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Some random things about me you might like to know:

I couldn't think of a penname but I read a story by someone named Oppugno and I thought a spell would be a great name. I searched through all of the known HP spells and decided upon Specialis Revelio because it reveals any magical properties about an object. Of course, we Muggles wish that if this spell had been cast upon us it would reveal something, but alas, we know it would not.

I did not realize that other people supported relationships in HP so fervently until I happened upon a website called MuggleNet a while ago, and read about these so-called 'shippers'. I came to terms that I myself was a shipper, and began to read some fanfic, hovever wary I was that it would taint my view of the canon. Of course, the fabulous fanfic MuggleNet had to offer did no such thing, as I now simply compare the situations provided by authors here to the awesome seven novels sitting, so very battered and over-used, on my bookshelf.

I do plan to write some fanfic myself, however it may not be very soon. I've decided I will only write something that could have actually happened in the novels, those missing moments we all love to speculate about, because I adore the world Jo has created and wouldn't do anything to change it. Of course, Jo has given us nineteen whole unfulfilled years in which many things could have happened, and I thank her most sincerely for that. Be prepared for my soon-to-come romance fics.

I must say now, before you read any further, that it is Ron and Hermione that I support, because they're so perfect for each other and also because it's so bloody obvious from the books that it's them that's supposed to be together. How any of you could have been so blind, I really don't know. Come on, people, it's canon, we all know it, and I have to mention again, so dreadfully obvious. No offense intended ;) .

It has taken me quite a while to figure out that I am truly addicted to HP and all things related. Here are some things that I noticed that helped me bring myself to my senses:
> I have two HP-related Internet shortcuts on my computer desktop (jkrowling.com and MuggleNet).
> I found myself often saying things like "You know, that reminds me of this thing I read in OOTP where such and such a thing happened" in regular conversations with people who haven't the slightest clue about anything HP.
> I've worn my Gryffindor robes for the past two Halloweens (I have the actual night, all day at school and a dance to attend, so I wear three different costumes every year).
> I wore my robes to the book party for Deathly Hallows, and was disappointed because a friend I met there had a gold and scarlet scarf and I didn't, which I have since asked my grandmother to knit for me.
> On all three occasions involving my robes, they were too short in the arms and in length since I bought them at least five years ago.
> I laughed out loud walking down the hallway at school once because my vice-principal, who is rather reminiscent in both looks and personality of a certain High Inquisitor, was dressed in the most frilly pink blazer and matching skirt.
> I asked my parents to rethink our impending trip to Florida because I want to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Islands of Adventures.
> I'm going to leave room in my suitcase on our trip so I can buy a new set of robes that fit me.
> I've looked up my Celtic wood according to my birthday, and have since asked my dad to carve me a wand made of it.
> I have at least three HP-related applications on Facebook.
> I have lugged my hardcover copy of GOF around so much that the cover has fallen off.
> I have multiple HP avatars for use on MSN, even though I probably won't use them for fear of my friends' teasing.
> I can almost recite the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny kissing scenes as described in DH, and had the page numbers memorized.
> I found myself using words from the books like 'reckon' that I wouldn't normally use in daily conversation as I'm from Canada (I've tried so hard to use 'row' instead of fight or argument, but it hasn't worked as none of my friends would know what it means).
> I've begun to write rather properly compared to my old writing style because that's how the books and Dumbledore sound to me.
> My class was supposed to do a simple family tree the other day and some people's immediate families were a little complicated so our teacher started to draw an example on the board. He had named one person 'Bill', so I proceeded to give him the names Percy, Charlie and Victoria (I didn't want to say Victoire).
> The next class I have with this teacher I intend to show him the Weasley and Black family trees as examples.
> I have a Nintendo Wii, and I made Miis for five HP characters (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and Voldemort).

I think you get the depth of my addiction. Just to say, though, I took the Harry Potter Obssession Quiz (http://www.fuuko.com/hpquiz.html) and only scored 38%. I had to change my answers a little bit, as I said I attended the OOTP book party because it doesn't say anything about DH.

I've started a HP website; though it will surely pale in comparison to MuggleNet, I hope you'll visit it. Not much is completed yet, however I just made it yesterday evening so I did as much as time allowed.

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