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Hello everyone! Like most others who visit this site on a regular basis, I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter. In fact, the only thing that rivals my obsession with these books is my obsession with the band Hanson (you remember "Mmmbop," don't you?). Anywho, I'm excited to write a story combining these two obsessions of mine!

Yes, I know I misspelled "marvelous" in my penname. It looked right at the time.

Ships I support:
The foursome that could go any which way:
I think Harry could end up with any of those three, though I'm rooting for either Harry/Luna and Draco/Ginny (a Romeo and Juliet thing, perhaps?) or just Harry/Ginny because that's just cute. Draco/Luna...? Meh...

Please Read and Review if you feel moved to do so...be forewarned, these can get MIGHTY strange...

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