means you like.. touch Harry!!! EW!!!" :BEHIND YOUR BACK:"Hope she doesn't go for Draco.. i see the way she eyes him off!!! *evils*"CHO:Thinks ur nice :2 UR FACE:"So, how r u and Harry going!?" :BEHIND UR BACK:"Do you think her and Harry are Steady?!"SNAPE:Hates you. But won't admitt it. :HE SAYS: YOUR WRITING OUT OF TIME!!! 50 POINTS OFF GRYFINDOR! :BEHIND YOUR BACK:"I gotta take more points off her.."TRELAWNY:"she doesn't possess the sight 2 see the noble art that IS divination :2 UR FACE:"*gasp* YOUR AURA IS PULSING, DEAR, ARE YOU IN THE BEYOND!?!?" :BEHIND YOUR BACK:"She needs 2 focus more"DUMBLEDORE: Expects great things from you. :2 UR FACE:"Is there anything u wish to tell me?!" :BEHIND YOUR BACK:"Gryffindor.. i presume.."HAGRID: Thinks your lovley :2 UR FACE:"Who told u about Norbert!?!?" :BEHIND YOUR BACK:"I thin Buckbeak 'ates 'er...McGONNIGAL: Thinks your intersesting.. :2 UR FACE:"DONT BE LATE AGAIN!" :BEHIND YOUR BACK:"Shes always late!!"OVERVIEW: Your half.. Dads a muggle, ma'ms a witch.You family is happy for you to come 2 hogwarts. You are an only child and very nice. Many people like you, exept for the SLytherins. Your going out with HArry & have never been happier! U GO GAL!Take this quiz!

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Do you deserve a cookie?

DUDE, you're a cookie FANATIC!! ROCK ON!! Here's your cookie!Take this quiz!

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Love you all!!
Your Ozzylisious, spazmatic Friend,
The Killer Kow (aka Rebekah)

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