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Real name: Yon(Abi...ebil name)
Member Since: 11/22/04
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My name is Yon, well not really but all of those who know and love me dearly call me Yon or Yonda...or the Pope a Pinga xP

I don't know why my penname is Rosanna_Tapioca...used to be my nickname before I got Yon so yeah...-shrugs- I guess that's why >> Just call me Yon or else.

I don't really think that mugglenet likes me...none of the storys I submit are accepted but I still like mugglenet so I am gonna relationship I think..

Some of me buddies!

RichMelly! =)

I like reading Lily/James fanfics. I am not a big fan of slash but I will read it occasionly. Kay you are a very good slash writer if I must say. -bows to thy- lol. I personally like romance stories that just melt your heart or romance/gore/angsty stories with lots of jealousy, action, blood, pain MWAHAHAHAAHA!!! -coughs- ^^ Now then....

The story that I am writing is in the various paring group for obvoius reasons. The Marauders and Co. Love, pain, suffering, new friends, new enemies, blah blah blah.

I love writing personally, poems are my favorite. My freewebs website has some poems i've written on it. No m00shy l0ve crap there. =))

I just LOVE Remus John Lupin. <3<3<3<3 Ask any of my friends and they will say I am Lupin l00ny or something like that <3 =)

I like the other Marauders (Peter who?) =) and Lily is ok. But Remus is my all time favorite. Keep a lookout for a Remus love fanfic ^^

Ok, Ok Music. I like all kinds of music. Here are some of my favorite bands...


Linkin Park
Life House
Bowling for soup
Papa Rouch
Marron 5
Rihanna(or something like that)

And I know I missed some but yeah...ok...w/e...^^

As for my label...don't label me please. I am not goth, not punk, I toke a test and it said I was emo. = I don't really care about those things. It's just me and me only. =)

I might write some poetry for HP, so keep a look out for those ;) Well this is The Pope apinga signing off! HAVE FUN!

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