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I love Harry Potter. Nuff said. Oh, and I'm writing a book series! Look for Tekoran soon people! I'm writitng a series of 6 books under the series name Tekoran! Book 1 Will be called Land of Magic. I'm keeping the names of the others secret until Book 1 is finished, published, and read. Thanks!!!!!

If you want information about Tekoran,contact me. i'll try to reply. Hey, type author of Tekoran on google search, and you'll see my username!!!! Yipee!

I'm in love with...

Artemis Fowl
Edgar Allan Poe
Lunarry (Luna Harry)fics
Ludra (Luna Draco)fics
Dramionie (Draco Hermionie)fics
Romionie (Heron) fics
Jaly (James Lily) fics
Severly (Severus Lily one side marauder era)
Humour (cough marauders twins cough) fics
All becasue of a dance
The unseemly proposal
Hilary Duff
Kelly Clarkson

Talk to me, please! And I'm putting in Serene and Lost, tell me what you think! Oh, and read all my favorites.

You scored as Harry Potter. Aren't you special, managing to get the Boy Who Lived?

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You scored as Sirius. You are most lke Sirius! You are generally nice and loyal to those you love.










What Harry Potter Character are you
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You scored as Ronald Weasley. Congrats! You're Ronald Weasley... You've now got five brothers and one sister. You want to be someone else... Your family is sort of on the poor side, so go and ask you rich friend for some money. They'll give it to ya! No, just kidding. You're a nice guy (or girl...). Just... Remember to work on the studying, mate.

Ronald Weasley


Hermione Granger


Harry Potter

Which of The "Dream Team" Are You? (Harry Potter)
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You scored as Moony. You are Moony, aka Remus Lupin! You have an extremely negative view of your place in society. You're not very open to the rest of the world, but luckily, there are friends out there willing to let you see the good in yourself.








Which Harry Potter Marauder are you?
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