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Going on vacation in China...won't be updating till mid-July

www.fanfiction.net is my oasis....

let's see.......rabid inuyasha fan........


I'm starting to come up with this new fic idea...it's kinda awkward, but what the hell...
Oh and I have a really uber hard time remembering everything cuz I usually don't read huge chapter books more than twice......actually, the only book I've actually read again was the Prisoner of Azkaban (sp?) srry, I suck atz spelling.

other fanfiction sites


those are about all i ever check out

I don't live or die depending on HP books....

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His Mistress by dodachachasliidddee_41090

Summary: She may have been the daughter of a rich woman, and her father had served the court, but she had always pictured her future as a carefree and simple life. That is, until she faced reality. Her sister was getting married, and to none other than the King himself. In that moment upon arrival at Hogwarts castle, she discovers that the court can be quite a fickle beast, and dripping with scandal. Not to mention, she’s caught the eye of her sister’s fiancé by accident. And now, both will compete, but who will be his Queen? Another question, what is Hermione Granger willing to sacrifice? After all, everyone says that a sisterly bond is stronger than anything else.