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Hi, my name is James and I have a problem. I am addicted to Harry Potter. I am fairly new to Harry Potter Fan Fiction, having started reading it in June of 2007. I was waiting for DH to come out and had already reread the series so I stumbled along MNFF. I started reading a story that I printed off in the library of the local college. I cannot find the Authors name of the title of the story but it was good. Next I came across Just Married......Kinda by ColorOfAngels. I was addicted from then on out.

Currently, I am completly addicted to Harry Potter and the Serpent's Eye by Marauder9744 (which I stayed up until 5 am reading the first 15 Chapters and had to go to work at 7am), Skeletons in the Closet by Merlynne, and For Bitter or Worse by Kerichi, which gets updated every Friday :). These 3 are good authors and I can't wait for their updates. I am also reading Grimmrook's Epilouges story arc, and I have finally gotten to the current material. The Epilouges Part III: The Nightshades is wonderful. It is rated Professors but is a great read for all 'of age' fans.

I also have to say something special about Fawkes' Gifts by red haired mom. It is a pre DH fic that is really excellent. You have to check it out, she is amazing. Just be prepared, you need to know your Harry Potter to read her stuff she makes alot of references to past events and ties them in wonderfully (like the questons of Snape in chapter 3).

Make sure to write reviews for these 5 authors, they have always responeded to my comments and I am sure they would love to hear from you.

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Epilogues, Part III: The Nightshades by Grimmrook

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Sixteen years after the conclusion of the second part of the Epilogues trilogy, the wizarding world finds itself again at the mercy of a new menace. Can England's top Aurors vanquish this new foe before time runs out?

UPDATE: With cool new links to supplemental material!
Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/17/07 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 14: Internalizing

Alright, I know I wasn't one of the 2 mentioned but in the last 2 chapter I have guessed that there were 7 Nightshades (I said for deadly sins but also the power of 7) and I also wanted to know why the families weren't targeted. I fell good about myself now. Now this chapter was interesting. Nothin g much in the way of action but oh my the information. I was bothered by the Venessa murder but it was probally for the best. I really liked the information that Rathius had (mostly because I was right) but now I want to know were Ron went. Let me go find out....

Author's Response: heh, yeah, wait... chapter 14, which was chapter fourteen? Ugh, can\'t remember. Sorry, oh... oh yeah... well, I guess we\'ll see.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/17/07 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 15: Revelations

Well, here I am. Finally Caught up. I have taken my time to read your stories, about 7 weeks. I now cannot wait for the next chapter. I am sad about Lillith. From the moment you described her I wanted her to be Harry and Ron's Trainee. As for Adam I think I am going to search the reviews to see if someone called him. I knew Adam was a little odd but I never saw this comming. You are truly a gifted author and I am going to be quite bored waiting for the next update (you have been my waiting tool for the past six weeks).

Author's Response: Jebus, really really sorry about not getting to this until now. Yeah, I\'m glad you\'re glad you are caught up, though now i have to warn you that things are going to get much more frustrating as You\'re gonna have to wait like a month between chapters... not that it takes me a month to write them, but I\'m typically so busy that it takes me that long to find the several hours it takes to write the chapter at the same time I find myself in a mood fit for the writing. Not an easy task. I am glad that you have enjoyed them thus far, and as I get ready to draw this story to a close (for it is ending... after the chapter I have just put into queue, I think there are 1 2 3 4 5 6... six chapters left, depending on the rhythm. I think that I may be cutting the chapters up too small, though, so it is likely to be even shorter than that, especially when you think that much of those chapters really signify individual scenes all in a very short time frame. With Lilith, and I think I\'m learning this about writing, is that you start off writing wanting certain things to happen, and yet, you find that as you write they don\'t fit. I wanted to have more Lilith in the story and had even toyed with a romance between her and Adam, an unusal romance as we see they were something like rivals early on, but it just didn\'t work out. Still, one of the things that I did kind of like about the chapter waiting in the queue now is that I did get to just a little bit more character development with her before well... you know. As for Adam himself, no one really called it, called it. There were some close guesses, I think, but I wouldn\'t think anything that was definitive. Given his last name though, I\'m counting myself rather lucky that I got away with it as I have. Thank you so much, and hopefully you\'ll be able to read the next chapter within a week.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/17/07 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 15: Revelations

I also have a rebuttal for the previous reviewer. I am fine with you using alright. I found this reight after reading the review.
"It is quite common in fictional dialogue, and is used occasionally in other writing ." -- Taken from Merriam-Webster Online

I think you are okay to use it as you do.

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much, that was both helpful and enabling! HA! the alrights shall continue!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/11/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Severatum

Wow, great start. For som reason your chapters make me want to drink. Weird,huh?

Author's Response: HAHAAHHAHA! Drinking aside, I\'ll take that as a compliment. Actually, I will, because that means, as opposed to just something you are doing to pass the time, the stories you read from me are the kind of stories you would be willing to curl up with and chill and read, you know? thanks, thanks a lot (and I\'m sure Winston as an alcoholic in this bit has nothing to do with the urge at all)

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/12/07 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Memories

Great Chapter. I know you didn'y like it much but I loved going back in the pensive and Ron and Hermione fighting in her new, huge, office.

Author's Response: I do remember liking that scene, or at least what it represents. to me, while they may not be particularly germane to the story, it is still important for me to show depth in the personal relationships Ron has with his friends and family, and the little tiff in the office just seems like so right here, to show that they love each other, but this isn\'t a fairy book kind of love, but very real completely with arguments and worrying and such. Thank you again!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/12/07 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 6: The Beast

I loved this chapter especially the part at the end when Harry harrasses Ron for only beating 1 dragon. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Again, I was enjoying being able to use humore while I still had the opportunity. Also, it should be noted that was a quick and easy way for me to avoid having to come up with an entirely different scenario on how Harry beat his dragon. I didn\'t want to have to deal with that. thank you so much.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/11/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 1: The Recruit

Nice!! This was great.

This was my favorite part:
“It's just a Death Eater,” Harry tried.

“Yeah,” Ron jumped in. “You've faced one, you've faced them all. No problem.”

I loved it.

Author's Response: Yeah, I loved the humor in the opening chapters of this story. I find myself at a place thus far where there is little to no room for humor, but what are you going to do? thank you so much!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/11/07 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 2: The Grove

Another good chapter. I loved the details you put in at Neville's house. I especially loved the light switch on the moonflower plant.

Author's Response: Jeez, I barely remember the moonflower plant, I\'m going to have to go back and read that. You know, some people didn\'t like the detail so much, but I loved writing Neville\'s house, it was great fun. That is one of the great things about writing in this little sandbox, you really are limited only by your imagination and your ability to describe it, and things like Neville\'s house just let me get loose and do as I please, you know? thank you again!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/13/07 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 8: Tempus Fugit

Shoot, that is the second time I have had to live through that. Good chapter, though! It moved fast but I read it faster because I didn't need breaks inbetween. I liked the pace.

Author's Response: Cool! Yeah, I\'m normally a much slower paced author in that I usually like taking my time, describing things, investigating emotions, etc. but here, I had ot make it not only move quick, but feel quick, and frantic and frenzied. So there you go. thanks.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/15/07 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 10: Brothers

Great chapter. I really like Rasmussen, maybe better than Rathius. I am still no closer to forming any ideas about the Nightshades or if I trust the Ratbone's. I can't wait to read more and I will be doing so soon. Thanks for the great responses to my reviews, I enjoyed reading them. One last thing, I went to the website you write for and sorry but I will not be reading you there. But your fiction I will follow anywhere!:)

Author's Response: I happen to like Ras as well, and I truly wish I had the opportunity to put more of him in this story, alas, anything more than what we already have would be gratuitous. Whether to trust the Ratbone\'s, I think Ginny is spot on, and as for the Nightshades, we won\'t learn much about them next chapter, but the chapter after that should be very informative. As for my responses, this review and response system is fabulous and I love getting into it, and good comments often lead to introspection that I think only makes the writing that much better. And I\'m going to assume you were referring to the political website, which is fine. I understand my politics aren\'t for everyone and have no intention of pushing them on folks outside of my sphere too terribly much. Though, if you will look at my bio, you will find a different website posted there that goes back to fictional writing. Sadly, there\'s not a whole lot there, just a few scribblings I believe, but definitely some stuff to look at I would think. I do apologize for the scarcity there, but it is necessary. My political writing is my top priority (especially as that is the most promising as far as getting paid to write, which of course is something of a dream). In fact, even my writing of these stories I know have taken a hit from the fact that I focus so much on my political endeavors. Anyway, the point is, the other site will probably remain kinda thin until I\'m done with this story, then I plan on really filling up the \"pages\" of my A Day In The Mind Of home with fictional stuff. I\'ve some ideas, and when I get that going full speed, I\'m really going to hope that i bring some of my readership here over there. Anyway, thank you so much, and I\'m going to try my best to get the next chapter in the queue by the end of the week!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/11/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Death Magic

I loved how different Ron's 'Death Eater' expierence was from Adam's. I really like the flashbacks with Ron and I can't wait to read the next chapter, which I am going to start right now....

Author's Response: Thank you. there was something I wanted to really shine out about Ron\'s character in this, and that is a kind of compromise between varying views of him, I suppose. In the first HP book, Ron shows a kind of ability to be smart, and then for the next five books he diverges completely away from that. Then, back in book seven he has a couple of moments of brilliance, but nothing much to write home about. I\'m going to go ahead and commit a sin, and point this as a flaw of JKR\'s in that she took this character and turned him into something of an archetype, which I never thoroughly approved of. So here, we have a kind of compromise in that I don\'t turn Ron into a genius, but he has a kind of true grit kind of intelligence about him, and where he fails in mental capacity, he makes up for in tenacity, which is all the thinking that goes behind his Death Eater experience. Anyway, thank you again.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/13/07 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 9: In Memoria

Great chapter, the middle scene was bayond words. I hope you continue the good work and I just wish I could stay up to see where Ron is going.

Author's Response: I very much appreciate it, and was definitely worried that that middle scene might be too much. At once I had to let myself go in order to write it, and yet I worried so much that I might have gotten too graphic. In any case, everything seemed to work out quite well, and people seemed to enjoy it much, so thank you, and I\'ll catch you when you start dropping more reviews, sorry it took so long to respond to the ones you have left already!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/11/07 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 4: From Here There Be Monsters

Great chapter, I loved seeing the return of Ratbone. This is all for tonight. Keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Ratbone! Yes, many people seem to like the guy, and he even picked up a QSQ nomination for the second year in a row, so if he had the capacity to be so, he would be thrilled. I love writing both him and his brother, they both have these unique personalities that I think add a wonderful texture to the story, and their personal dynamic is one that I\'ve enjoyed since I created them, and was only too pleased to share with you. Thank you again!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 02/14/08 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 16: The Reaper

Wow, that chapter was emotionally draining, it was just what I was looking for. I loved the whole thing. I was unable to find the easter eggs but I am usually drinking while reading the Nightshades cases.

Author's Response: Well, since I\'m not sure how many people read my responses to other people\'s reviews, I\'ll let you know. This square is actually about the same place where Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny went to go shopping in One Good Day. We see Edith and Ethyl who were the old couple they nearly knocked over when they did the piggy back race, and the bookstore owner who shoos out students is the same bookstore owner from then too. Interesting thing about the book shop owner, his name is aziphaerale (I really have no clue how to spell it), a character I borrowed from Good Omens, a Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman book. He\'s an Angel, and when I\'m done with the story, I\'ll have an interesting bit of trivia and how he relates to one of the characters. As for the rest, I\'m glad it was what you were looking for. The interesting thing about this story is there\'s a lot more action in it than my previous stories. Some people seem to like the action, other\'s don\'t. I\'m glad to see you like it because there\'s plenty more where that came from (still to be written, of course).

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 02/14/08 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 17: The Pupil

Ah, The Pupil, where to start. I was loving the chapter until the AK hit Eric. That was disappointing. I did really like when Ron decided that tonight they would fight. I cannot wait for the next validation.

Author's Response: Well, I\'ll respond to the rest of the stuff later when I get a chance, but I want to repeat this as often as possible because, for once, it\'s not my fault. the next chapter was validated some time last week, but somehow got stuck in the queue as I guess a result of the data base glitch. I\'ve been keeping an eye on the most recent stories added because the mods said that they were going to try and unstick the thing, but so far it doesn\'t seem as though anything is happening in that department. It\'s just as well, thing in politics are such that I can\'t imagine when I\'ll find the time to write the chapter. Anyways, the next chapter has been written, it\'s been validated, now we\'re all just waiting around to see when it\'ll actually post, which I hope is soon. ... Okay, I\'ll answer some more stuff. As for the AK, of course I did that on purpose. I think I was going for shock, but also, he had to be killed then or else he might have given up more than I wanted him to. In fact, I know he would have. thanks for the review, and I hope the next one pops up soon.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 05/29/08 Title: Chapter 24: Epilogue: Three Years Later

Great job I want to read the essays and your fanfic will truly be missed my me and many others.

Author's Response: Thanks man. And let me apologize for taking a bit to get to your reviews; I hadn\'t gotten any reviews I started to slow down how often I checked. Just about all the essays are up and available, but it will take some hunting, to find them. I hope to be able to fix that soon, but we\'ll just have to wait until then and you\'ll have to be patient. Leave me a comment in any post if you have questions about navigating the site, and I\'ll help you tou. As for the Fanfiction, you know, I\'m going to miss it too, but what I have on the burner right now, really has me excited, and I\'m even more thrilled because I truly believe that writing these stories has given me the tools I will need to tell that story to the very best of my abilities. thank you so much.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 05/29/08 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter 22: Aftermath

great writing. one more chapter to go. I will miss your fanfic writing.

Author's Response: Thank you. Man, I\'m glad you\'ve enjoyed it up until this point. You know, after so many years and six stories, you really start to get the feeling that you have to uphold a certain standard, and you have to finish things off a certain way or you\'re going to find yourself at the wrong end of an angry mob, but I\'m really thrilled to have gotten the reaction I\'ve gotten. Thank you, and I really hope to see you around the blog soon!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 05/29/08 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 21: The Cube

Huh, interesting. To the next chapter I go. That is a great cliff-hanger.

Author's Response: You know, one thing I\'m kind of surprised is that no one is making much of a deal out of Rogan killing Ras... I kinda expected more of a reaction out of that. Still, I\'m thrilled you loved the cliff-hanger. Not sure if I could pull that off in cinema, but for literary purposes that has been yet another bit I have been dying to pull for YEARS! Thanks again.

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 05/29/08 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 20: The Master

Wow, really good chapter. Ginny was amazing. You just don't mess witha mother.

Author's Response: Heh. No, no you don\'t. That was always one of my mission statements here; make sure Ginny kicks some serious ass!

Reviewer: Jameswys Signed
Date: 10/16/07 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 11: Deeper In A Hole

This was a great chapter. I know I say that alot but every time you say you don't like the chapter I love it. I really liked how you had a maze for them to get through. I was really hoping they would make it in time. Guess that was not what you wanted to have them do. After this chapter I am now suspecting either Rathius or the minister of magic. I also liked the 'for the greater good' comment. Have you read DH yet????

Author's Response: I have read DH, and I\'m going to divulge something of a secret. I\'m pretty much over HP now. I enjoyed the stories, but I was also about as disappointed with DH as I was entertained by it, so I\'ve got mixed feelings, and strangely enough, I did not feel that kind of sadness you feel when a story ends. At any rate, I think the only reason I continue writing this story is that it is so far removed from canon at this point that to me it doesn\'t even feel much like it has to do with HP at all. As for the Wall, this was a pretty straight forward chapter, I believe, not prone to surprises, but I think we will learn in the chapter I will write after I finish the one I\'m working on something interesting there. I\'m not exactly sure. but no, I didn\'t want them to make it in time, and Igo mentioned the power of the Nightshades, and all of this and I can only say that once this story is done, I will have a lot of explaining to do, and I intend to. Thank you again!