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Well, I know that nobody reads these, but for the sake of pretending..............

Hello there! My name is Jessie, aka Bubs, and I am incurably afflicted with HP-itis. I was origanaly directed to this site after complaining to a friend that I didn't think it was fair that JKR got to go goof off and have kids, while her devoted fans were still off in 'Harry Potter Land', waiting desperatly to find out what the new book was titled, when it would come out and who dies!!!!!!
Just kidding we'll always love her no matter what.

I also am very sarcastic and have a tendancy to ramble.
I love to read.
I do write a lot, but sadly have never gotten around to submitting a story on this site!!! I ♥ poetry.
I totally support the ships:Hermione and Ron, Tonks and Lupin, and James and Lily, I don't particularly like slash, sorry, but I hate Hermione and Harry-it's not going to happen people get over it!!!! Anything Draco related is just sick and I really like the Humer fics!!!

I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favourite is Ringo! Favorite Beatles song is 'My Guitar Gently Weeps' by George Harrison.And I don't think Paul is dead- the Beatles are just really sneaky and put 'clues' in the songs for a marketing ploy!
If you need to know anything else just e-mail me! Feel free.
Okay what else???????
Oh yea,
1. People who can draw, it's just not fair they must have taken all the talent away from us pour souls who can't even draw stick figures!!!
2. Authors on this site and others who: Plead for people to review and then don't write back and thank you for it. That's what the authors comment thing is for! Also people who have stories posted and then dis-continue them...that makes me sad...
3. People who weigh like 90 lbs and eat all the time!!!!! I have a friend that can eat and eat and eat and never seems to gain any weight-- she doesn't have a eating disorder dont worry!!!!!!
4. My computer...it's possesed and I hate it..!

Um......I live in New York with my family and my friends are really.....uh.....strange.....Not bad strange just weird.♥♥♥
I love this site, and haven't found any sites that compare, well mabye Artistic Alley, but whatev...kudos to both.

I mostly use the favorite stories place for my own use to keep up on stories I'm reading, but there are some good'ens so check em' out!

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Okay that's probably it so I'll see you around....!
Love ya much, your annoying little bio writter Bubs.

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