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Aha! I am the one, the only, Alanna the Random! If you have the wonderous chance to talk to me, you will find that I go on tangents, so.... Prepare yourself. I lived in Cornwall, England, until I was five, then my family decided that they now wanted to live in America. So now I'm a 14 year old English accented girl living in upstate Mew York. Funny. I love humor fics, and I'll love ya if you could recommend a really funny one. I'm a beta reader, and have beta-d for a few fics. I'm HARRYHARRYHARRY (I know, it's REALLY original) on the beta boards, and PM me on there if you want to chat. I have to go try out for a play now *gulp* so Toodles From Alanna

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Harry Potter for People with Short Attention Spans by ChAsErKeLlY

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Haikus in a set

Syllables five-seven-five

One for each chapter

Ever wonder what the Harry Potter series would be like if it were one huge poetry book? You did? But....Did you ever think that someone would be smart enough (or crazy enough, or have so much time) to make it into haikus? If you have, or haven't but you're now interested, you have to read this!

Mods, this is NOT abandoned, though I have been taking time with it. I'm working on it currently, though I'm not having much success.

Soaring by ChAsErKeLlY

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A rather short poem about a Quiddtich player in a game. Please R&R!