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Ok, why you're here I have no idea but now you're here, well you might as well check out a bit about myself:

Name: Sairza
Age: 15...how amazing!
Sex: Female! GO ME!
Location: UK...you gotta love the british accent lol
Fave ship: Well, I kinda ship R/Hr but I absolutly hate the predicable ones. I am a huge D/Hr and Dr/H Shipper, evern though i know they will most definatly never happen, but I think they make great fan fics!
Hobbies: Fanfic writing, drama and singing. I love ice skating even though I'm rubbish at it lol

If you want an outside view on a fanfic you've written and want an honest opinion just get in contact with me with a summery of your story and I'll get back to you :)

I've recently started making banners as well, so if anyone has any tips on how to make decent ones PLEASE let me know!

Well, tis all for now :)
xxxxxxxxx much luff xxxxxxxxx

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