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My rewrite of CD is finally, truly underway. I have a tentative outline worked out for the next several chapters and I'm working on chapter 2 right now and when I finish that I intend to continue onward to chapter 3 and so on until I have to take a break for food, a shower, sleep and to work on schoolwork and two other projects. I'm hoping to have chapter 2 finished before I get up for supper, and it is 334 as I write this. Wish me luck, folks - I'll keep you posted.

Unfortunately, I still cannot post any of the chapters here because my chapters are still too long. So anybody who wants to read this story, head over to fanfiction.net or my Yahoo Group.


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Will not be posted on Mugglenet beyond the Prologue - it exceeds the maximum word limit. The rest of the story can be found on my Yahoo group as well as links to other sites where it is posted.

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