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FINNALLY I AM ON! I havent been on here for about 4 months probably. T_T I lost my fandom-ness of HP. GAh.. 0_0 *gets whacked by HP fans who tapes me to chair and makes me watch HP*

Nickname: AMV Addict

Birthday: July 23 (Sasuke's Birthday!!!) , 1993


Singers/Artists: Many a singers!


Nationality: AZN (asian)

Favorite HP Charrie: Luna from HP, Gaara and Kiba from NARUTO, Yuki and Kyo from Fruits Baskets and many more.

Favorite Film: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dislikes: some stuff.

Future Jobs: Somewhere in animation, maybe an illustrator too.

Favorite Series: DNAngel, NARUTO (LOVVEE NARUTO!) Fruits Basket, HP, XXXHolic, (doesnt remember)

I'm a Black!

The HP Family Quiz
made by Sapphire.

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You are the girl who likes the dream world. You
are the dreamy girl who is usually in her own
world. You don't like this one so you make
your own. It's your way to get free of

What Kind Of Girl Are You?
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Harry and Ginny
You are a Harry & Ginny Shipper!

!!!~What Harry Potter Fan Fic Ship Are You?~!!!
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i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @

Wow! I never thought I would meet someone who loves
Harry Potter as much as me! Go you!
You love Harry Potter, and if you could you would
most likely give Jo a BIG hug! (I would
too!)Thanks for taking my quiz! Please rate!
And please check out my FanFiction at called "The Fellowship of
the Granger." It's a Humor fic with LotR
and HP!

Are you a PotterHead? ( With Pix! ^_^ )
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You scored as Severus Snape. Well you're a tricky one aren't you? Nobody quite has you figured out and you'd probably prefer it stayed that way. That said you are a formidable force by anyone's reckoning, but there is certainly more to you than a frosty exterior and a bitter temper.

Severus Snape


Ginny Weasley


Ron Weasley


Remus Lupin


Lord Voldemort


Sirius Black


Draco Malfoy


Harry Potter


Hermione Granger


Albus Dumbledore


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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you represent the begining of life. you are bright
and cheerful and love being who you are!

What part of life do you represent?
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You are a flute. You are social and like to take
your chances. You like to spread your wings and
expirience new things. You are high in spirit.
You also like to talk to many people about your

What is your soft toned intrument?
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You are Valintine's Day!

What Holiday are You? (anime pics)
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You are like a pacifier. You're always calm and
quiet, which makeas you look like a misterious
person. You like writin poems or writing,
you're also very spritual, and you probably
keep a journal or diary. You usually like being
on your own, but you like it that way, although
sometimes you wish you had someone to share
your thoughts with, but mostly you just like to
sit there and daydream-- it's your way of
entertaining yourself.

What hairstyle suits your personality?
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Your theme song is Accidentally in Love by Counting
Crows! You're willing to try new things, even
if they seem a bit odd at first. Maybe you've
fallen in love enough times to know not to take
it at face value.


What's Your Theme Song?
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Your element is Air: Carefree, lovable, fun and
childish. Aren't you cute! Your just full of
childhood spunk and happiness! Hey who said
being young was a bad thing? You have a keen
understanding of what's good in life and choose
to remain happy rather than get too upset over
things. Life is fun, who wants to be troubled
by grown-up problems? Being as capable of love
as you are you will make a wonderful parent if
and when you choose to grow up. Love is a
mystery because you only want friends not love
interests, games are better than relationships
with the opposite sex. You have what everyone
is searching for, that so called 'fountain of
youth' deep inside. You can come across as
naive and childish at times. But who cares what
they think, lets go play tag!

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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you are a DREAMER. you dont really have a grasp on
reality and you like it that way. You probably
have elaborate dreams about everything and
anything that can come to your mind. You're a
bit stubborn and keep to yourself a lot but you
do have quite a few friends. You probably are a
great story-teller if you ever get your mind
outta the clouds. You are a pretty good person
at heart and probably understand people a lot
better then most. PLease rate and message!

PERSONALITY QUIZ! (lots of results)
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