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Um, not really sure what to say here.
I started off with an account just to read fanfics, but then I wrote a few of my own. I have only submitted one because I don't feel comfortably happy with the others.

Character: I think I am most like Luna, my Friends say all the time that I have Luna moments, and that I act like her.

I really like the outfit that Bellatrix wore in the most resent film (even if it is black)

I’m not really sure what house I would be in. Probably Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

I’m cleverish,(not really) but I hang out with really clever people so it makes me look dumb. But they are probably the funniest people I know.

They all share my love of the Harry Potter story, but none of then are as addicted to it as me.
I even asked for a wand for my birthday, I have Harry’s wand. I am saving up to buy practically everything in the recent catalogue.

I know you may think this sad but when I first read the books I wrote with a quill and ink for about four weeks, I have this large red feathered quill with a proper writing nib.
My friend even got my a proper Calligraphy set for my birthday and she decorated the box to say it was a Hogwarts Student Calligraphy set.

Such good friends I have.

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Soulmates by RonaldsGirl


No matter what obstacles lie in your way, you will always find yourself exactly where you need to be by the end of the day.

A story of fate and true love--soulmates.

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/02/08 Title: Chapter 1: That Fateful Day

That was great. You should write more.

Daddy by blondebouncingferret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Post Hogwarts: Ron and Harry are sent to America for Auror training. Ron spends his last night in England with Hermione, and after returning two years later, he finds Hermione with a fifteen-month-old baby ...
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 12/12/07 Title: Chapter 13: Epilogue

That was really good, thankyou.

Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Founders by VoldemortsPatronus

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The war is on and the only person with the power to stop Voldemort's second reign of terror is sulking alone in a cold, dark room. The unexpected arrival of an old school chum in Privet Drive jolts him to action, however, as Harry begins his most exciting year at Hogwarts. Year 6 will include a visit to the ancient village of Godric's Hollow; a first hand account of the 1000 year old quarrel that ripped Hogwarts apart; a Fred and George-style farewell to a certain ex-Minister of Magic; and the discovery of the Half-Blood Prince, a mysterious figure who holds the key to winning the war...

(And, as J.K. says, what's life without a little romance?)
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 03/25/08 Title: Chapter 1: Flight From Privet Drive

I Think that was one of the best FanFics I have read so far. I really got stuck into it, it was definatly worthy of a J.K plotline. I just could not stop reading it, i got told off for staying up so late one night because i wouldn't turn off my laptop. thankyou for giving me some enjoyable reading, I think you, just when i am feeling upset that there are no more books I read smoething like that and it Makes me feel alot better. there is someone else who wants more and I have a chance to read more.

I do hope you continue writing more stories because you are a very acomplished writer.



Tears of a Shadow by Eponine

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: After falling behind the veil, Sirius travels through a world of nightmares...

~ ~ ~

”Sirius…” Sirius blinks. He cranes his neck to look behind him.


A shiver runs up his spine as if a cold, dead finger is stroking it

"Who’s there?!” he calls out to the voice, spinning clockwise to try and catch a glimpse of whatever it is.

“Sirius Black…”

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 02/13/08 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

Please write more

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! This is just a one-shot, so I don\'t think I\'m going to write any more of this idea (maybe I\'ll rewrite it sometime), but I do have one other one-shot, one novella and one work in progress novel! Thanks for the review! Eponine

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! This is just a one-shot, so I don\'t think I\'m going to write any more of this idea (maybe I\'ll rewrite it sometime), but I do have one other one-shot, one novella and one work in progress novel! Thanks for the review! Eponine

The Yule Ball Argument by Hermione Weasley_Ginny Potter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A short, one-shot ficlet, basically my own version of the Yule Ball argument between Ron and Hermione, with a little extra touch in the end, which I know you’ll all love ;). Please Read and Review!
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/01/08 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

I love it. It is better when they are together.

Jezebel by Black Pearl

Rated: Professors •
Summary: One mistake caused her years of abuse and neglect, until she finally finds something to hold on to. A promise, a soul, a “guilty pleasure”. But when she’s found out, will she receive the title Jezebel? Will anyone ever know what goes on behind closed doors? A story of pain, healing, and a forbidden love. Rated ‘R’.
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 08/30/07 Title: Chapter 10: Epilogue

I have to say that was very good, I thought you managed to put the mors horrifying parts in without having to go into detail as not to upset anyone. I think you are a wonderfull writer. Well done, do you have any other stories?

Hermione's House by Hermione Weasley_Ginny Potter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Hermione and Harry usually go to the Burrow during the summer, but during the summer after Harry’s sixth year, Ron, Harry, and Ginny go to Hermione’s house instead, and teenage hormones decide to rage. This fic is its own, and completely ignoring everything that happened in HBP. Please read and review!
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/01/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Arrival

Great, I love It. I have to say that all your likes and dislikes are the same as mine, Is there anyway I could get your email. You seem like a cool friend to have . I would love to have a chat. don't worrey, I'm not a peodaphile (if you spell it like that) I'm only 15.

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/01/08 Title: Chapter 4: Awkward

I Love It. That Was Great, I love the ones that work out.

A Child's Gift by WinkeeJR

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Draco wanted to get away. He needed to get away from all the things that reminded him everyday of the mistakes he had made and the one he had lost. He found the perfect spot too, a small town in Wyoming, USA, a place called Nowhere. A perfect name as far as he was concerned. Magic, fate has a way of finding you no matter where you go though.
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 10/08/07 Title: Chapter 28: Feverish

Please write more, I am really enjoying this story. You are an excelent writer amd I cannot wait until the next chapter is Validated

Author's Response: Thank you.

You're Beautiful by Hermione Weasley_Ginny Potter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is a post-Hogwarts songfic to You're Beautiful by James Blunt. Hermione has lost touch with Ron and Harry, but the two men are still tight. As Ron is making his way to work, will he come across something from his past? Could this be a last chance to reconnect with Hermione, or will he realize that she is lost forever?
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/01/08 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

It is very well matched to the song and HP And very well written, but as usuall for me i like it when R and H are together.

I'll Be There for You by HG4evur

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: It's after the final battle. Many have died. A Marriage Act has been placed upon the wizarding world. Harry's got his eye in on a certain red-head!
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 11/15/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Please write more, I am dying to find out what happens next

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 10/08/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

please continues

Skeletons in the Closet by Merlynne

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Centered around Draco Malfoy seven years after the Last Battle and his graduation from Hogwarts. He is working for the Order of the Phoenix and finds himself feeling out of place and more than a little useless. He cannot escape the things he's done or the people he used to care for. As Draco attempts to turn a new page, he is introduced to a witch who will have considerable impact on him. Contains some romance, ships too numerous to mention all of--Draco/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione for starters.

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/03/08 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

Very good, Hooked definately

Adventures in Courtship by SunDevil05

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: The war is over. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley finally have the chance for the happiness they've been craving. But, with Harry recovering from the war and Ginny back in school, can they finally have the relationship they've always wanted?

******Higher rating just to be safe.

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 09/19/07 Title: Chapter 21: Epilogue - A New Adventure Begins

Please write more soon, I am really enjoying it. Love the story.

Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 05/24/07 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter Fourteen – Accusations and Night Time Conversations

You are such a good writer, you must write more I am dying to know what happens next. Please consider writing more!

A Multicolored Bloom of Possibility by self named harry potter freak

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Starting from that dreadful day at Dumbledore's funeral, Ginny has been endlessly waiting to see Harry again. Two years pass without word and Ginny starts to lose faith that Harry will ever come back to her, since he has not done so since the fall of Voldemort. Then an unexpected visitor arrives at Ginny's new flat, causing all Ginny thought she knew to be put into question.

So Sorry about the huge and inexcuseable wait for chappie 5. It's in the queue now 8/19/07.
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 10/13/07 Title: Chapter 5: The Flower’s Petals

mooooooooooore please I love it

Author's Response: when i find time to breathe in between my school work and my almost nonexistant social life, i\'ll have another update for you, i promise :]

Realizing It's Never Too Late by Gryffindor Girl

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After taking different paths a couple of years ago, Ron and Hermione find each other again, both of them wondering if their separation was a mistake. This applies especially to Hermione, who is leading an empty, unhappy life next to her fiance.

UPDATE (12/7/11): Newest chapter posted. Let us hope next one doesn't take me a year.
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 01/14/08 Title: Chapter 7: Appointments and Engagements

You're right, here I am writting you a review. I am really into this story, all I can say is that i hope it has the right ending. I love your style of writing, very unique. You have done Harry Potter World Proud.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m blushing... I hope you like what\'s coming up next!

To Love and Back Again by jillybeans

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Harry places his thoughts into Dumbledore’s Pensieve in hope to save Ron and Hermione’s relationship. Ron and Hermione delve into the Pensieve and revive essential moments of their Hogwarts experience starting with the day they met. This is a riveting tale, casting Ron and Hermione to the past as they unwind time and memories. As they unfold time will their hearts dare to let each other in? Or is the past too hard to bear?
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 09/29/07 Title: Chapter 8: Those Fools who Love

That was very good, I cannot understand how you can come up with such good ideas.

Author's Response: It just popped in i suppose. Thank you very much for your review :D appreciated.

This is NOT About by FelicisQuill

Rated: Professors •
Summary: One of Ron and Hermione's infamous arguments in Gryffindor Tower gets slightly out-of-hand, leading to complication, confusion, and an unexpected apology. But conquering their feelings becomes only the first in a series of battles the two must face.
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 10/17/07 Title: Chapter 2: Checkmate

Please write more, it is so good, for lack of complicated words, I don't no how to describe it. I love the fanfics where Ron and Hermione are together. Mmm joy.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! More will be added at a later date.

Dream Come True by rupertgrintlover13

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: This is the story that every good Harry Potter fan wants to come true. I hope that I do it justice. Harry has Ginny. Ron has Hermione. Life is sweet…no catch. It’s the perfect dream come true.

It's all full of fluff and pixie dust!

All review get a response!
Reviewer: Pandapoo Signed
Date: 09/04/07 Title: Chapter 4: The Wrath of Mrs. Weasley

awwwwww please write about the weddings, it is soo good, do you have any other fan fics?

Author's Response: I have four total fanfics. I have Ron\'s New Life, The Trouble With Healers, and Lily\'s Neverending Wait on top of Dream Come True. You should check them out! Thanks for the review!