Penname: Emo Potter [Contact]
Real name: Deirdre
Member Since: 04/13/06
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I'm just a normal kid I love Pizza, candy, ocasional junk food and makeing short films

here's a little aboout meself

Name: Deirdre

Hogwarts House:

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hair Color: well it fits my username perfectly its Emoish, natraly medium Brown w/ redish blonde highlights and dyed half black

Eye Color: Baby Blue


Food: Pizza

Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire

Book: Sir Thursday

Color: I have two Black and Green

Ships: Harry/Ginny

Music: I have a sort of Punk/Rock preferance ocasionaly mild pop/rock(I used to rock out to Backstreet boys how stupid)

HP Charicter(s):Hagrid Cedric Diggory

I'm curantly writeing my first Harry/Voldemort Fan fic

i'm in hufflepuff!

be sorted @

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

Compatible with...Lucius!Take this quiz!

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Sirius Black, the Azkaban escapee. (For more information visit this link. )

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How MAD are you bout Harry Potter? The ULTIMATE HARRY POTTER QUIZ!!!!!

100% MAD!Take this quiz!

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What Harry Potter Character Are You?

Tom Riddle (Voldermort)
You are the evil lord voldermort.Killing harry and being the ruler of the world is your greatest ambition

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What Harry Potter hottie would fall for you?? (GREAT PICS!!!)

Draco Malfoy
You're a Playfull person....But a lil bit bad....not too bad tho. you'd be really good with draco! he's also a bad boy, so on you're first date, yall can go around teasing people! lol good luck not getting caought by professor snape! :-P

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What Series of Unfortunate Events Character are you?

Klaus Baudelaire
You are the book worm Klaus Baudelaire! You love books and reading more than anything in the world! You are very smart, bright, and could easly be elected President. One of the things you hate the most is authorite treating you like you dont know anything...after all you are the master mind behind every plan!

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What Hogwarts Past Character are you?

Remus Lupin
You are Moony! You love to watch James and Sirius make fools of themselves, but usually, it can only go so far and you'll have to step in and try to resolve the prank. You are the intellegent one, the one everyone runs to when they are sad or need a hug. It doesn't matter what anyone says, you're biggest fear, even bigger than Voldemort hurting people, is rejection. It's sad but you just break down if someone rejects you. That's why you tried to keep your big secret from the other three, but of course it only made your friendship with them stronger.

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Which past generation Hogwarts guy is your match?

Sirius Black
Sirius is your daredevil -- err, I mean, match! Sirius is the adventurous one, who knows how to have a good time. He values courage and sticking up for what is right and being loyal to your loved ones. He represents one who had to hide to survive, but your faith in each other will bring hope for his future!

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Which is your true harry potter guy!!

Cedric Diggory
Hottie and smartie is always loyal to you you like hotie and sweeties!!

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