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When A Man Loves A Woman by Meet_Your_Maker

Rated: Professors • 3 Reviews
Summary: After the devastating war, Draco finished his 7th year at Hogwarts against his will. After that, he ran away from his mother and anyone else he knew. He decided that he would try to fit in the Muggle world because that's the only place nobody knew who he was. He knew it was going to be hard for him because he knew nothing about Muggles or Muggle things.

After successfully functioning in the Muggle world for 5 years and fooling everyone around him, he decided that he wanted to live in New York City after seeing it one day on the television. He saw the grandness, extravagance, and beauty of the city and he wanted to be there. Just because he was living Muggle, didn't mean he couldn't live nicely.

His move to New York City will make him end up with an unexpected, and uninviting, feeling of love for none other than...a Muggle.