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I'm from Gryffindor!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

made by The Genki Gang

Hey, everyone!
I see you have nothing else to do and decided to snoop a bit in my Bio. Well, Iíll give you something to do then.
Name: Priscilla. From Latin origin, it means ancient wisdom. Not that Iím wise... thatís what my name means ;)
Age:13, that means that Iím a third year already, hurray!
House: Iím a Gryffindor, and proud of it! Stubborn, strong-minded, brave... well you know, Gryffindor to the bone!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Other Houseís traits in me: Well, Iím ambitious like Slytherins, since Iím always trying to outstand from the others to get my way, I know, selfish isnít it? Iím loyal to my friends, like Hufflepuffs do, loyal to the point of defending them against all logical and reason. Iím intelligent and I have an insane need to know as much as I can, like Ravenclaws. Actually, according to maaaaany tests, thatís my second option for a House.
Favorite subject: My favorite Hogwarts subject is Care of Magical Creatures. The Muggle one is Biology... what can I say, I love animals, magical and Muggle alike!
Worst Subject: Hogwarts subject will be Potions... so that means that I hate Chemistry in the Muggle world. Truth be told, I hate it because Iím pants at it!
Wand: A lovely example, very rare, according to Mr. Ollivander. Ten and a half inches, Maple wood, with Kelpie hair in the core. Itís inflexible, good for Transfigurations (due to the Kelpie hair in it) and tends to work exceptionally in Charms, that is, unless Iím too busy in wondering why Professor Flitwick looks that much like a Polyjuice Potion-ed rubber elf to pay attention at what Iím doing.
Animagus: Caramel colored owl
Patronus: Falcon, only Merlin knows why.
Quidditch position:Keeper, Iíve got quick reflexes
Country of origin: Mexico, a wonderful place, actually. Rich in History, traditions and nature. It has lovely forests, jungles, beaches, and desserts.
Appearance: Curly, shoulder-length, golden-brown hair. Bright, honey-colored eyes behind black, square framed spectacles. Iím of an average height of 5.25 ft. More to the slim side, curves in the right places, thanks Merlin!
Fashion: Hmm... not too keen to the whole ĎAccording-to-your-outfit-is-your-valueí concept, yet, I do have a style. Usually I wear jeans, shirts and tennis shoes, in black or blue (since they are my favorite colors). Usually, I lend my hair hang down, but I tie it in a ponytail for sports and such.
Good traits: Iím loyal, decisive, and I donít give up that easy. I can offer an ear to listen when needed and Iím good at solving everyoneís problems (except my own, much to my dismay). Iím smart, with a good memory and a will to help others as much as I can. I have a strong spirit of friendship, freedom and leadership.
Bad traits: Iím pretty selfish, I always purchase recognition. Iím extremely stubborn, I wonít listen to otherís advise... I tend to think Iím always right, unless someone has a concrete proof of my mistakes. Iím hotheaded, that means that I take my rage with the ones that donít deserve it. Iím very self-confident, lazy, arrogant, careless, picky and if I want to... I can act very mean towards others, even if they donít deserve it. Yes, I've got no patience at all! Oh! And that same leadership spirit leads me to be bossy sometimes

Which HP Kid Are You?

Any fics: Currently working in a Draco/OC one... I hope you like it, if it gets posted haha
Favorite HP books: OotP, GoF, SS, CoS, PoA (in that order)
Favorite HP movies: CoS, GoF, SS, PoA (in that order too)
Favorite HP character: Draco Lucius Malfoy is the hottest bad-boy ever!!!!! I love Ron too... heís EXTREMELY sweet!!! Hmm... I think Iím practically in love with those two.
Ships: Ron/Hermione, Draco/Victoria, Harry/Ginny, Luna/Colin... I know, that's an odd one, but Colin has the camera and Luna has the magazine! haha
Favorite categories: Humor, Romance and Post-Hogwarts Future generation Fics!
Worst categories: None, actually everything depends on the fic, the categorie has nothing to do haha
Worst ship: Sorry, but it's true... I don't like Harry/Hermione, they're sooooo boooooring together! I mean, the most exciting fics are Draco/Hermione 'cause there's a lot of action while they cross the line between love and hatred, then there's Ron/Hermione... they look sweet together, actually, they're a lovely couple and they're fun together... how they argue and everything!

And for the great Finale:
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Thank to Sayansirius for the astonishingly gorgeous banner!!!!

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