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Hiya people! I write stories and yeah...can't really think of anything else to say about myself...Email me if you want, even if it's just something like you want to talk about a video game or whatever.
Hey guys! I've taken a break in writing to read some other stuff on other websites. I visited this one site and read their Yaoi stuff ( excellent works, I might say ) and it really opened my eyes to how well a story can be if you include them perdy wurds. Yeah, anyway, I've started to write in more detail ( sounds familiar, doesn't it? ) and this time, you are in for a nice little treat if I say so myself.
Luv, Cassie
Full Name: Cassandra Fox
DOB: February ( no particular date, I don't want people stalking me... )
*Favorite Books:* Harry Potter ( No Duh ), Abarat, Rowan of Rin Series, Artemis Fowl Series, The Outsiders ( Okay, I didn't read the book but my ex was Johnny in our school play of it ), Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by C.S Lewis, Sarah Plain and Tall ( A good short book ), So You Want to Be a Wizard Series, Broken Sky Series, Marco's Millions ( Another good short book ), Midnight Magic, TTYL by Lauren Myracle.
*Favorite Bands:* Aqualung, Bowling for Soup, Joss Stone, Gorlliaz, Kanye West, Outkast, Missy Elliot, Will Smith, No Doubt when they were together and now Gwen Stefani, Papa Roach, Coldplay, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Beck, David Bowie, Green Day, U2, Better than Ezra, Weezer, Rob Thomas, Natasha Beddingfield, Anna Nalick, Pete Yorn, Gavin DeGraw, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Flogging Molly, My Chemical Romance, Keane, Miriah Carey, Rihanna, Foo Fighters, Lifehouse, Thrid Eye Blind...the list could go on forever; I really like music, it evokes a feeling no painting or visionary thing could enduce.
*Favorite Manga Books[B] and Shows[S]:*
Samuri Champloo[S], Jing: King of Bandits[B], Dot Hack: Legend of the Twilight[S and B], One Piece[S], Chobits[B], s-CRY-ed[S], basically any sane ( Girls can watch it without their brains rotting from slap-stick humor that wasn't funny in the first place ) Manga show on Adult Swim. Oh, yeah! Inuyasha[S] and Full Metal Alchemist[S] are cool too. I'm low on cash and saving up, so I really can't buy anymore manga books, but the ones I have read are good.
*Favorite Movies:* Harry Potter ( All ), Pirates of the Caribbean, Ever After, Hitch, Monty Python movies, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, A.I ( even though it was unbearably sad ), Lord of the Rings, Bewitched, Elf, Amelie ( it's in French; Yay subtitles! ), A Knight's Tale ( Heath Ledger is so Yummy! ), Jackie Chan and the Legend of Drunken Master ( don't ask ), Miyazaki's Spirited Away ( still waiting on a sequel! Come on, Miyazaki! ), The Princess Bride...so on and so forth.
*Favorite Video Games:* Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Kingdom Hearts ( the new one is coming near Christmas!! ), Beyond Good and Evil, and last but definantly not last; Final Fantasy X and X-2.
Favorite Sport ( to play ): Beach Vollyball
Favorite Sport ( to watch ): Tennis


Pimpette L8Y

Heavenraver@gmail.com ( Gets checked more often )
---------------------------------------Bam! It's the line!
Anyway, thanks to Louisa Choclatecake for the following quizzes:

Which HP Kid Are You?

Cool, I always wanted to be them, or at least one of them... ( even though I'm a girl...(?) )

I'm Mrs. Harry Potter

The HP Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

Ooh, goodie! If only he was real...*gazes dreamily into space*

I'm Mrs. Draco Malfoy

The HP Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

Couldn't resist! He's so sexy!

Harry Potter
You're Harry Potter! You're willing to do anything
to help your friends, and they'll do anything
for you. You have been known to break a few
rules, but you do it for the greater good.
Brave and loyal, you're well-liked (both on and
off the Quidditch field!)Sometimes, you're
uncomfortable with your popularity, but you try
to be friendly regardless. Now, get on your
broom and get to practice- you've got to help
Gryffindor win the cup this year!

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm Harry Potter. Cool! Better get the fake scar make-up from Halloween and run around on a broomstick...not really...

-------------Just a little fun for the kiddies:

Take the quiz: "What Kinda Kiss R U?"

Tender Kiss
The tender kiss is the feeling where you can be anywhere and show your feelings.

It's corny, I know, but whatever....*Runs off waving Draco/Harrry banner* I just know Draco's good!
PS - I'm a hopeful ;)

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