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My full name is Jessica Marie Crosby, I am currently 14 years old and live in England.

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Behind a Serpent's Eyes by Amethyst

Rated: Professors • 1 Reviews
Summary: Lifeís a funny thing.

Thatís what they say. Lifeís a funny thing. Well whoever Ďtheyí are, they definitely arenít Wizards. Theyíre liars too. Because if I learnt anything from my seven years in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, itís that life is anything but funny. Itís scary and frightening, filled with unanswered mysteries and dangerous feelings. Sure, I canít deny it does have its moments. Funny moments, happy moments Ė you know the score. But Iíve been brought up into a world where feelings like that are considered weaknesses and failures, where laughter should be only administered under extreme situations and love is just a four lettered word.

Yep, Iím a Slytherin.

My name is Ivory and this is my life.