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World domination?PAH! Why just the world, I want the whole UNIVERSE!!! ;)


I'm totally crap at writing about myself, but here goes *gulp!*
I'm 14 and live in the UK. Sorry if that's a little too vague, but I'm the most unlucky person i the world. If I put down whereabouts in the UK someone'd probably track me down and murder me painfully, (although you're all v. nice people!) *dodges rotten tomatoes*.

I'm a fanfic virgin, seriously. I've just posted my first chapter of my first fanfic and it is in queue. Thanks so much to my fantastic betas Nicole and Sophie, I love you both so, so much for your help! i couldn't have got through it without you!

I don't know if it's going to get accepted or not, however if it does some very nice mods will get huge boxes of chocolates posted through the mail!!*wink wink* If you feel the need to read it after you've read the summary below, (under the tiny My Fics section,) I will post it through to you.

I know that this is TOTALLY irrelevant, but how the hell did Shayne Ward win X Factor? Journey South had SO much more talent than him, and the long haired one was fitter too. I guess it doesn't matter though, Simon Cowell gave them a contract after all, but it's the PRINCIPAL of it all! OOOH! SO ANGRY!!
p.s. Sorry to Shayne fans, but hey, I can't change my opinion!

My fave film EVER is, (and please don't kill me for it not being HP)*drum roll please* The Lion King. Kinda babyish, I know, my mates tell me enough, but I fell in love with it the first ever time I saw it. It's just so cute! (but I did cry my eyes out when Mufasa died, *sniffle*) My fave character is, in fact, the great king Mufasa himself. He just looks so, so, cuddly *aww! snuggles into fluffy pink cushion whilst squealing happily*

My fave album of the moment is Kelly Clarkson, breakaway, although Coldplay's X&Y comes a close second. Behind These Hazel Eyes is amazing, (and coincidentally what I'm listening too, hoorah!), but so are Since U Been Gone, Breakaway, Gone and Because of You. Fall Out Boy, Sugar We're Going Down is fantastic. I absolutetly LOVE IT!! It's amazing! Does ANYONE out there find Chris Martin gorgeous, or is it just me? Gwyneth Paltrow is one lucky lady, *stabs at mag pic with meat cleaver*

My best friend Lilli is a kind of joint holder on this account. She helps me write fan fics, though the ones we wrote before now have been too bad to even submit!! *sob* I don't know if she has her own account, I'll ask her tomorrow seeing as we're back at school *throws self on floor and has tantrum* and update if she has. If I don't change this, then she hasn't, lol!:)

My fave actor is Hayden Christensen. He is totally...oh, words can't describe *drools insanely* I actually dragged Lilli into the new Star Wars film for 2 1/2 hours just to see him. I did actually have quite an unhealthy obsession with him. I schemed how to break into Hollywood and make him fall in love with me. Oh, how much easier it'd all be if Amortentia truly existed! But, Jake Gyllenhaal can easily take his place! So-Unbelievably-Fit!! *drooling gets heavier* I was going to see Brokeback Mountain on Saturday, but Lilli got the times wrong and we were an hour late. *grrrr*

Plus, a big hello and thank you to my fantastic BETA Moonlit_Tigerlily!! :) *waves inanely* Believe me, if you haven't read her fanfic, (Harry potter and the rings of Ceangal Fala) you're TOTALLY missing out! It is amazing! And trust me, I'm not just saying that because she's my BETA, Nicole is a truly gifted writer and I am honoured to have her as my BETA. Hi Nicole, if you're reading this!

My New Year's resolutions are:-
1.Drop to a size 8 (maybe 8/10, but I'm a 10/12 already so ?)
2.Give up pop (soda for you American bretherin/ sisterin *if that's a word :S*
3.Get straight A* on my GCSE's.
Tough call, right??

Anyway, I think that's all for now. Please contact me if you wish to talk about random stuff or ask me for my super-cool (though possibly not cool enough) fanfic.

Chloe :) XXX

PS> Check out my online journal! Find it at I know that most of you post at, but for some reason I couldn't get an account? :S So, I found this site and, well, it's better than nothing! So yeah, check it out!


My Fanfics!!!

Here and Now I've been writing this, it is exactly the same as back to the future (well, not exactly

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