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Alright, I've officially deleted this pro accidentally for a total of 3 times. So I'm kinda pissed. So here come the ships: Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Frank/Alice, Andromeda/Ted, James/Lily, Harry/Ron, Dean/Seamus [LOVE LOVE LOVE!], Hermione/Fred, anything in the Marauder Era, anything about Dean.

Stuff I Love:
[BTW, I am totally obsessed with not only Harry Potter, but the musical RENT. I love the OBC and when they came out with a movie I was so excited and was NOT disapointed. RENT is amazing, I loved seeing it with Anthony and Adam!!!]

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I'm A Roger!
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Which Harry Potter Marauder are you?

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I'd prefer a Gary Oldman pic, but the anime thing is pretty cool too.

Which character are you from Chicago? (With Pics)

Billy Flynn (Richard Gere)You're a big-shot lawyer who does not care about his clients' guilt or innocence, only whether they have the money to afford his services.Take this quiz!

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So, I'm Padfoot. I'm young, and AMAZING! I spend so much time on the computer. I love Harry Potter [Um duh], RENT, Big Brother [YAY!!!], Gilmore Girls, Friends, Will and Grace, Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas, Blink-182, MCR, Fall Out Boy, Gay People, New York, The Book of Joe, The Four Dorthys, Dogs of Bable, The Pigman, A Chorus Line, Avenue Q, Chicago, Hairspray, Fiddler on the Roof, Grease, Legally Blonde, Mary Poppins, Spring Awakening, The Producers, Wicked, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and The Wizard of OZ. I'm sure there's more stuff I lovee but I can't think at the mo.

And I think thats about ittt. So then I bid you ADO! :]]

--THEEEEEE Padfoot

Dudeee!!! You need to add the Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp Fansite!! The owner is wicked nice, they s4s everyone, and they have all of the latest news on anything Adam and Anthony involved! Well what are you waiting for? Add them today!!!!

Long Broadway Survey! for broadway fanatics

*ToP 5 FaVoRiTe BrOaDwAy ShOwS*
1.): RENT
2.): Wicked
3.): Avenue Q
4.): Legally Blonde
5.): Spring Awakening

*ToP 10 FaV. sOnGs*
1.): La Vie Boheme
2.): One Song Glory
3.): For Now
4.): Dancing Through Life
5.): Omigod You Guys
6.): Betrayed
7.): All That Jazz
8.): I Got Life
9.): Great Big Stuff
10.): My Junk

Which favorite broadway song can you not live without?: La Vie Boheme
Which broadway play is your ultimate favorite?: RENT
Which play is your least favorite?: Dream Girls
How many broadway plays have you seen?: 4
Les Miserables or Wicked?: Wicked
Aida or Thoroughly Modern Millie?: Aida
Phantom of the Opera or The Producers?: The Producers
Rent or West Side Story?: RENT
Little Shop of Horrors or Hairspray?: Hairspray
Evita or Cats?: Evita
Suessical the Musical or Showboat?: Suessical
42 Street or Miss Saigon?: 42nd Street
Beauty and the Beast or Lion King?: Lion King
I you could be in any broaway play which one would it be?: RENT
who would you play?: Maureen
why?: She is so fun to do and she gets to be dramatic.
If you were in RENT who would you play?: Maureen!
why?: Above
If you were in wicked who would you play?: Elphie
why?: Love her
Les Mis?: Never seen it
why?: Cuz I've never seen it, man.
Phantom of the Opera?: Whoever Adam Pascal wants to play.
why?: Cuz he's amazing.
What are your 2 favorite songs from RENT?: La Vie Boheme and Light My Candle
What is your favorite song from Hairspray?: Without Love
If you had a cance would you star in Thoroughly Modern Millie?: Probably, but only cuz of Moony

*nAmE tHaT pLaY* which play is this song in?
I turned the corner: No idea
Take me or Leave me: RENT
Welcome to the 60s: Hairspray
Youre the One that I want: Grease
Think of Me: No idea
I wanna be a producer: The Producers
Defying Gravity: Wicked
On My Own: *shrug*
Circle of Life: Lion King, duh
Written in the Stars: Aida
All I ask of You: *shrugness*
I Can Hear the Bells: Hairspray [REGULUS!]
One Day More: *shrug*
Jimmy: *shrug*
We Go together: Grease
Wishing you were Somehow Here Again: *shrug*
Buenos Aires: Evita
Mama I'm aBig Girl Now: Hairspray
Popular: Wicked
My Strongest Suit: *shruggggs*
I Dreamed A Dream: Who knoooows
Guten Tag Hop- Clop: The Producers
La Vie Boheme: RENT
Circle o Life: Lion King
Beauty School Dropout: Grease
Not or the Life of Me: Dunno
I'm Not That Girl: Wicked
A Heart Full of Love: Dunno
Every Story is A Love Story: Dunno
Angel of Music: Phantom of the Opera
All that Jazz: Chicago
Lullaby of Broadway: 42nd Street
The Wells Fargo Wagon: Dunno
Who Am I?: Sounds farmilliar, but I don't know...
Good Morning Baltimore!: Hairspray

*Unscramble* Play titles
daai: Aida
mmmaaami: Mama Mia
cwkdei: Wicked
aegers: Grease
oilldenrhormguhyetmo: ...
eebsemlsarsi: ...
pahsriyaa: ...
ucroetdrepsh: ...

*Name one character from the play*
Grease: Rizzo
Hairspray: Seaweed
RENT: Roger
Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom! Ha, I knew that.
Les Miserables: Who knows
42nd Street: lalala i dunno
Wicked: Elphaba
Thoroughly Modern Millie: ...
Aida: Radames
Mamma Mia: ...
Miss Saigon: ...
Showboat: ...
Little Shop of Horrors: ...
Evita: ...
The Producers: Max

*Name that Song* how well do you know your lyrics?
this is a chain will never break....: dfhsd
simple really... isn't it...a word or two and then..: gsdfgs
how do you measure..measure a year...: Seasons of Love
once upon a time I use to play with toys...: Mama I'm A Big Girl Now
Something has changed within me...something is not the same..: Defying Gravity
remeber me once in awhile please promise me you'll try...: rghadfh
I got chills..there multiplyin'...: You're The One That I Want
His glance had fireworks in it...we kissed my heart heart did a whizbang...: cgsdgsgf
You'll be a Dentist...you have a talent for causing things pain...: gsdgfds
On the Avenue I'm taking you to...: sdfgdg
I kept my promise...don't keep your distance...: sdfgsd
I did not live until today...how can I live when we are parted?...: sdfgsd
Come on babe..why don't we paint the town....: All That Jazz
I'm gonna be your mighty king...so enemies beware!...: I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Ya got trouble, my friend, right here, I say, trouble right here...: dfgadfh

would you like to star in Grease?: Sure
what's your favorite song from Grease?: Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee
why?: Cuz Rizz is amazin
What's your favorite song from Hairspray?: Miss Baltimore Crabs
Why?: Nekko
Have you been in any broadway plays?: Nope
if so then your *lucky* and which one/s: I SAID NO!
Cosette or Eponine?: I'll get back to you...
what was your very first broadway play that you say?: Mary Poppins
which broadway soundtrack do you listen to the most?: RENT/Spring Awakening
what would you do if someone took that soundtrack?: Kill Them
Mimi or Maureen?: Maureen
do your friends like broadway plays as much as you?: My real friends
if so / what are some of their favorites?: RENT, Avenue Q, Wicked, The Producers, Drowsy Chaperone, Legally Blonde, Chicago, A Chorus Line...excetra
Sandy or Frenchie?: Frenchie
Are you glad you found this survey?: Sure why not
Does this survey make you want to listen to Broadway music now?: HA! I'M ALREADY LISTENING TO BROADWAY MUSIC! GOT YA OFF-GUARD, HUH?! ONE STEP AHEAD, SURVEY, ONE STEP AHEAD!
Did you enjoy this survey?: Okay! Yeah! Sure!

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