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Hi, my name is Jillian. I absolutely love anything to do with Harry Potter and love to write even more. I'm hoping that these two things in combination will turn into a wonderful Harry Potter Fanfiction story! I hope you enjoy my story!

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Stories by CrystalClear

A Deep, But Dazzling Darkness by CrystalClear

Summary: Death does not destroy everything. You may give up hope, you may feel helpless, you may feel as if you're being crushed by the darkness. But love outlasts death, surviving in the deep, but dazzling darkness of despair. Follow Hermione's journey when a sudden death hits her life. How does she deal with it? Will her love outlast death? The answer is found in Henry Vaughan's poem "The World". She will find "A great ring of pure and endless light."

Alone by CrystalClear

Summary: This story is a depiction of the final battle and how it affects Harry's life...Beware, this is VERY SAD!!! Please REVIEW!!! Thanks!