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Stories by Undividable410

A Second Task by Undividable410

Summary: Having failed his first task for the Dark Lord, Draco has fled and hidden from the rest of the wizarding world. As, he now returns months later he is left with several choices that could very much prove to be fatal... This is the prequel to the one-shot All a Father Could Teach.

It's Done by Undividable410

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Harry Potter has rescued Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets, but in her opinion, she's not yet safe. As she sits in her bed in the hospital wing, Ginny questions who she can trust, including herself and her judgement.

All a Father Could Teach by Undividable410

Summary: After all Draco has done, it has finally caught up with him. Having been arrested after kidnapping Ginny Weasley, he has been found guilty of all charges brought against him. Now being taken to his cell in Azkaban he reflects upon his choices and mistakes… (Word count: 1,149) Special thanks to my BETA, Bri, (truth_or_dare_diva) for her great suggestions to help me clarify my story!