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I'm not going to reveal my name since this a secret obsession. I like Harry Potter (duh!). I like to think of all the possible romances in Harry Potter even if I know they won't ever happen. I'm 13 so I'm sorry if you think my storys are crap. I live in Cornwall in England. I don't write stories on mugglenet since they keep on rejecting them. You can find my stories on the link above.

My stories

A Ron and Hermione love story

Usual fluffy stuff with a few dramatic scenes. Hermione and Ron are in love but will their be to many obstacles for their relationship to last? Here's a part from the first chapter.

She read the letter but the only part of it that stuck in her mind was the very end. All my love Ron, all my love Ron, all my Ron …. She repeated this in her mind many times then she thought why she was acting like this and then it dawned on her she had been so blind this past 3 years. Every time she saw, heard, said or thought about Ron her heart started beating at a ridiculous speed, did this whoop thing and she felt like her heart was being pressed against her ears because it was beating so loudly

Realising the truth~Complete

Ron realises the truth about his feelings for Hermione and he decideds to tell her. Will their love be strong enough for this relationship to last or is it going to be the biggest mistake of their lives? Here's a bit of the story from the fifth chapter.

Ron picked her up and walked upstairs. He opened her bedroom door. He placed Hermione carefully on her bed. He looked at her for a moment. He leant down and kissed her forehead. He pulled away slightly so his nose was nearly touching her nose. He knew she couldn’t hear him but he said it anyway. “I love you.” Then he kissed her sweetly on the lips. When he pulled away he thought he felt her kiss him back. He walked out the bedroom and closed her door. Hermione opened her eyes as a soft tear came down her face. She said quietly. “I love you too.”

Can someone change?~complete

Hermione and Draco are the head boy and girl and are forced to share a Common Room. With them spending so much time together they form a friendship but what happens when they both start to feel more? Here's a part from the second chapter.

Hermione giggled and blushed slightly. She looked at Draco to see him staring at her. She looked into his grey/blue eyes and felt herself melting away.

Lust or love~Complete

Hermione and Draco are starting to have feelings for eachother but is this lust or love? Here's a part from the first chapter.

Draco would occasionally look at Hermione. He noticed she had grown up a lot over the Summer physically. She had gotten a lot curvier in all the right places. Her hair wasn’t as frizzy. She had a bit of colour in her cheeks. She was wearing some make up as well which brought out her eyes. She looked fit as fuck he thought but quickly remembered her for what she was.

It's never too late~Complete

This is my first one shot story in the Ron and Hermione series. Ron has been dragged to sleazy pole dancing club by Seamus but what happens when he gets a pleasant surprise?


Ron is some how dangling off the edge of a cliff and has no idea what to do. Second story in the Ron and Hermione one shot series.

Dare To Kiss~Complete

All the gryffindors are in Hogsmeade playing a game called Dare To Kiss. Thrid story in the Ron and Hermione one shot series.

Left Outside Alone~Complete

In Hermione's point of view. She's depressed and Ron comes to cheer up but how much will he cheer her up? Fourth story in the Ron and Hermione one shot series.

I Like the way~Complete

This is a story in Ron's point of view. He realises his feelings for Hermione but will he tell her? Here is a part from it. I looked at her long flowing hair. The way she flicked it from side to side made my heart beat press against my ears because it was beationg so loud. The way she moved kept my eyes transfixed on her. The way she made the most simplist of things seem unique.

Bring me to life~Complete

It's Harry, Ron and Hermione's sixth yer at Hogwarts. Hermione realises one night her feelings for Ron. When she decides to tell him this though she sees him snogging Lavender. Will she tell him anyway or wait even though he might mever split up with Lavender?

Truly, Madly, Deeply ~In Progress~

Ron's having troubl;e with his love life and is in desperate nedd for help. He decides to get some advice from Hermione. Hermione helps him out and gets to know the boyfriend side of him. She sees how sweet, kind and romantic he can be. Soon she develops feelings for him but will she ever tell him?

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