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we made a screen name together because we are writing fanfics together. we are both 14 and we love or actully worship the marauders.

just so you all know: Padfoot is sooooo Bella's, Mooney is soooo Becca's and Lily has Prongs. and just for your knowledge James Potter has a very cute butt! you'll understand how and why we both know this in our fanfics. But im very sirius he has a very nice butt!!!! we love you!!!!!

Okay, my readers of my story (which at the time might have not been approved) are going to have some questions. so these are the answer and if your question isnt on here then ask.

James Potter---- Mr. Hogwarts hottie, Quidditch star,bad boy. He's the one with the messy jet black hair, hazel eyes and round glasses. We all know him. We all fall for him. In third year goes, by the name Prongs. Then by fifth year goes by the name Prongsie and Jamesie.

Sirius Black----- Mr. Hottie number 2. In my story, Quiddich star, bad boy. He's the one with the shoulder lengh black hair and the mischeifivous grey eyes. We all for him as well. By, third year, he goes by Padfoot.

Remus Lupin----Mr. number 1 Hogwarts Bookworm. He's also a Quidditch star. HE's a chaser. He has short light brown hair with deep blue eyes. Even though he can always get His freinds out of trouble, he can also cause trouble. With asmart guy on your team and two mischeifivous "brothers", you'll always have fun. By third year he goes by Monny, and then by fifth year has a thing for Ms. Rebecca Andrews.

Lily Evans---She is Bella abd Becca combined. She is more in the middle. She can be a bookworm at times or be a troublemaker. It depends on her mood. She has long auburn hair with emerald green eyes. James Potter fancies her! She has lots of nicknames: Lils,Lil, Lily Love, Flower and thats about it.

Isabella Summer--- It's Bella actully. She is like a female Marauder. She has Black hair with blue eyes that twinkle. (yes, she's related to Dumbledore. He's her great-uncle). She can cause trouble and nothing else. She has a temper and an aditude. Sirius fancies her. She has nicknames from: Bella, Bells (Only her dad calls her that!) Isabell (not IsabellA) and Izzy (only Sirius can call her that and he starts on third year.)

Rebecca Andrews-- Please call her Becca. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She's the bookworm in the trio. She gets Bella and Lily (sometimes Lily) out of trouble when they need it. She also keeps Bella from doing anything stupid ( I know impossible). Does she have nicknames? I'm not sure. But her and Lupin really hit it off, thanks to Bella and her loud mouth!

I'm Mrs. Sirius Black

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I'm a Black!

The HP Family Quiz
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Reputation: The Good Hearted Rebel
House: Gryffindor
Boy Friend: Sirius Black
Best Friends: Sirius Black and James Potter

What They Think
James: She's beautiful and intense. She's my best friend's girlfriend.

Sirius: She's gorgeous, she's smart, and she has no fear. She's perfect. She doesn't care what anyone thinks. My mum will hate her. *grins*

Remus: She's vicious in the sweetest way and she has the most pure dazzling smile. Sometimes they can't keep up with eachother.

Peter: She's way pretty but she's very intimdating. I'm usually the tester for her pranks.
Severus: Black's little lackey? She's nasty and I hex her each chance that I get.

Lily: She's got fashion sense to die for in an avante garde and edgy sort of way. I know her too well and I admire her in some ways but I wish that she would be nicer to some of the Slytherins.

The Teachers: They seem to think that you are a brilliant student.They think that your actions are amusing as long as you don't get caught or talk back to them about it.

How it Happened
"We're going to Hogsmeade tonight. Grab your cloak." Said Sirius with a grin.

It was a freezing winters night and you were ready for anything and everything. You ran quickly up to your dormitory and grabbed your cloak. Thw Common Room was nearly empty when you got back down the stairs. Sirius was standing in the Common Room grinning from ear to ear. His smile was amazing. He crooked his elbow and you locked yours in his.

"Shall we?", he asked in mock bravado.

You nodded, smiling brightly. You both happily skipped down to the statue of the one eyed witch. Being in plain sight is half the fun. You descended down into the secret passageway to Honeydukes. It was a long walk but you talked and laughed the whole way. When you got out of the passageway and into the basement you stuffed all that you could nick into your pockets. You snuck up the stairs and walked right out the front doors. It was cold and the wind whipped your hair. Sirius pulled you close and you both staggered into the Hogs Head. You both took a couple shots of Firewhiskey to warm up. Hot and happy you raced outside and down to the Shrieking Shack. Sirius threw a snowball at you. It narrowly missed your head and you laughed. You started chucking snowballs at each other. You bent down to pack another snowball. When you turned back to throw it Sirius was gone. A big back dog bounded towards you with a rose in its teeth. You took the rose gently out of the dogs mouth. It had no thorns. You scratched behind its ears and it jumped up on you, knocking you into the snow. It licked you playfully on the cheek. You blinked and were shocked to find that the dog had turned into Sirius.

"I'm afraid that I love you..." He said earnestly.

He pressed himself against you wrapping his cloak around the both of you. You both pressed deep into the snow bank, kissing and keeping each other warm.


I'm Mrs. Remus Lupin

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I'm a Potter!

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