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Lakotah and I (my name is Krystal) we are two gigantic harry potter freaks. Some stuff about us are we are two lovley british young women living in San Diego, California (temporarily) and in case you haven't noticed we adore the world of harry potter. Woot! btw you mugglenet fanfic readers, lakotah and i took harry potter house quizes, and I ended in gryffindor with harry as my husband (yikes lol) Lakotah ended up in Slytherin, which fits her too well because of her sly and wicked life style lol, but she is also a great friend and very Calvanist as well as me (I am not evil, I am just a good friend and calvinist!).
Anyways, we love action and adventure movies, Lakotahs favorite is The Covenant (believe it or not, we watch American movies, cause hey! We are in America!) Krytsals faves are Gladiator, Braveheart, The Passion the Christ, Harry Potter, The Notebook, The Last of the Mohicans, Titanic, The Lord of the Rings (all three of course!), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and Batman Begins. Well, I must give the rest of this Bio to Lakotah, here she - ( a voice in the backround yells expelliamus!)

Salutations all you Slytherins out there!! I sounded sooo smart at that moment! :) I am actually sitting down to type at the moment. Wow. This is a first. anyhow, I really wish the director of the Harry Potter films would show Tom Felton more often. Tom's so hot and...i just don't understand what's so wrong about putting the hottest boy on the screen more then a dorky gryffindor with big, ugly glasses!(* Cough* Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter). So, let me tidy up my story here, i'm also a deatheater and i will get no spam!!! TTYL, here's Krissy!

Krystal here, sorry about Lakotahs intervention there. Just real quick, I would like to note that I love the harry potter movies, and I love ron and harry, but I just would not date them, and I have nothing against them. Here she is to end this enormously large Bio-

Well, i hope you enjoyed our...actually plain life. We have a pool party here at 9:00 so Krissy and i have to go get ready! By the way, you Americans out there need a well taught grammar lesson from a British teacher not your everyday American teachers. Now we have to go plunge James and Ryan into the pool! Toodles!

P.S- PLease review our fan fiction! Thx for your support and taking the time to read this UNBELIEVABLY long bio!

Random Fun Facts about us: Krissy loves William Moseley, and she envies Rupert because he did some kind of awards thing with William. Lakotah loves chickflicks like Tristian and Isolde. Krissy cannot sit through them. While Lakotah and Ryan bawled their eyes out over Romeo and Juliet, Krissy merely rolled her eyes.

Krissy and her good friend James have known each other since the age of six, and they still have not kissed. They have a HUGE crush on each other. Krissy prefers to base her relationship off of talking and commuincation and simple joys. holding hands, hugging, etc. is what she does. Kotah and Ryan do that with a few makeout sessions in between. Something interesting about is that Kotah and Ryan both own their own wand replicas. Kotah thinks Krissy needs to go to therapy because she says Ryan is not cute. (a high voice in the backround yells, he's not you idiot)

Favorite bands for Krissy are Relient k, Aly and AJ, DC Talk, The All American Rejects, The David Crowder Band, and Switchfoot. Kotah cannot live without The Rolling Stones, Elvis(JK!) Panic! at the Disco, Good Charlotte, Evenescance, and Avril Lavigne. In short, We are polar opposites. One more weird thing aout us is; We all know who Kotahs favorite actor is, (cough tom Felton) her favorite actress is Emma Watson. Krissy loves William Moseley, (James is fine with it, don't worry) and Emmy Rossum is her favorite actress. Orlando Bloom and Justin Bartha come in second. LOL!

See we are as different as Night and Day! Enjoy the fic! We love love love reveiws! Writing is what our world is based on!

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. - CS Lewis
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