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I have a bad habit of putting things in parentheses (a fact that annoys my brother). I like to procrastinate (SO not good for my grades!) I tend to lose all common sense when I'm angry (so don't provoke me). I think JKR is the goddess of writing and I would do anything to have her talent (ebay here I come!). I will try to create a story soon. It will be called "Before and After". It is a romance fic mostly based on James and Lily but it will have other ships. I am new at this so it might suck. If you wanna email me (for some strange reason) my email address isthesims2totallyrox@yahoo.com. Good bye. All hail JKR! *Vala*

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Before and After by procrastinator121

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Before James Potter met Lily Evans; he thought that even trying to have a close relationship with a girl was pointless. Before Lily Evans met James Potter, she thought that she could get along just fine with any guy if she tried. Before any of this Hogwarts stuff, Lily and James lived a relatively peaceful life. Before, before. But it’s what happens after the Hogwarts letters that gives a point to this story. From the moment the Hogwarts owl flew through their windows to their untimely death after a betrayal, this is the story of James and Lily, parents of the “Chosen One.”