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I like Biology, simultaneous equations, Physics, Chemistry (a little!), and, of course - HARRY POTTER! I am a loud person. I understand this will make some people dislike me. Do not worry, I am working on that [or trying to :$]

I like reviews and poems. If you're bored feel free to poke me (so I can have an excuse to poke you back!) I am an ardent Sirius fangirl (siriusly, who can withstand the Black charm? Or those shaggy hair? *siiggghhh*) I am also [converting into] a SevGirl. If you want to be one too, all you have to do is contact MissyQuill or Elmindreda. Both ladies will only be too pleased to lecture you about our favorite Potions Master's loveliness :D :P My favorite romance category is Dramione, and seriously, they are sooo purty together :P Ron/Hermione is also shipped by me :D I lurve 'em together, but hey, a girl's gotta have her non-canon! >:D I also lurve the humor category... I plan on reading a fic from the Mystery category one of these days...


Anyways, a little about me! X-D

Things I Like To Do:

1. Exercising! X-D

2. Reading (duh)

3. Writing (but of course :P)

4. Daydreaming

5. Plotbunny-ing

6. Mooching around MNFF

7. Sleeping

8. Eating (sweet things are preferable =P)

9. Procrastinating

10. Being silly

11. Being plain silly

12. Being silly as anyone can get X-D

13. Having a nice looooong bath =))))

14. Shopping till I drop! (Most of it is, of course, for me :P Some of it is, of course, not for you :P)

15. BANNERMAKING! :D :D Just email me with a request, please :))))


Things I Do NOT Like To Do:

1. Getting myself dirty.

2. Looking at my rather acne-attacked nose in the mirror.

3. Hanging around aimlessly

4. Hearing people burp or emit other rude soungs

5. Watching indecent soap operas like 'Desperate Housewives'. (You can kill me if you want, but they're just BORING. I mean, come ON! But then, maybe that's because I haven't grown up properly yet :P)

6. Going to public toilets where the floors are all wet and everything is gross.

7. Cleaning my room when I'm depressed and lazy (which is pretty most of the time. Gawrsh, I'm one pessimist, aren't I? Ah, well =P)


Writing Projects: 1. But Red Blood Looks Better - Done! xD

2. First Murder - Rejected =$ Trying to do it again... 

3. Beautiful - Plot stages

4. Lily/James Fic (Untitled as of yet) - Gotta get a beta! 

5. Destinations (title likely to change) - Trying to contact my beta :$

6. Wizards Don't Have to be From Earth - Post-outline stage.

7. Break Me, Rip Me, Tear Me Apart - To be in the queue, when First Murder is accepted InshaAllah. If it's not, then I shall put this one in, and then correct the former.

8. Thank You - To be put in the queue, when I feel like it xD InshaAllah.

9. Not Mine - To be in the queue, when I feel like putting it in xD InshaAllah.


I like to giggle and have fun. I'm a big sissy, have loads of "fears" and get traumatized easily. My favorite colors are: purple, red, and orange =))) Scarlet and gold, are, of course as well. Besides, they're nice eye-catching colors, and I don't mind wearing them - given that the scarlet is for bellbottoms and the gold is for an aluminium shirt or something. Which leads me to another thing - I lurve clothes and makeup :DDDD Okay, I also love playing basketball, tag, and cat and mouse and hide and seek (I like MuggleNet's idea of Hide-and-Hide-Some-More >:D Haven't tried it, though... yet), and stuff like that. Imaginary games I indulge in frequently, and I like to watch elementary kids do P.E. :rolleyes: Don't ask me why, because I sure as heck don't know. *sigh* Anyways, I think that's enough for now :P Thanks for reading this utterly random nonsense! :P

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Stories by moonstonesilver

But Red Blood Looks Better by moonstonesilver
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 8]

Summary: Some say Lucius just used Narcissa as a toy. Some say he had a little heart at the beginning, but lost it soon after. But what if he just decided not to show what he felt? A betraying little piece of parchment found in the basement of Malfoy Manor tells all.

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 104 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
06/30/08 Updated: 07/05/08

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