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I just luv HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that about tops it all, i'm marrying him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Mrs. Harry Potter

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made by Sapphire.

HAHA!!! TOLD YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problematic GC: Hope you all enjoyed this story!!
GC stands for Ginny Cho...... I thank DA General for re-directing me in the direction of Romilda Vane *evil grin* ;-)

**If you have any other questions about any story... email more or submit them in a review, and I'll put them in here!

***PLEASE READ MY WHOLE BIO WHEN YOU HAVE TIME!! I ASSURE YOU IT IS VERY ENTERTAINING AND YOU WON'T BE SORRY AT THE END!!!!! even tho I wrote it I was so interested I read it just before I wrote this b/c it is really entertaining!!! and I really mean the whole HP blob at the bottom!!! THANKS!

OK, so my sister Weaselchick submits her stories on my name... she's too lazy to have her own.... :) but anyway, she has time to beta my stories, so who cares?! :-) We'll tell you who's story is who's.

OK if you bother to read this (thanks): True Love Never Dies is by Weaselchick... and Problematic GC is by me, roXtar

OMG DH CAME OUT!!!!!! Oh dear! omg omg omg!!! its ALL over!!!! omg omg omg omg omg!!!! wow.... oh my........... btw, this is my kids bedtime story... Harry Potter will live on!!!!!

So, here's my bio if you want to read it, and I got a HP spot at the bottom. Enjoy!

OK. Seriously I go by roXtar, to people i know, and people i don't know...... that makes everybody! You really don't want to know my real name, because I couldn't tell you. I go by Fred, HopperDingle, Boo Boo, Bobs, Twinkle, Krazygirl......... well you get the point, so stick with roXtar, it's the best i've got..... itsn't it an awesome name?! lol anyhoo, my birthday is March 4!!! AHHH!!!!! MY B_DAY CAME!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! I live in the world, in the USA, somewhere on the east side. :) not hard, i'm sure you'll figure it out. ;) now, Oh, I AM a girl, if you weren't sure. :) I am an animal person, but I LOVE horses, since I was little. However, I am REALLY a people person! lol. I LOVE people!!! I am a gorgeous social butterfly, with my LONG curly hair, and BEAUTIFUL chocolate eyes under long dark lashes........ ok, i'm not THAT stunning, I just love my hair and eyes. I will describe me no more. :) lol ok what do I like...... gee that's a toughie..... well........ hmmmmmm....... i think on the top would be Harry Potter.......h mmmmmmm........ OK! that was all sarcasm if you couldn't tell. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!! if i could blow those words up and hang them over my house I would! (seriously, but i do need parental permission lol) Harry and I are geting married! I am acrtually writing a fic on that but it won't be done for a year at least! :( it's complicated, and it's not just me and harry in llove, it's cool fun and complicated, with not only harry and me romance.......... i'll leave it at that.

ok, I wanna dedicat this spot JUST to HARRY POTTER!!!! (and after the no sploiler ban lifts, I'll put more stuffs........ if you read the book you'll get it...)

I am a complete, Harry/Ginny and Ron/ Hermione shipper (the only times I waver are when Harry and I get together :)
I LOATHE Snape and Voldemort!!!!! What big ************* RAR!!!!
Malfoy is just such an annoying baby, I wish he were in Durmstrang. as Ron said "Shame his mother likes him" I love Fred and George! I am a trickster, but I have too much heart to be them. Ah well, at least they can cook up mischief for me :) *evil grin* ah yes, btw I am evil! (not Walmart, Snape evil..... u no wat i mean..... and yes, I called him Walmart. My dad does.) When I can't be with Harry, I wouldn't choose anyone over Ginny. Which is why I don't hate Ginny. She could kinda be my alter ego.... with a few changes. I love her! I'm glad she's taking care of my Harry. Charlie RockS!!!!! and HAgrid!!!! I think dragons are AWESOME!!!!! Hadrid, I would live w. u and norbert, but I think Dragons are safer in Romania, you know, wide open spaces....... lol. Mrs Weasely Kinda reminds me of my wonderful mom, tho my dads the one to be "afraid" of. oh, and If I had to choose anyone in the book besides Harry (which my frend asked me to do) it would be Oliver Wood!!! He's SO CUTE!!! not to mention the guy who plays him in the movie is sooooo hot with the cutest accent!!!!! But my love lies on Harry. Oliver could be my brother. you gotta love McGonagall!!! her pert humor. LOVE YA!!! I love Moody's morbid sense of humor. Lupin is niice, a good friend, and I love Tonks, she bubbles him up a bit! lol Alas...... earwax! lol JK!!!!! alas, Dumbledore....... WHO IS NOT COMPLETELY DEAD!!!! I MEAN IT'S MORE COMPLEX, he's not JUST dead. I LOVE YOU DUMBLEDORE!!!!! (and I dearly miss the actor who played him in 1 and 2...... You were amazing. Rest in Peace......... Michal Gambon = grrrrrrr.......... not a good Dumbledore at ALL!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr
AND I must express thanks and love to my favorite person in the whole world, who brought life to it's ullest, and ensured my happiness........... JK ROWLING!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ABOVE ALLL!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING HARRY AND THE OTHERS TO LIFE!!!!!!!!

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****Check it out! gr8 song and video!!!******

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Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
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Well what happened on that walk in the grounds? Here’s my version… hope you like it!

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