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I'm Beth, i live in USA. I am 13 years old and ever since i saw the first harry potter movie i had a little crush on Rupert Grint. I know, im pethetic. I'm trying my best to get over Rupert because he just turned 18 and it's kindda ilegal for us to date, AND i saw a trailer for his new movie "Driving lessons" on youtube.com and well...he sleeps with some girl that looks 30. I don't know why but that hurt me,for reasons unknown...hormones?...Anyways, more about me...umm...if I would let myself I could fall asleep in school, if I wasn't afraid of getting yelled at by my teachers. Yeah, school bores me. But I deal because I wanna go to college so I'm trying to bring my B average up to an A average to get into the college I want to go to (R.I.T.) I really really want to be an actress when I gr....actually I wanna be an actress now, but I don't know where to start and stuff. So I highly doubt I will become an actress even though I'm sad about that :'[....If my acting career doesn't work out I want to be an orthedontis....I probably spelled that wrong,but you guys can sound it out can't you? The only problem in that career is that in the future I want to move to England, and I hear they have pretty crappy teeth there, haha. My favroite TV shows are Family Guy, The Simpsons,and South park. i like funny shows :]. my favroite movies are anything really with adam sandler in it ( like water boy, billy madison, the wedding singer, happy gilmore ext....)or anything with Jim Carrey in it is also good( like ace ventura: vet detective, dumb and dumber, liar liar, ext...)

I wouldn't call myself a nerd. I would call myself...above average. I mean at school I'm friends with like everyone (excep for real mean people that say "tottaly" and "duh" too much in one day) or really scary people (like taylor mcpherson at my school lol, beleive me if you met him, you'd be scared too) I'm friends with nerds,popular kids, average kids, sporty kids, goth kids, you name it. I'm just pretty good with my social skills if I do say so myself.

When it comes to Harry Potter, I am kind of a nerd in that section...I read every book at least twice (except for the 5th one, too long for me and I barley paid attenion to it when I read it the first time 'cause it was so long, so I can't wait till the 5th movie comes out so i know what happned that i kind of dozed off at hwile reading) I know all the actor/actresses names...I have a crush on an actor from the movies....sorta, I'm still trying to get over him. And I'm obbsesed with Ron and Hermone getting together. I'm really pissed at Ginny in the 6th book because Ron and Hermione were SO DAMN CLOSE! They were goiong on a DATE! But you know Ginny just had to tell Ron he was the only one who didn't kiss anyone out of the trio. So you know, Ron being retarded as he is, goes and gets to the thing (lavender) that was the easiest to get.>:[ I think j.k did that on purpose...she knew like 50 percent of the readers only read the book to see if ron and hermione got together...they really didnt care about anything else. so shes keeping ron and hermione away from eachother till the 7th book....damn you j.k. and ur incredible ideas ><

honestly I can't wait till the 7th book comes out, and i read it none stop so maybe when i actually finish it i can get over my obbsesion over harry potter...maybe. and maybe get over rupert grint :D yay! and i swear...if ron and hermione dont get together by the 7th book...ill...ill be pissed at j.k.....yeah...that'll teach her for not getting ron and hermione together...im so bad ^-^ hahah

these are my faveoite characters in order
fred/george( i love the name george!)
umm..dombledore.... I'm pretty positve i spelled that wrong.(too bad he died :'[ )
and other peeeeps

what song do I have stuck in my head right now?...well to be honest i have the power puff girl theme song (for people in england that might not know what show that is, its just a really stupid show for like 5 year old.) yeah yeah..i have that stuck in my head. its cause my friend has that as his myspace song(for a joke) alright? i love that guy.

thats pretty much it...

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