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Welcome to my bio, fellow HP fans! I'd like to first tell you how excited I am to now have registered to this amazing Fan Fiction website. All of the entries I have read so far are outstanding! I applaud all of you for your enthusiasm towards Rowling's work.

Now, to what this bio is all about in the first place, ME! I am an outgoing girl who loves writing. I use it as a way of expressing myself and creating a world of my own. On this site, I plan to use the world Rowling has already so artfully created and add my own take on different situations and characters. For the time being, though, I plan on reading and rating several Fan Fictions, for I am on a shortage of time and will ot be able to write until summer begins. I have also just recently registered as a Beta Reader under the user name, Kizo the Editing Master.

As for my Fan Fiction tastes. I am one to read humor, romance, and dark/angst; an interesting combination, I know. Since romance is of the greatest debate on sites such as this and I know that several of you will be curious as to what groups I support, the following is a list of the ships that I believe in at this moment in time:

Draco+Hermione: This is my favorite ship and one that I did not believe possible until reading a number of well-written Fan Fictions about the couple. It is a difficult pairing, but could be of great success when carried out properly. At first glance, Draco Malfoy is a rich and snobby bully who has a strong dislike towards Harry Potter, which he expresses in a most unpleasant manor. If analyzed more throughingly, you will find that Draco is not so simple. Despite certain acts, Draco is not the antagonist of the Potter series. He is no where near as cruel and cold as Voldemort and is greatly influenced by his father, Lucius Malfoy. If anything, Draco is a pathetic. A boy so wrapped up in his father’s constant threats and teachings that he cannot and will not stand up for what he truly believes in. Evidence expressed in Book 6 shows that Draco is not the full-blown Death Eater that everyone sees him becoming. Draco has his doubts, or he would not have been crying in the bathroom. He would have killed Dumbledore on his first try. He would not have lowered his wand. Deep into the depths of young Malfoy’s blackened heart, there is a flicker of light. Deep down, Draco wants to do the right thing, he is simply afraid to do so. He knows of the consequences and has received threats from the Dark Lord already. He cannot break free from the destiny set out before him by his father…at least, not alone. Draco needs someone to pull him through these rough and uncertain times. He needs someone to smart, caring, cunning, loving, and equally as stubborn as he is. Who fits this description better than our very own Hermione Granger. Yes, readers, she is a mud-blood. Yes, I am aware of the fact that Draco constantly picks on Granger. There will be difficulties, don’t get me wrong, but the chemistry between them is not to be ignored. Hermione has shown an amazing amount of courage, bravery, and loyalty in the past. She has also served as one of Harry’s strongest supporters and a true friend toward both Potter and Weasley. These strong characteristics are exactly what Draco needs to help him get back into line. As you can see, Hermione would be the perfect match for Draco if, of course, properly motivated first. Like I said, there is chemistry and, if the proper ingredients are added, an entirely new love potion may be conjured up. If you are still not convinced with my explanation, I suggest that you try reading Temporary by the Queen of Serpants and The Sweetest Sin by annie, both of which can be found on mugglenet’s Fan Fiction website. May I remind you that both of these Fics may contain content that is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. Examples of questionable material include sex, disturbing imagery, and extreme angst. Despite some of the content, I assure you that both of the stories are written with amazing detail and are, in my strong opinion, almost, if not, just as enjoyable as J.K. Rowling’s original series! My favorite fic though is the Unseemly Proposal by sparx. Now that you HAVE to read! Please give these outstanding writer’s a chance and read their fantastic work!

Harry+Hermione: Although all of my support goes to the Draco and Hermione pairing, I cannot help but sympathize for Harry+Hermione shippers. I do not agree with the pairings that J.K. Rowling is going to use in Book 7, either, but the right is hers to do what she wishes and I will be happy with the series no matter what she decides to do. Do bare in mind that this does not mean that we cannot play Rowling’s part for a bit, right? Harry and Hermione both show the perfect qualities that are necessary in a lasting relationship. The only reason why I would be hesitant to announce their status as an “item” would be because of the relationship the two already share. Harry and Hermione are already so close friendship wise that I am afraid that, if anything goes wrong, the results would be disastrous and form awkward moments for the both of them in a time that is not suitable. I do admit, though, if Draco was randomly and conveniently pushed off of a cliff, I would support the Harry+Hermione pairing, for I do not find the Weasley pairings to my liking. I see the Weasley family as a family filled with close and loyal friends…without the benefits. If you are looking for some good Harry+Hermione Fics, ask LunaStella13, for she is a proud shipper of the couple.

Neville+Ginny: I will be quite honest with you: I do not like Ginny. I am not quite sure why. I think the main reason is her sudden transformation from a shy, hopeless-romantic, and outcast to the most gorgeous girl in Hogwarts without a single hint or warning. Besides, Harry dating his best friend’s little sister? Talk about creepy! Especially if they slept together…shivers. So the fact of the matter is, I would never want Ginny to date Harry. She is way too boy-crazy and self-absorbed. I love Neville and think he is the cutest guy ever! Since I know that he has a liking for Ginny, at least in Book 4, I think that the geek should get the girl in this case. Maybe his good nature will teach Ginny something.

Other Pairings: This is where you come in. Since I am new to the Fan Fiction Empire, I only have my heart set on the Draco+Hermione pairing. Everything else is up for grabs. If you have any suggestions or ships for me to consider, do tell. I am open to anything at the moment that doesn’t involve Draco or Hermione being paired with other people. I look forward to your opinions!

So that is my take on Harry Potter. What other books am I into? Well, here is my top seven books:

1. Twilight- A horror, romance, and action story artfully rolled into one book by the new author, Stephanie Meyer.

2. A Great and Terrible Beauty- The first book of an extrodinary trilogy by Libba Bry about a Victorian teen who has special powers.

3. Blue is for Nightmares- Laurie Faria Stolarz introduces us to a thrilling series all about Stacey: a girl who has nightmares that predict people’s deaths.

4. Uglies- Yet another trilogy, this time unveiled by Scott Westerfield. We are taken to the “perfect” world where, at 16, you are turned pretty and get to do whatever you want. But is Pretty Town really the perfect place it is made out to be?

5. Peeps- Scott Westerfield gives you a good laugh and a mystery when he turns vampireism into a sexually transmitted disease (WARNING: Sexual references).

6. All-American Girl- Meg Cabot’s hilarious book about a girl who saves the president’s life and has her entire life change because of it (DO NOT READ THE SEQUEL!).

7. Can You Keep a Secret?- An adorable love story by Sophie Kinsella about her deepest darkest secrets to a stranger on a plane…and finds out he’s the company’s CEO (WARNING: Sexual Content).

If you have any books you would like to suggest, let me know! I’m always looking forward to a good read!

Well, that wraps up my bio! I’ll see you on mugglenet!

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