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Name: Luna*
Hair: It's too funkdified to explain...but i think the red is fading. damn.
Eyes: Hazel-ish...sorta
Height: Putting it lightly...If I keep growing, I'm going to have to duck evertime I walk through a door way.
Weight: My weight and height are pretty even...probably in favor with my height. ^_^

Current Web Site: http://www.TaiYoukai.com
TV Show: X-men (Evolution)
Anime: Inuyasha
Movies: Spiderman [1&2] X-men [1&2] Inuyasha [1-4}
Boys: *sighs* I could never just pick one so here'z my list!!
My Boyfriend's best friend... -_-'
Tom Felton
Rupert Grint
Sean Biggerstaff
Remy Lebeau
John Allerdyce

(I'm in love with cartoon characters T_T)


Sites I Suggest:

http://www.taiyoukai.com ... for all of you Inuyasha fans out there this is the best site for downloading!

http://www.deviantart.com ... It has some of the best art work in the world, i swear...and I definately recomend "Rozefire's" work...

http://www.mediaminor.org ... This site is dedicated mostly to anime fanfiction, and is also where all the NC-17 fictions left to...

http://www.mugglenet.com ... THE best Harry Potter fan site in the whole world.

http://www.tokyopop.com ... This company has some of the best manga books out there along side VIZ


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