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I love reading. I'll read just about anything. I'm into classic books at the moment. My favourite authors are Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and at times William Shakespeare. My favourite books are Pride and Prejudice, David Copperfield, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Twelfth Night. Waiting for my attention, I've currently got the books Persuasion (J.A.), Emma (J.A.), Sense and Sensibility (J.A.), A Tale of Two Cities (C.D.), Far From The Madding Crowd (T.H.) and Tess of the D'Urbervilles (T.H.) but I also love reading fanfictions, what can I say? I don't have much time to read proper novels anymore.

I've been reading fanfictions since I found out they existed three years ago and I've written five so far which are:
1. A Blind Date Can Lead To As Much Good As Any Other Disaster
2. Remus Lupin and His Destiny
3. Three Kisses and Nothing At All
4. A Snowball In The Wrong Direction
5. Nightmares, tantrums and Lots of Tears

I'm currently writing two fanfics. I'm half-way through the first one which is about Severus Snape's life (The Pitiful Stroy of Snivelling Severus Snape) and a Harry and Draco Slash fanfiction (A Very Lucky Disaster). A plot line for a one-shot about Remus Lupin is forming in my head but I need to finish my other ones befor I can write that one.

I'm also a seasoned poet (lol) and I've been writing poetry since I was 10 which isn't that long (4 years) but I have written quite a fair bit. I've put up some of mine on Mugglenet Fanfiction by sorting them into Harry Potter scenarios.
I also love collecting quotes which I think are quite inspiring and are a nice touch when nick names are scarce on MSN.
I also generally love collecting bits and bobs. I went through a phase of collecting stickers and I wasted tonnes of money on them. Now I'm into jewellery (I have 15 different full sets with necklace, earings, ring and bracelet, 50+ rings, 30+ bracelets and 20 pairs of earings).
I love movies but I don't have much time for them as I'm so busy reading.

I want to continue studying and for my A Levels I'm planning to do Religious Studies and Philosophy, English Literature and Language combined and Psychology. I want to do a degree in psychology and hopefully I'll be able to get into Childrens Psychology but if that doesn't work out I'd like to work with young children from Nursery to Year 1. Hopefully I'll be able to publish some of my poetry when I find that I have an extensive collection (I'm probably on 50 by now).

I'm currently in Year Eleven and I'm doing my English Language, Islamic Studies, Maths, Arabic, Humanities, I.T. and Chemistry GCSE. I've already got an A*, A, B, B, C and another C under my belt for Urdu, English Literature, Art, Biology, Maths and Arabic respectively but I'm hoping to get B/A in Maths and Arabic this year because though C's are passes, I think I'm capable of getting proper passes instead of just scraping them.

I love Harry Potter and have done since I first read the books back when I was ten. I'm a fanatical shipper of Hermione/Draco and, though I know it will never be, I'd love to see such opposite sides join together. It'd be so cool! That's one of the reasons I love fanfics so much. I'm also a supporter of Harry/Ginny but not that crazy about it. I aslo am partial to Harry and Draco slash fanfictions at times though I skip any scenes which I don't find appealing *coughcough*. My favourite characters are Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans. I used to love Ron, Harry, Hermione, Fred and George Weasley and just about everyone else but in books 5 and 6 I became more decisive about the whole thing.

My favourite authors:
Queen Sabreen:

Favourite Stories:
1. -'More Truth Than Dare' by mystwriter
-'Aftermath' by mystwriter
-'Hogwarts Eternal! The Sequel to "Aftermath"' by mystwriter
-'Everyday Life at Hogwarts: the Sequel to "Hogwarts Eternal!"' by mystwriter
-'A Simple Hogwarts Affair: Sequel to "Everyday Life at Hogwarts"' by mystwriter
-'A Hogwarts Honeymoon: Sequel to “A Simple Hogwarts Affair”' by mystwriter
2. -'She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon' by Queen Sabreen
3. -'Respect Me' by Hermione_88
-'Two Wars to Fight' by Hermione_88
-'In the End . . .' by Hermione_88
4. -'The Ghost of Godric Gryffindor' by GoG
5. -'Tell Me Where It Hurts' by kei_sainter
6. -'The Girl in the Tower' by SpookyMulder
7. -'Practically Brothers' by ReeraTheRed
-'The Wounded' by ReeraTheRed
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