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Here's the short version of my bio: I'm a teenage girl who loves rain, art in all forms, family, friends, eating dark chocolate covered raspberries and lives her life striving for nothing more or less than a simplistic faith in God.

If you want to know some more about this passionate sixteen year old then pull up a chair and start on the long version:

I'm a person enthralled with life. I'm always thinking about things, trying to see things from new angles, figure things out, discover something new. I'm the kind of person who can sit and think about time for hours and always ends up shaking my head in wonderment at the complexity of things and smiling. I find wonder in everything around me and seriously people: look around you, there's some pretty amazing stuff out there if you take the time to notice it.

I love learning but I like learning my own way, school isn't always my own way but it's a good basis. I learned to read at the ripe old age of four and have since been living in a world of words, fantasy or not, and can't get enough of it. One of my greatest passions is for stringing together my own thoughts and dreams into words I can share with the world. I figure someday I'll find a way to make some money out of it but for now it's just a pleasure I can't put aside. I started my first novel shortly after entering the first grade and got about eleven chapters and fourty pages into it before I realized I was eight years old and laying it to wait for a slightly larger vocabulary.

I love art too, specifically pencil sketching but any sort of art is cool by my book. I draw whenever I can, just for fun, not for any career opportunities or anything. Frankly I think the art industry is a bit to luck-oriented for my taste so I stick with random pictures strewn about my room from moments of inspiration. It's funner that way, art shouldn't be work in my opinion. It comes easy to me, but I'm not Picasso by any means and I can't draw feet if my life depended on it. That would definately make for an interesting movie climax--a life on the line and it all comes down to sketching feet. Do. Or. Die. Ahh, I've let my imagination spark a rant-- back on track now.

I'm a beach girl, but not the kind you find sun-bathing in a hundred-dollar pair of designer sun-glasses. No. Way. I'm out there in those ocean waves in a heart beat, grab my surfboard (well.....borrow a surfboard as I can't afford to own one), or just dive in empty handed and I'm in heaven in an instant. The ocean is my happy place. I'll spend every moment there if I could and I dream of living on my own deserted stretch of sand someday. I can be found on any summer Saturday with my friends dripping wet with sand coating my body, dripping from head to toe with salty sea water, sea weed tangled in my aburn colored hair and smiling from ear to ear without a care in the world. I have a certain unexplainable fondness for water. I love it. I've been swimming since I was just a few months old (obviously with floatation devices of some sort and/or parental units present but swimming none the less) and have since found it extremely hard not to be be wet whenever the opportunity arises. Maybe I have some sort of crazy gene mutation that gives water some magnetic pull over me, but whatever the scientific term, H2O is just plain awesome.

I suppose I'm an optomistic person, I find it incredibly hard to be mad at anyone no matter what their dasterdly deed and I can't help finding joy in everything but I don't see why that should be anything special or merit any special title. I simply see optimism as the way I am, it's the way my mind works and the way I choose to live. No matter what people say, life is good. If you're breathing-- you're blessed. It's better then the who-knows-how-many people who aren't lucky enough to taste oxygen in their lungs any longer.

My hobbies are pretty much anything because I love doing things, trying my hands at something new, getting down and dirty (don't even think about taking that the wrong way, I have a young and innocent mind) and constantly learning whatever can at every opportunity. I love to read and write, but that's already been established if you've been following this whole thing. I'm a rather geeky computer lover sometimes, I don't speak binary or anything but I've gotta have my cheesy computer games-- I must admit, I am a fan of those stradegy war games. Every guy thinks that girls can't play video games but let me tell you, we're just letting you think that so we can whip you're butts when we get challenged to a game. I dream about Guitar Hero. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing when you can find a musical instrument with color coded buttons. I actually do dabble in music occasionally. When I say dabble what I really mean is make I pick up my guitar or plastic recorder from the fifth grade and make a horrible ruccous for about a minute and a half and then remember that I have no musical talent and put go search for something to eat.

I'm a fairly comical person, I've got my own brand of sarcastic humor, interspersed with a bit of complete insanity that I find rather entertaining even to myself sometimes. My sense of humor never ceased to surprise me becaue it's constantly changing and it's really quite fun to just sit back and see what nonsense I come up with under the influence of copious amounts of Dr. Pepper and chocolate covered raspberries.

There are a lot of things in this world that find themselves backwards in mine. Weather for instance. Sunny, blue skies, are the stereotypical perfect, happy day right? Not a chance, the blacker, the more dreary, the colder, the more stormy-- the faster my heart beats. You gotta love a stormy sky. I do. Rain is by far the best form of precipitation there is. Hands down. I've been known to hear the rain, pull on some shorts, a tank-top, and throw of my shoes to dance in the rain. Sunny skies just make me sad, rain is my homedog.

I'm by no means a trendy person, I do what I want without caring about anything else really. That doesn't mean I'm wild or crazy by any means, I'm a down-to-earth sort of person so I just don't feel the need for hundred dollar purses or skirts that could be mistaken for large sweatbands. If I like the way something looks and it's comfortable and easy to climb trees in (a regular habit of mine) then I'll where it and be happy. I can be found any day of the week in a pair of jeans, a pair of beaten-up converse and a t-shirt.

I go with my whims, I find joy in everything, I value life, love, and friendship as more than any other earthly thing and I think that's all that really that matters anyway, at least out of everything we can comprehend as mere mortals. I have a heart for humanity. I can't hate anyone, it literally sends me onto the verge of a panic attack if I find myself getting too angry with someone, it's just not in my nature to lash out and anger is detrimental to my health.

In all honesty, money means almost nothing to me except as a tool to help people. Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint and I love clothes and movies and mocha fraps from Starbucks as much as next girl but in the end I just like a simple life anyway and there are lot of things I'd like to contribute to that really make a difference in the world.

I've got a lot of things I wish I could do someday, traveling the world for one, not to like, Paris or Greece or anything like that but instead places like the Carribean, Scotland, the Amazon, Africa, Brazil-- wild places, places with natural beauty. I also want to publish a book, start some sort of business, learn how to juggle and a million other random things that I've decided I want to accomplish for no particular reason whatsoever other than a crazy whim.

As far as other big-time goals and such go I can't really list them because I don't really know how to define them, but I can say however that they all come down to one thing really: the big guy. Yep, God's the source of my life, my thirst for knowledge, my hope in a failing humanity, and the reason I'm one of those incredibly lucky people on this earth who, like you, have a heart beating in their chest.

Keep smiling kiddo, life's a simple thing if you take it is it comes.

*goes to find a stormy sky to dance under*

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