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Summary: Past Featured StoryWhat does Lord Voldemort do in his spare time? Well, that's an excellent question. Who would have known that the Dark Lord has a blog? (He also has a loyal following of readers, most of whom are Death Eaters and who post their comments.) Voldemort dispenses advice on everything from murder methods to germ protection to Power Rangers to shoes, and gives an account of the life of an evil overlord. But is he posting too much personal information online? And will Harry read it and find out more about the Dark Lord than Voldemort ever intended? Read and see.

WARNING: Extremely OOC behaviour from almost all.

RUNNER-UP in the 2007 Quicksilver Quills Awards for Best Humour fic! Also nominated like 21 times, because apparently my readers are as insane as I am!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 12002 Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
09/23/06 Updated: 12/04/06

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 07/02/07 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

That was sooooo funny, even though I didn't understand half of what BL said. (That's Bellatrix Lestrange by the way.) I love your fic, it was so funny. (Hang on, I've said that. OOPS!) You are great at humor fics, your hufflepuff ice cream fic was hillarious. Very orginal. Well, ok. Um..bye!! :)

Author's Response: Hey thank you so much! ^_^ I actually submitted the ice cream one because I\'m insane... it\'s probably good that you couldn\'t understand Bella-- it means you\'re intelligent and don\'t waste your time with people who blabber in netspeak!


Rated: [Reviews - ]


Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/26/07 Title: None

Update soon!

Author's Response: I plan on it, but i have alot of Honors classes this year, and school comes first.


Draco, The Babysitter by mgle_teacher
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 475]

Summary: After a potion goes awry, Draco finds himself as the newly appointed babysitter of one Hermione Granger, age: 4. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, his wand is confiscated by Potter and he is forced to do everything the dreaded Muggle way.

Note to my readers: This story has been on hiatus forever due to a variety of factors. I do hope to finish it some day, but don't hold your breath. Also, this is NOT a Dramione nor will I change it to be one. Lastly, I am in the process of rewriting this story so bear with me.

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded

Word count: 16519 Chapters: 11 Completed: No
11/15/06 Updated: 10/22/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/25/07 Title: Chapter 8: Structure and Routine

I like it so far.

Author's Response: Thanks!


Summary: "Some mistakes are too much fun to make just once."

After Lily Evans, Head Girl of Hogwarts, starts a food-fight with James Potter, Head Boy of Hogwarts, they are both given detention for the rest of the year, and are assigned a 'detention journal', which the staff say will help to settle their 'overwhelming and disturbing differences'. We have come across Lily's journal; her take on why the whole affair ever started, her intriguing relationship with one ‘supreme git of the galaxy’, the extents to which she will go for revenge and where it will lead her...

"And if for some unknown reason you come across this, Potter, and the paragraph above does not manage to penetrate your unusually thick head and convince you of my stupendous dislike of you, I hope the following sentence helps: I HATE YOU!"

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations

Word count: 46326 Chapters: 15 Completed: No
11/29/06 Updated: 09/18/11

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 10/15/07 Title: Chapter 10: Twentieth detention...and I'm starting over

Awwww! Cute! I like the James/Lily action... finally! *giggles*
P.S: Are you from Brazil? I'm half brazillian.

Author's Response: First, thanks for the review. And yes, I am brazilian. Half anyway. My mom is. My dad\'s from Massachusets...That\'so you live in Brazil...?


"It Unscrews The Other Way" by Pussycat123
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 112]

Summary: The line that probably best describes the legacy that the Weasley twins left behind after their Great Escape, during Umbridge’s brief rein at Hogwarts. Their legend lasted years afterwards ... but eventually, the only permanent physical reminder was the roped off corner of one corridor, containing a small part of swamp. The mystery of its origins is merely smiled at reminiscently by teachers, and the students can do nothing but spread rumours of how it came to be. When little Janey Weasley starts life at Hogwarts, the mystery is still unsolved. On a whim, and desperate for recognition, she writes home to her father, asking how it came to be. When Ron replies with the true story, a chain of events begins that might just be the making of the next true Hogwarts mischief legend ...

**One-Shot, Post Hogwarts** Now available as AudioFiction Episode #95!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded

Word count: 3302 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/07/06 Updated: 12/08/06

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/25/07 Title: Chapter 1: "It Unscrews The Other Way"


Author's Response: =D I\'m glad!


So She Dances by Starmaiden
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 24]

Summary: After the Yule Ball, Neville goes back to the Great Hall to retrieve his coat. Instead, he finds Ginny Weasley, dancing with no partner but her sadness.

Categories: Other Pairing Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1322 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/28/07 Updated: 02/06/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 07/25/07 Title: Chapter 1: So She Dances

I'd just like to say that I really liked this story; it had such a heart-warming plot and the description was lovely.

It seemed to Neville that the number of furtive glances crossing between the boys and the girls was even higher than usual.

I really liked this point because it created atmosphere; boys and girls really would send more furtive glances to one another after a ball. This point made me feel as though I was in the room with them (boys and girls that is).

...who could dance, what to wear —

His coat was still in the Great Hall.

I thought this statement was a little confusing. Neville wasn't in speech and it wasn't clear to me that the statement beforehand was his thoughts; it seemed to be just general description/explanation, so I his coat was a little foggy.

Perhaps: He waded through the common room, trudged up to his room, and sat on his bed with a sigh of relief. The Ball was over. No more endless discussions about who to ask, he thought, or what girls were better-looking, which ones might say yes, who could dance, what to wear —

His coat was still in the Great Hall.

I think that this way, you know straight away whose coat has been left in the Great Hall.

irl stood silhouetted before one of the high windows, her dress robes floating around her.

I thought that this description was amazing. The words silhouetted and floating really make Ginny seem to be some sort of "Angel" or "Princess". It's a clever technique of making Ginny appear to be more beautiful than she is, though she is very beautiful, because the reader assumes that she is angelically beautiful when she might not be.

was only a desire, though; he was sure that she would never forgive him for spying on her.

I thought this was typically Neville; he was nervous and he jumped to conclusions. He isn't optimistic in this scene because instead of thinking that she would thank him for dancing with her, he thinks she will never forgive him for spying on her. I thought he was very in character.

desperation, Neville blurted, “I’m sorry I asked you to the Ball.”

Ginny did look at him this time, puzzled and a little hurt. Flushing, he stumbled to correct his mistake. “I mean — I’m sorry I asked before Harry did.”

Ginny turned bright red. “No — he — I — he wasn’t really going to ask. He might have, but it wasn’t because he wanted to go with me, it was because he didn’t have a date.”

I thought that both Neville and Ginny were in character in this scene; Neville was apologising for something that he didn't need to apologise for and Ginny was spilling out her emotions to him, meaning that she trusted him. I thought that this was an important scene for Neville/Ginny story because you can sense the tension in-between them.

Only one thing came to Neville, and he blurted it out before he could take it back as a bad idea.

“Do you want to dance?”

Ginny looked at him for a long moment. His eyes pleaded for her approval, for the chance to help her.

Neville looked at her sad brown eyes, the tearstains on her young face. The tiny smile that wavered bravely.


I thought that this scene showed a brave Neville that only comes out occasionally. He must really like Ginny to be brave enough to ask her this when we usually only see this side of him when he's fighting Death Eaters or the Dark Arts. In my eyes, Neville feels that Ginny is the only important thing to him at this time and he wants to cheer her up because he can't bear to see her unhappy.

One tiny suggestion, that isn’t very important so don’t worry. You use blurted twice so maybe you could change one of them to divulged or uttered.

One other tiny thing on that quote. I think that grammatically, this sentence works better.

Neville looked at her sad brown eyes, the tearstains on her young face, the tiny smile that wavered bravely.

If you start a new sentence, the smile is separated from the rest of the statement. This is minor so I wouldn't worry about it.

After a few minutes, Neville heard her give a little choking sound. He did the only thing he could think of and pulled her into his arms to let her cry on his shoulder. She was a wonderful girl, and he would be there for her, though he would never ask her out. He held her for a long time.

I thought that this tied into the rest of the story. Neville was the sweet boy everyone thought he was and Ginny just melted into his arms. This just makes it seem as if they are perfect for each other. I liked the way that Neville simply accepted that he couldn't be her boyfriend but he could be her friend. He could hold her when she was upset and if she did get together with Harry, he could be there to give her his utmost support.

The moon was not visible from his window, but he left the curtains open anyway, so he could look out at the unreachable stars.

Although it had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of story, I thought that this was the perfect ending.

As for the song, I thought it tied in with the story perfectly.

In conclusion, I thought that was a very well written, heart-felt story. It certainly makes you think about whether Neville and Ginny are a match :D . Both Neville and Ginny are in character and it is amazing atmospherically. I loved it. So Starmaiden, keep up the good work!

~ JoJo... :)

Author's Response: Oh, wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this! I will definitely look into changing some of those grammatical things. Some of them were deliberate, for the sake of style, but it\'s a fine line between stylistic and just plain ungrammatical. Hee. You caught the fact that the line about the \"unreachable stars\" doesn\'t have anything to do with anything else. I had to go back and put the part about the moon in to make it work (since the moon featured a bit in the Great Hall), but it worked nicely. I really got to like Neville after writing so much about him. He is loyal, intelligent in some areas, and very caring. He\'s also a Gryffindor, so I really looked to find his courage. It\'s a much quieter kind of bravery -- like standing up to your friends who are sneaking out in the middle of the night. He has the courage to do what is right. You\'re very right about him supporting Ginny, even if she does date Harry. Neville would be there to see her through.


Summary: Fifth in the Janey Weasley series – and this time we hear from Janey’s middle child, Tillie.
She is eleven years old. Her sister, Day, is fifteen, and she also has a seven-year-old brother called Nicky. Due to leave for Hogwarts at the end of the summer, Tillie is utterly perplexed. She can’t imagine life without her sweet, innocent (it seems) little brother to look after, or her carefree, happy mother to look up to. But as the inevitable grows closer, Tillie will soon have to accept that time will wait for no one ... Note: Don’t worry, I haven’t cheated you out of Janey’s wedding – all will be revealed!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded

Word count: 6199 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/28/07 Updated: 04/06/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/25/07 Title: Chapter 1: Janey Weasley-Springs; My Mother

Like it.

Author's Response: Thanks.


Restricted by Grace has Victory
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 32]

Summary: A boy. A girl. A problem. A complication. Several cliches. A resolution. A twist. The H/Hr ship that sails because all H/Hr ships have sunk. (Parody.)

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1793 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
05/08/07 Updated: 05/10/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 05/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Restricted

I am so sorry but I am unsure of which year this story takes place. 5th year, 6th year and 7th year.

Author's Response: They mention that it is their NEWT (seventh) year, i.e. 2025. GhV


Last Kiss by HarrynHermione_06
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 14]

Summary: He'd never forget that day. He'd never forget, and he'd never forgive himself for letting it happen. What happens when the thing you care about most is taken away from you in one mistake? Based on the Pearl Jam song Last Kiss.

Categories: Harry/Hermione Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 1985 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
05/26/07 Updated: 06/08/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 10/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Last Kiss

so sad. i burst ino tears.


How to Hold Sway by lucilla_pauie
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 27]

Summary: What if Hermione was in Slytherin? Would things have changed?

I don’t think so.

She would be a Slytherin Princess, still as golden, only more cunning and less conventional.

In this story, let her teach you in gaining influence over the very people who crave it.

LucillaJoanna of Hufflepuff is here playing Lachesis for the May One-Shot Challenge...

...And won Second Place!

(Rating only for mild language)

Categories: Alternate Universe Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 3931 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
05/30/07 Updated: 05/30/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/30/07 Title: Chapter 1: Still as golden

Hello Twin!

I read this a couple fo weeks ago, but I forgot to review. *headdesk* Anyway, I loved it.

~ Jojo aka Twin.

Author's Response: thanks, twin! *headdesk* so late response, hehe. ^_^ anyway, i did thank you by email. i\'m just making it public...


Feel the Moment by Just Tink
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 7]

Summary: All Tally wanted to do was join the Department of Magical Catastrophes. But in order to conjure the necessary Patronus, Tally has to remember her perfect moment, a moment that she has kept hidden from the world... until now.

Written for the June One-Shot Challenge by Just Tink of Hufflepuff. AU Warning for unusual nature of Patronus.

Categories: Historical Genre: Warnings: Alternate Universe

Word count: 1141 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
06/11/07 Updated: 06/12/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 07/06/07 Title: Chapter 1: Feel the Moment

I loved it. I thought it was great the way made it a little AU, with James Turner, and James Potter at the end.
I just thought I'd let you know, James (Potter) is pureblood, and he can't be if Tally is muggle-born. Hang on, but- *checks summary* That's undre the AU warning *slaps head*. Ok, that was completely pointless.
I think I'll stick to "this story was fab!"
~JoJo... :)

Author's Response: thanks! Glad you liked it, and thanks for the review!


Summary: Ever wondered why Florean Fortescue was taken by the Death Eaters?

Lord Voldemort is on the quest to find the best, evilest flavour of ice cream, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

This is a very short, very silly and quite OOC little one-shot written as consolation for the fact that "E-Journal" is on hiatus. It's based on a prompt given to me by the ridiculously talented Inigoenigma.

Nominated for Best Humour fic in the Quicksilver Quills awards!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1504 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
06/30/07 Updated: 07/06/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/02/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One and Only!

I remember reading this first on I Challenge Thee and I loved it. I still do.

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks! I Challenge Thee is a wonderful writing tool sometimes...


Angel by Hansolohpfrk
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 36]

Summary: Who would've thought that a little girl could bring two people together? One day, Lily is asked to babysit her best friend's sister, Rose. When James Potter volunteers to help, what will come of it? **COMPLETE**

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 4355 Chapters: 3 Completed: No
07/01/07 Updated: 07/26/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 08/03/07 Title: Chapter 3: May You Find Some Comfort Here

What a wonderful plot! It was so good. Everyone was in character and the descritption was amazing. I loved the ending, even though it was kinda sad. But all J/L fics are like that. Really good.
~ Jojo... :)


I Love You This Much by MagEd
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 162]

Summary: This is the story of a boy and a girl. And a boy. This is the story of love returned and unreturned, of friendship gone dry, and of the things people will do for love. This is the story of James Potter and Lily Evans and Severus Snape. *two-shot*

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 14077 Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
08/06/07 Updated: 09/02/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 10/21/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Well, this was up to your usual writing standard (I love Someone To Watch Over Me as well) and (of course) I loved it. It fitted together with the plot in DH perfectly, and I like how you show a definate James/Lily relationship, but still making it realistsic. And nobody was OOC! One of favourite stories. Congrats!

Author's Response: This is my baby, one of my favorite pieces thus far. I\'m glad you liked it! One of my biggest aims was definitely to create an unquestionable James/Lily romance. I hate also those fics out there about an angry James, an oppressed, trapped Lily and her real true love Snape. Ew. Thanks for the review!


The Tree by the Lake by Chaser921
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 12]

Summary: Harry and Ginny often spend time relaxing under the tree by the lake. So did their parents, and both couples leave their mark on the tree. The tree remembers, and protects them in its own way.

Pairings are James/Lily and Harry/Ginny

Oh, and the Character Death isn't any of the canon characters. Thought you ought to know! *faints*

Categories: Various Pairings Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Violence

Word count: 3592 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
11/15/07 Updated: 11/16/07

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 05/17/08 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

Beautiful. Literally.


Summary: Past Featured StoryCallie and Lia, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin. A lady and a tomboy. Two opposite souls. Two sisters. Separated at birth by circumstances they are determined to discover... and undo. Yes, after being reunited, the siblings plan to reunite their parents as well. Let’s see them accomplish House Unity, too!

“It’s our rule not to dredge up past things, remember?”

This rule is about to be broken.

~Inspired by a worldwide beloved film.

Categories: Hermione/Draco Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded

Word count: 125007 Chapters: 30 Completed: No
11/19/07 Updated: 07/18/12

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 03/01/08 Title: Chapter 6: 'Sweet sorrow'

Well, it takes a lot to impress me, and I'm impressed. Loving it! Update soon.


Great Expectations by Cassandras Cross
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 505]

Summary: A weekend trip to the mysterious Rose Cottage leads to Ginny's second pregnancy and Hermione's first. The Potters and Weasleys take on “The Next Great Adventure” as they anticipate the births of Albus Potter and Rose Weasley.


Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: Sexual Situations

Word count: 107864 Chapters: 26 Completed: Yes
01/13/08 Updated: 07/25/08

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 04/26/08 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Please, please, please review! I am so into this story and I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: I\'m so sorry you have to wait so long for updates. The admins are taking forever to validate new chapters. They must be short-staffed or something, I don\'t know. But the next one\'s been posted for two weeks, so now it\'s up to Mugglenet.


Beyond the Sea by Emily_the_Poet
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 5]

Summary: Ten years. A lot can happen in a decade. But it was what happened at the beginning of that decade that defined me. Something I have never been able to let go of.

When Colin Creevey died in the final stand against the Dark Lord, most people forgot. He was carried in, and forgotten. Just one in a long line of bodies. But he was not forgotten by his brother. Delivered to you all by Emily_the _poet of Ravenclaw House for the water prompt

Categories: Dark/Angsty Fics Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Sexual Situations, Suicide

Word count: 6104 Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
03/30/08 Updated: 04/08/08

Reviewer: jojo_dolphin2394 Signed
Date: 04/30/08 Title: Chapter 3: Overcoming the Waters

This was a really emtional ride. Very well written.

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