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Stories by Luna_Lovegood831

My One and Only by Luna_Lovegood831

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: In this story Ginny explores the journey to the choice between becoming a ghost, or moving on...

My Ginny by Luna_Lovegood831

Summary: Harry has been back at Privet drive for a little over 2 weeks. He falls asleep one night, and the next morning, he gets a wonderful suprise. He gets to be a dark haired Weasley. Of course that means seeing the one person who ever truly got him...

Broken Pieces of A Shattered Life by Luna_Lovegood831

Summary: Whether Harry loved her or not, she would never, ever again let her love for him be his strongest weakness. He would never be hurt because of her. Harry/Ginny in a later chapter.

Many Times After by Luna_Lovegood831

Summary: She sat alone in front of the fire at the Burrow. The final battle had occurred many months before and yet she was still reliving the memory. This is a one shot, Ginny remembering Harry.

Tale as Old as Time by Luna_Lovegood831

Summary: Harry is pushing his friends away. He can't bear to see them, especially her, hurt, God forbid killed. Can someone convince him against his belief that everything he touches turns to dust? She can. (The song "Tale as Old as Time" is from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.) Ron and Hermione in the background.

A Daddy's Poem by Luna_Lovegood831

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: The daughter of Harry and Ginny goes to Daddy's Day at her little wizarding school. Her dad is not around to be there with her physically, but she knows he's in her heart. Based on a poem called A Dad's Poem written anonymously.