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Hi everyone,

I am a 20 year old part time college student in New Rochelle, NY. I am a very family oriented guy and I work a full time job while still taking enough classes to finish school in just over 4 years with a BA in English and a minor in journalism.

I used to be into sports in a big way, and before I dropped from full time to part time student status at the end of my first semester junior, I was on a division 1 crew team for two years. As much as I love sports I could not keep the D1 time commitment and perform at the level I wanted to at school, at my then part time job, and on the water, so I quit and went part time this year in order to regroup and refocus my life, having transitioned back to being an English major after an unsatisfying stint in the PR department.

I am a fairly accomplished writer when it comes to expository essays and papers, having been published several times in academic publications as well as having a regular column, at one time, for the teen section of my local paper. Also I was a copy editor for my high school and college news publications. This experience helped prepare me to be an effective beta reader. I currently do beta work for EmilyJayne, on her now complete, though as of this profile updated not completely validated, Ron/Hermione fanfic entitled Internal Battles. Emily, is a great author and I am very happy she gave me the opportunity to beta that wonderful story for her. Its one of my favorites and Ive seen it in very early drafts! I am currently continuing to help Emily by doing beta work on the intriguing sequel Battling Boundaries and on the yet unnamed third installment. Check out her stories, they are a great read for any Harry Potter fan and Ron/Hermione shippers will especially love them.

I have a fairly full plate right now doing beta work for Emily but I am more than happy to take a look at any other struggling authors. I will give a quick beta read or help defeat plot bunnies with a suggestion if you email me, though I will not commit to a story as a permanent beta unless I find it truly captivating. On a personal note, I do not beta for any stories that involve Ron and Hermione both being still alive and running off with somebody else. Furthermore while I can appreciate the angst one of these two would suffer loosing the other, and the fact that they might move on, I will never beta a story that involves Hermione with Draco, he is a creep and Hermione should never be a couple with him (I do like Dracos character, I think he is a great antagonist, I just couldnt deal with him and Hermione getting together.)

I am currently working on a 5 story series. Each story will be between 8 20 chapters and the first in about a third done. It is a Ron/Hermione story primarily, though Harry and Ginnys relationship is featured prominently as well. The first story, Summer Interlude, covers the summer after HBP. The next opens with a bang as it delves in its opening into the final battle with He Who Must Not Be Named! After the resolution it covers, what I like to call, our Ron and Hermiones Eighth Year. This story will serve to greatly advance their relationship as they return to Hogwarts to finish their education after a year away from school in their efforts to defeat the Dark Lord. I have the basic plot and outline for the other 3 stories but they are still very much in a skeletal, work in progress state, so I will not be giving any spoilers on them for a while.

In a professional sense I put my editing and writing skills to work as a paralegal. I consider myself, for a guy anyways, very sensitive to other people's needs and problems, largely I think, because my dad has MS and that has made me a stronger more considerate and compassionate person for the most part. Besides The Harry Potter series, which is my all time favorite series, I am well read, having the complete works of Shakespeare and Chaucer under my belt as well as a good amount of Dickens and numerous modern day popular fictions. I am making an effort, when time allows, to read more of the Arthurian legends, and others, that JKR has assimilated in many aspects of the HP series from.

Besides Harry Potter I enjoy Lord of the Rings, and many Sci-Fi series including Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica (remake.) I am a car junkie and while I dont have the emotional range of a tea spoon I often joke with friends that I am very much like Ron as far as my relationships and family are concerned. I'd say that about sums me up, and stay tuned for the imminent release of Summer Interlude!

Summer Interlude: Part 1 (Chapter 1-3) ETA 1/22/06

Summer Interlude: Part 2 (Chapter 4-6) ETA 2/3/06

Summer Interlude: Part 3 (Chapter 7,8) ETA 2/10/06
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