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YO YO YO - I'm prongsie_potter_rulez ON www.harrypotterfanfiction.com!!!! if u lyk me stories der are way more der!!!!!

Appearance: Bout five foot somefin, blonde hair, green/blue/hazel/brown eyes. Mostly green. Skinny (too skinny according to my friends. Do they shut up????) but who cares if ur skinny or not - right? its all about personality - and mine is HARRY POTTA FILLED!!!! WHO HO!!!!!!

Authors and Books: J.K Rowling (HP + PS, COS, POA, GOF, OOTP, HBP, Insert Seventh Book Title here), Michael Morpurgo (War Horse), Charlie Higson (Young James Bond), Louis Sachar (Holes), Lauren Brooke (Heartland series), Christopher Paolini (Eragon and Eldest), Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries, The Mediator, Missing (All series) and Teen Idol), Angie Sage (Magyk), Lucy Daniels (Animal Ark series and Dolphin Diaries series). Etc, etc, etc.

Movies: HARRY POTTER 1-7 (5,6,7 haven’t been made yet but they will be MIND-BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!), Spirit, Seabiscuit, December Boys (haven’t seen – but Dan’s in it), Driving Lessons (haven’t seen – but Rupert’s in it!), I Robot, Jaws, Indiana Jones series, James Bond series, etc, etc, etc.

T.V Programmes: BONES, SIMPSONS, CSI, COLD CASE, Kim Possible, Spongebob Squarepants, Half and Half, Futurama, My Wife and Kids, Brainiac, Malcolm in the Middle, That’s So Raven, etc, etc, etc.

Subjects: Lunch, Art, PE, Games, English, RE and History.

Career: Forensic Scientist, Marine Biologist, Equestrian Rider, Author

After-School Sports: Netball, Cross-Country, Hockey, Badminton, Athletics, ???

Outside School Sports: Horse Riding (NEVER, ever, ever, EVA HUNTING. NEVA!!!), Cross Country, Swimming, Shooting (TARGETS NOT ANIMALS).

Spare Time Habits: Drawing, Writing, Watching T.V, Riding, etc, etc, etc.

Time Consuming Habits: Doodling, Being Confused, Riding, Tretrathlon, Pony Club (Killultagh), Listening to Music, Writing, Watching T.V, Mucking out Stables, Sports, Reading, etc, etc, etc.

J’Habite: J’habite dans une grande maison a la campagne. Prez de chez moi, il y a, un arbre, un sapin, une colline, un champ et un petit fleuve. (~Sorry, I have french in front of me. Translate and…I’ll email u a 4 part story! H/G – All Because of Love. Like anyone is reading this anyways…)

Colour: Red/Green/Blue

Clothes: Casual (jeans, t shirt, jumper)

Animal: Horses, Wolves, all the other itty bitty (or biggy wiggy) critters out there!

Bedroom: COVERED (I’m having to move them to fit more and I’ve ran through about ten packets of Blue Tack) with HARRY POTTER (newspaper, magazines, drawings, book covers, calendar pictures, postcards, copied autographs, newsletters, posters) and HORSE (horseshoes, posters, postcards, drawings).

Music: Spirit Soundtrack, Sex Pistols, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kaiser Chiefs, Harry Potter Soundtrack, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Eminem, Avril Lavinge, Kelly Clarkson, Simple Plan, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Evanescence, Franz Ferdinand, etc, etc, etc.

Disney Character: Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the POOH!!!!!!!!!!

Country: Africa!

Obsessions: HARRY POTTER (email me any one random thing which has NO RELAVANCE AT ALL TO HARRY POTTER and I will connect it with Harry Potter!!!) and HORSES. Mostly Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!! S’all I think about – as soon as I wake up, Harry Potter. As soon as I fall asleep, Harry Potter. WHAT WILL I DO WHEN IT’S ALL OVA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHEN THE LAST BOOK IS PUBLISHED NEXT YEAR!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!! WHEN THE MOVIES ARE OVA???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? *runs away crying to Harry Potter bedroom where I sob frantically into Harry Potter duvet cover and read Harry Potter desperately, thinking about Harry Potter while cuddling Harry Potter teddy while listening to Harry Potter and staring at Harry Potter-related articles on wall HELP!!*

Birthday: 1st April 1993 - same as Gred and Forge Weezly!!!!!!!!

Pets: 1 Grey Connemara 14"2 pony - Dillon, 1 evil palamino Miniture Shetland who likes biting me - Sprinter, 1 lovely old brown pony - Dandy, one goldyfish - Harry. My family has other pets too including 2 other horses, a cat, three dogs, two other goldyfish and two guieni-pigs. Whoa - we have a LOT!!!

School: Belfast High School

Address: Too Personal

Boyfriends: Again, see above. But None. Go me!!!

Friends: Yeah - I'm REALLY gonna let you stalk them too!

I am totally obsessed with HP and horses. I've read all the books (GOF 12 times + counting!) and love the way J.K writes them. I am practically going to die over the next 2 yrs before the 7th and final HP book comes out!!!!!!!!
THE GOF MOVIE WAS.... BRILL!!!!!!!!! Though, Harry at the campsite falling down kinda reminded me of my own school corridors... I hate Myrtle...

P.S I'm known as prongsie_potter_rulez on www.harrrypotterfanfiction.com!!!
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1. ....HORSES!!!


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10. Luna Lovegood
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5. Sirius Black
4. Ginny Weasley
3. Hermione Granger
2. Ron Weezly
1. Harry POtter (duh!!!)

Thx SO much to lunadragonfly on harrypotterfanfiction for this LOVELY banner!!!
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You are Ron Weasly. You have a very keen sense of
family and a deep devotion to you're friends.
You have very low confidence because everybody
around you is so great. You have to realize
that you're great too. Because when you believe
in your self, you suceed with flying colors.

Who from Harry Potter are you?(Funny pics)
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Ha HA HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

dan is doomed
Dan Radcliffe/Harry Potter! Nice choice. You got
the main star or Harry Potter. Who also happens
to have the cutest eyes! *swoon*

---Which Harry Potter Actor are You Doomed to be With?---
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I'm so luckeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net


I hit Voldemort with a train!  I wish he'd just DIE...
You want to hit Voldemort with a train! Too bad
the guy won't die...

Which Harry Potter Character Would You Hit With A Train? (done, w/images)
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Harry Potter
You're Harry Potter! You're willing to do anything
to help your friends, and they'll do anything
for you. You have been known to break a few
rules, but you do it for the greater good.
Brave and loyal, you're well-liked (both on and
off the Quidditch field!)Sometimes, you're
uncomfortable with your popularity, but you try
to be friendly regardless. Now, get on your
broom and get to practice- you've got to help
Gryffindor win the cup this year!

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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You are Harry. You're brave. A little hot headed
sometimes, you can become angry if someone, A,
insults your family,B dosen't believe you, or
C, Thinks you're mad. When your friends are in
trouble, it's you to the rescue! When you shop
for a girlfriend/boyfriend, you like them to be
popular and gorgeous, cause that's just how you
are. You are gonna do some great things.

Who from Harry Potter are you?(Funny pics)
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BRILLIANT!!!!! Wait - I'm a girl! Ah wells.


Green eyes best suite you because you really love
nature and animals. You would make a great Vet
or zooligist when you are older, or even a
scientist. You are able to sence things that
others cannot.

What color should your eyes really be??(and what does the color say about you?) ((with nice pics))
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OM!!!! I DO have green eyes and everything that says is TRUE!!!!!!!!!

Why are you reading this? Sad-o. READ STORIES!!!!!!!!!

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Love Is A Remarkable Thing by prongs_potter_rulez

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: The Last Battle between Good and Evil… Harry is cornered, injured and wandless, lying defeated against Riddle's tombstone, Voldemort leering at him. Voldemort oddly gives him a chance to ask any one question, so Harry asks something which has been etched in his head for a very long time...

WARNING: SOME SWEAR WORDS... ABOUT 4-5 IN ALL ONE SHOT!!!!!!!!!! Thx SO much to lunadragonfly from harrypotterfanfiction.com for the AMAZING banner - view it on my authour page!!!

EXTRACT “Yeah, I have a question,” Harry said suddenly, still staring into the scarlet, hateful eyes even though his scar seared in pain, “why did you give my mother so many chances to live?” This question had been etched into Harry’s mind for as long as he could remember, and maybe, maybe he would get it answered…

Voldemort grinned, “Ah, I you would really like to know, I will show you,” grinned Voldemort. Harry immediately knew nothing good would come of this…

620 READS BUT ONLY 3 REVIEWS??????? COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!!!! ONE-SHOT, R+R!!!!!!