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So I'm finally filling in this bio - it's only taken me about a year... :P :)

Among my favorites are Harry Potter, poetry, writing, anything equine (that is, having to do with horses), mac and cheese, books, music, the violin, the Ron/Hermione ship (along with Harry/Ginny and Lily/James), rainy days, and chocolate. I got hooked on HP when I stole the first book out of my brother's room when I was 5 years old. I have too many favorite characters to count. I found MNFF while clicking around Mugglenet one day and have been addicted ever since.

When God gave out brains, I thought he said trains, so I asked for a slow, small one :)

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Open and Close by lilyevans489

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The feud between Slytherin and Gryffindor has broken many friendships. But only two have changed wizarding history.

Godric and Salazar.

Lily and Severus.

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 12/29/07 Title: Chapter 1: Open and Close

Oh, I love it! I loved how you put lines from the books in, and I also really liked the way "Like a Slytherin, hate a Gryffindor" gradually changed. This is a really good poem, keep them coming! :)


Author's Response: Thanks! That Slytherin/Griffindor thing was actually hard. I wanted to put something in between the last two, but i gave up. I\'m ramabling again... Thanks!

Eternity by Secret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Deep within the ruins of Godric Hollow, scattered among the fragmented remains of what had been, lies the tale of the end.

A Lily/James one-shot.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 01/13/08 Title: Chapter 1: Eternity

Oh my gosh! YAY! I am sooo extremely happy right now, I had been searching for this story for AGES but I couldn't find it. This was the first fan fiction I ever read! This is beautifully written, it still gives me chills. Its going on my favorites.

Fighting Otter by voldiegirl

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Hermione is being tortured into speaking in the Malfoy Manor during Deathly Hallows. Hermione's pep talk to herself not to give away her best friend's secrets.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 01/14/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Wow! I love it. Great job with the ryhming. I especially loved the last couple lines.

Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love good reviews! :D

Her Father's Girl by KASK

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Ron makes mistakes. He loses his way and drifts off path. But he always fixes it. Coming home on Christmas Eve, he hopes this will be the same. But will Hermione forgive him? Can Rose?

I am kask of Slytherin for the ' Winter's Tales: By The Fireside' prompt.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 01/22/08 Title: Chapter 1: Her Father's Girl

Amazing! I absolutely loved it! You did a great job of describing Hermione's love for her children - and Ron. I loved the bit where Ron kisses her and Hermione goes back to their first kiss and the emotions she felt then. I adored the ending.
Amazing job. *adds to favorites*

Author's Response: Thanks!

The Defenestration of James Potter by hlf_insn_insmnc

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Dumbledore has a very good idea. True, it may be termed as 'illegal,' but when it concerns the happiness and futures of two sixth-years, James Potter and Lily Evans, 'illegal' isn't really important, is it? His portraits agree.

And while it could be said that two inexperienced students should never be responsible for a mass construction project and the hosting of an international festival... well, the teachers of Hogwarts have never really paid attention to propreity, have they?
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 03/26/08 Title: Chapter 1: Defenestration

I love it! GAFHBW - that made me laugh out loud. Very well written, everyone seems very in character, and I love the way it's unfolded so far. *clicks add to favorites button* Wonderful job, keep writing!

Luna's Poems by Trivia Camlee

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Why was Luna sorted into Ravenclaw? Perhaps her nonsense has more meaning; there is more to her than meets the eye. Luna's Poems: a look inside some of her thoughts.

The last one, Morning Dawn, is up! It's my favorite of the four :)
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 03/25/08 Title: Chapter 1: Can you measure it?

Oh, I loved it! *adds to favorites* That was just so...so...Luna-ish. :) I especially loved these couple of lines -

I realise that laughter
Is the feeling of sitting on a windswept hill,
With the countryside spread out below you.

I loved the ending, too. Great job, keep writing! *is off to read the next Luna poem*.


Author's Response: Thank you so much (blushes and smiles)! Your comments made me smile, and those lines are some of my favorites too.

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 03/25/08 Title: Luna's Poems

Once again - beautiful poem! Keep them coming!


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing both!! (If I could, I would give you gummy bears for being my first reviewer on my second poem). I have just submitted the next poem in this series, so I think it will be up soon! Thanks again!

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 04/05/08 Title: Luna's Poems

That was absolutely amazing *is amazed* I loved the subject and how Luna was wondering about her mother. The bit where you described Luna's hair/eyes was beautiful and very descriptive. I also loved this bit:

I shout your name
But all I get back-

Is the echo,
Lonely and Hollow;
The space inside of me,
where you are absent.

And you faint away into the bliss.

The ending was great, too.
Once again, this is an amazing poem; I really enjoyed reading all of these. Keep writing!

*wishes she could write poems as amazing as these*

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your reviews and comments! *is overwhelmed by your kind words and reviews* I\'m really glad you like the subject and poem; I wanted to try a more serious subject, while hopefully still keeping it Luna-ish.\r\n\r\nWriting is addictive, so I have three other poems I plan to submit, along with three stories, one that is about Luna.\r\nThank you again for your reviews! I have so much fun reading them :)\r\n\r\n(By the way, you have written an amazing poem, in my opinion: \"Love behind the veil\" was touching and sweet) :)

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 04/02/08 Title: Chapter 2: My field

I cannot find the words to tell you how much I loved that poem. *adores poem* The ending, especially, was superb. I loved this line:

I tell mother nature my secrets,
Ask her my questions.

It was amazing. All of your poems just sound so much like Luna, and I imagine it's hard to get her in character, but you did a fantastic job.

*is impatient waiting for Luna Poem #4*

Author's Response: Thanks so much! *smiles happily at the reviews from you* I\'m glad Luna sounds in character; it\'s a lot of fun to write from her perspective, seeing as she has so many different traits I can choose from. \r\n\r\nNumber four is in the queue, and hopefully will be validated! It is more focused on one moment in Luna\'s life, and is my favorite; probably because I explore more of one thought...\r\n\r\nThanks again for your comments; they made my evening!

A Letter to Remember by ink_daughter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A cute poem about an eleven-year-old expecting her Hogwarts letter.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 04/02/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Very First Letter

Erm...did I hear that right? This is your *first* poem?

This was lovely! You really captured the anxiousness/excitement very very well. The rhyming was very well done, also (especially compared to mine - :) ).

The only thing that was a little off was the rhythm, in some places. But that's the only bit of criticism I have.

You did a great job with this, keep writing!


Author's Response: Thank you very much! And yes, I did realize that it was off a bit, but thanks! I considered fixing it, especially the end, but decided to leave it. Again, thank you for reviewing!

In the Light by Trivia Camlee

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A green light can pierce your soul, heart, and, in Petunia's case, mind. My interpretation of Petunia's reaction to Lily's death.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 04/23/08 Title: Chapter 1: Remember when the light comes

*wipes away tears*
*whips out review-writing pen*

I'm back! And I'm delighted to see that you've written another *amazing* poem!
I really liked this. I think you did a wonderful job of describing how Petunia must have felt when she heard the news. I loved the repetition of 'remember', and the bit about how Lily died with the neon green and Harry lives with crystal green light. The ending was superb too, I really loved it.

The weird thing about this poem is that it sounds eerily similar to a poem I wrote about a friend who died. 0_0

Wonderful poem! Keep them coming!


Author's Response: First, I\'m very sorry about your friend. :(\r\nSecond, thank you so much; your comments mean a lot to me! I\'m really glad that you enjoyed it. \r\nThe neon vs. crystal was my favorite part to write, so I\'m glad you liked that as-well!\r\n\r\nThank you again!\r\n\r\n\r\nOnce again, thank you!

One-Way Street by Nymphea

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Sequel to A Different Kind of Love: Lily's response to James' letter saying he loves her.
Part of me wants to say, please, let’s just be friends and forget what we’ve written to each other—these moments are too precious to risk spoiling them. But I know enough of the world to know that time is a one-way street. Forward is the only direction we can go.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 08/06/08 Title: Chapter 1: One-Way Street

Ah! What a perfect ending! I read James' letter a while ago, but I'm so glad you wrote one from Lily, too! They're both so sweet and yet realistic; it isn't your typical Lily and James. You did a great job writing this; keep them coming!

Author's Response: Sweet, realistic, and atypical--those three compliments mean a lot to me. I almost didn't write Lily's response because her feelings are so ambivalent at this point, but I'm glad I figured out a way to do it. Thank you so much for your review!

Bad for Me by KASK

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: James wasn't good for Lily. She knew that. But sometimes, it's not that easy.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 07/29/08 Title: Chapter 1: Bad for Me

Yay! Another James and Lily one-shot from you, one of my favorite authors! And you're so brilliant at writing them! *clicks add to favorites*
I really enjoyed this one, great job. It was sweet and intriguing, and James and Lily were both so in character (but then they always are in your fics). Really, this is how I've always felt that Lily and James got together - she fell for the 'bad boy', as you put it.
I particularly like how Lily could see how James really was a good person, but he still had his faults - it's not like James reached seventh year and was all of the sudden this wonderful, perfect person and Lily can't help but fall in love with him, as it is in some other fics. I really must agree with Mistletoe down there, it is more realistic your way and more fun to read.
Anyways, great job with this one, I really do love it. Keep them coming! They're all wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Your review made my day!

My Boys by inspirations

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: This is my account of how a magical family suffered during the witch-hunting period in Britain.

Possible death is mentioned.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 10/18/08 Title: Chapter 1: My Boys

Wow. This is really, really good. The story flowed really nicely and was very suspenseful - it kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen. You had me scared that Louisa was going to die for a minute there! But I like that you gave the story a happy ending. I almost felt like the ending was a little rushed, actually, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, this is a fantastic story and I hope to read more of your work soon.


Author's Response: Oooh - thanks for the lovely review. I'm pleased I had you on the edge of your seat - I can't be too bad if I managed that. :) lol. I agree with you: the story is slightly hurried. To be honest, I think all my stories are. When I have the time I'll go back and give them all a good edit. I think this one is worthy of a few chapters at least - I could slowly build it up, and this chapter would be the climax. But less hurried. Anyway, thanks again. x

Decisions by Cwiddy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Tonks has a decision to make, the end result leaves her mother to raise her son.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 08/01/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is an amazing poem. It gave me chills and actually brought a tear to my eye. I feel so bad for Andromeda, losing almost her whole family. I can't even think of any concrit for this; the meter was good, the rhyming perfect. And those last two lines were amazing, brining the poem to a very nice close. I loved this poem and hope to read more of your poetry.
*clicks add to favorites button*
Keep writing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. :) Very high praise and much appreciated. Poetry is my favorite category to write (if you can't tell!) Tonks and Remus are my favorite ship, too, so you find them a lot, too.

A Solution to Everything by Viv

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: One rainy night, two individuals.

A woman who has had her share of difficulties in life. A boy whose life has just begun, but who is already scarred forever by two unfortunate deaths.

Can they help each other to patch up the missing parts and rebuild a shattered existence?

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 07/13/09 Title: Chapter 1: A Solution to Everything

Wow. Just...wow. This was really beautifully written. You did such a great job portraying Andromeda's emotions: her grief over losing her husband and daughter, her anxiousness over Teddy, and her determination to protect him. And I agree with LizzyT down there - I think it's definitely realistic that she would blame Remus, but I'm glad that in the end she realized it wasn't his fault. You really showed the devastation that war brings, but you also showed that there is healing in the end. (I loved the ending, by the way; that last line was perfect.)


Uncertainty Defined Those Moments by Nymphea

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: I swear, there must have been twenty people at my wedding like this: giving me a playful shove, they lean in conspiratorially and whisper in my ear, “Congratulations, Lil…I knew you’d give in to him eventually!”—only when it’s an older person talking the playful shove becomes a pinch of the cheek, and I am invariably referred to as “dearie”.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 01/02/11 Title: Chapter 1: Uncertainty Defined Those Moments

This story has actually been on my favorites for a long time, and I just came back and reread it and couldn't believe that I didn't leave a review for such a wonderful piece. You are once of my favorite Lily/James authors; I feel like you really "get" Lily and James, if you know what I mean - their characters as well as their relationship. In each section of the story their voices are so clear, well-defined, and realistic. I especially loved this line from Lily - "I didn't give in to him. I fell in love with him." You did a great job of contradicting the usual "Lily hates James, James has a complete personality change and Lily immediately falls in love with him" story line and instead showing that both of them have grown and changed in their own way. The ending was very poignant and affecting. While I was reading it I almost wished that it had ended after Lily's line about a happy ending, as that is so poignant in itself, but I realize that might seem rather abrupt and I did like the poetry that you included at the end. Anyways, I've just about written an essay here so I probably need to wrap it up - I'll finish by saying, once again, that this is a lovely one-shot and I'm really glad that I re-discovered it. :) ~Vivian

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate all your lovely comments :) I haven't written much what with school and everything, but hopefully I'll have more time in the next few weeks!

Friendship Will Endure by ginnygirl16

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Known throughout their later school years as the Marauders. Notorious for pranking even the most proper professors and popular students. Friends until the end.

But when a conflict arises during third year, will the boys be able to put aside their feelings and remain friends?

This is the events that followed the Gryffindor Quidditch try-outs of 1973.

This is ginnygirl16 from Slytherin writing my final for the MWPP: The Truth Revealed class.
Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 09/05/09 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

I'm here to leave a review for our wonderful SOTM! ;)

This was a great little one shot! It was fun to read, and realistic, too. I can totally see the Marauders getting into a fight about a spot on the Quidditch team, but I liked how there were deeper reasons behind why they were all so upset; Remus never getting anything good because of his "condition", Sirius' horrible family, and Peter always being ignored. That's another thing I loved about this story; you actually gave Peter a voice. I've read a lot of Marauder-era stories where Peter only ever has one or two lines and virtually no part in the story, but you did a great job of incorporating him. And I loved how Professor McGonagall helped them make up in the end.
O.K., so this review is kind of long and rambling, sorry. But I loved your one-shot! Great job! :)


Author's Response: Thank you for the awesome review Vivian! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and my characterizations! I'm working on a couple other Marauder Era fics right now and really enjoying the characters so I'm pleased that you like how I have portrayed them! ~ginnygirl16~

It Must Be Love by jenny b

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
There are many great and wonderful things in the world, but the greatest of all is perhaps love. And there is certainly no shortage of it within the Wizarding World.

For Elle.

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221 Signed
Date: 09/06/09 Title: Chapter 1: It Must Be Love

This story made me go "Aww!" out loud several times. I loved it! And I loved how it was kind of chronological, starting off will Arthur and Molly (all the little Weasley lads were just too cute) and ending with Rose and Scorpius (Scorpius's little speech about donating money to Hermione's "house elf thing" made me laugh).

"Accidentally knocking over someone’s owl, Teddy stopped only long enough to pick up the cage and apologise profusely before running over to her."

I loved how Teddy inherited his mother's clumsiness!

I especially liked the Ron/Hermione moment - the characterization was spot on. The Harry/Ginny one was great, too, though bittersweet knowing they'd break up not long after.

I can't even really think of any critique for this. You did a great job of making it romantic and happy without being too fluffy - well done.

*adds to favorites*


Author's Response: I did my best to make it as chronological as possible - in the beginning I was going to have things that linked every relationship, but that proved to be too hard so I settled for a timeline. ;) The Ron/Hermione was personally my favourite, so I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for a wonderful review, Vivian!