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Lily Evans has always pushed guys away, keeping her distance away from heartbreak. If she never got too attatched, she would never get hurt.

Yet, James Potter refuses to be pushed away. Will he be the one to actually tear down Lily's walls that separate them?

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 38934 Chapters: 20 Completed: Yes
01/08/05 Updated: 05/30/05

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 2: Breaking Boundaries

I really like Erin, she reminds me of myslef at times!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 8: Realizations

Wait? Who is it that Sirius fancies then? I thought it was Erin now it looks like it is Leah... I think I like Sirius with Erin more than with Leah.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 12: Fresh Tears

I am glad that Jenna Thompson was able to realize that James and Lily were in love and that she didn't come between it. That would have made it so much more complicated, which is not good. Overall, good chapter.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 13: All For You

Oh, yes, finally! Great Ending!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 15: Not In The Plans

Why did Lily have to say that at all!? They were doing so great! This is making me mad at Ethan! Grr!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 16: Let Me Go

Why does she have to feel so insecure? We all know that she is really strong so why all of the insecurities? Sad pity, it is.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 17: Just Friends

I wanted them to get back together sooner but I guess this is all in the running. I like the game, though.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 18: Desperate Times

Yes! The three magic words were spoken!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 19: Finally

Yippie! Yay! That is all I have to say!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 06/23/07 Title: Chapter 20: Auntie Erin

1. Remus because he was so sweet, shy, sensitive and yet he was always so right when it come to romance.
2. Erin because of her spark and energy.
3. Desperate times. I really liked the ending!
4. I think it is this one from Chemistry. It really shows how well Sirius and Leah got along. **He grabbed a stray piece of toast and began nibbling on it. Simultaneously, Leah and Sirius swapped food, helping themselves to each other’s breakfasts without so much as a word.

“Did you two elope last night?” Vita blurted out. Ruby nudged her in the ribs.

“What Vita meant to say was that the two of you are acting like an old married couple,” Ruby spoke, eyeing Vita dangerously. With Leah, one needed to reel her into things. She was a very spontaneous person but hated to be rushed unless it was under her own conditions.

Sirius and Leah just smiled, letting their eyes drift across the newspaper laid out on the table.

“Figures,” Erin mumbled. “When something interesting finally happens, she won’t talk about it. Leah Graham is officially the most complicated person I have ever met.”

“Erin, have you forgotten to include our other best friend in this category?” Ruby inquired, tying her dark locks into a knot at the back of her head. “Lily Evans happens to be the most complex being to stray within the walls of Hogwarts.”

“You’re right on the money with that assumption,” Vita agreed.**
5. I hated Ethan the most! That stupid little git!
6. I haven't read it but I will and compare the two maybe at a different time.
7. I have read a lot of your other stories and they are really good! I must say that Potter's Charm is one of my favorites!


Summary: Harry's in his sixth year at Hogwarts and he's having a hard time dealing with everything on his own. He needs someone to share his feelings with...someone other than his best friends. But does the person he like like him too?

Over 10,000 reads so far! Thank you everyone!

***CHAPTER 10 is up...last chapter!

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 15039 Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes
01/09/05 Updated: 03/10/05

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/12/07 Title: Chapter 2: All I Want Is You

So, in this story, Harry didn't smash the mirror, or did he repair it or something because in the book, he smashed it in the bottom of his trunk.


I love...who? by Hermiones_Revenge
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 985]

Summary: Harry writes a love note to one person...but someone else recieves it and gets the wrong idea. From here, confusion and chaos come about. Who is really sending the notes? Who really likes who? What is going on?!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 13418 Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
01/25/05 Updated: 03/26/05

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 2: Results of a Miscomunication

Why doesn't anyone sign their names?! Ah well, it only causes more fun for the rest of us!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 3: Likely and Unlikely Pairs

Just to let you know, my questions are almost always rhetorical or just my passing thoughts. What happened to all of the supposed Gryffindor bravery? Will the notes ever get to thier true destenations? Did Neville's Gran ever recover from being ran over by clowns?

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 4: Who Would've Thought

Too good! I love your chapters!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 5: Two down...

When it said that everything was ending up in the Slytherin common room, I started laughing so hard that I had to get up from the computer desk, go downstairs (with difficultly mind you) and drink a glass of water before I could come up and read the rest of it. Then it didn't help when Malfoy got the note. So, Malfoy thinks he's beautiful?

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 6: The Plan

Ron snapped his head around to look at them. "Wait a minute," he said. " sent Malfoy a love note?" --- That line is my all time favorite of Ron (at the moment)! This story is too brilliant for words! I applaud you!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 7: Bagels

I'd like to know what happened after Ron said Very evil... or maybe I don't...

Haha, but Malfoy shouting that Harry was a pansy to Professor Snape, that was classic!

Author's Response: I think I need to re-read this story, because I don\'t remember anything that happens in it...AT ALL. But thanks for the review!

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 8: I can see clearly now (sort of)

…I think he might’ve tried to send her another note, but Ron flooed it to the Slytherins. That must be why Malfoy thinks you fancy him!” -- That sturck me as oddly funny. Now that I re-read it without everything else around it, it doesn't seem funny anymore. Oh well, it's something to remember the story by. I loved it, bravo!


Secret Admirer by VickNick
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 103]

Summary: It's nearing Valentine's day, and Hermione falls asleep in the common room again. When she wakes, she finds a gift and a number of notes from her, 'Secret Admirer'. With the given clues, will she figure out who it is, and will he be the oh-so-special-one she dreams of it being? Everyday, she receives a new clue, and everyday, she comes closer to figuring out who it is.
~* By Vicky (hermioneclone12) and Nickle. GUYS!!! The last chapter is up!! Enjoy!!

Categories: Ron/Hermione Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 8969 Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
02/04/05 Updated: 06/29/05

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/09/07 Title: Chapter 4: The Final One

It was really good. The only thing was that the two different authors writing it - the stories didn't quite match. In one it says that they were in sixth year and the other said that they were in seventh. One said Valentines day was on a Sunday and the other said that she had classes that day and was nervous. It was only minor things like that but it was those details that had me a little confused. Keep on writing!


When Harry Wasn't There by bratface0201
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 146]

Summary: So what was REALLY going on while Harry was being forced to stay at the Dursley’s? How did everyone end up at Headquarters, anyway? Will Ron ever get the courage to tell Hermione how he feels? Here’s the story of what was happening while Harry wasn’t at Number 12, Grimmauld Place that summer before fifth year. Wow! Over 6000 reads!

Categories: Ron/Hermione Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 8183 Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
04/10/05 Updated: 07/30/06

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear Signed
Date: 07/19/07 Title: Chapter 5: Just Do It!

No, he should have said it anyway! Harry already knows! :~(

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