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Okay, where to begin? Well, I am a dedicated, female Slytherin High School student from California, but living in New York at the present time....I want to be a writer when I get older and HP fanfiction really helps me out with practice.

I mostly enjoy writing my own stories, reading, chilling with mi best amigas and watching all sorts of movies, whether they are old black-and-whites or the present day thrillers and such. Music and television play a large part in my everyday doings; I can't complete or concentrate on homework without the background help of either.

I absolutely adore reading the HP series and hope to provide my readers with stories to grab their attention and keep them hooked for as long as humanly possible. No matter, the quantity of readers and reviews that seem interested, I'll be happy to know that there's a chance of catching the attention of one, whether the responses happen to be constructive critism, uplifting reviews, or even (if this site permits) flames.

My parents both loathe Harry Potter, but it's so much fun to annoy them with talking about it all the time. It is absolutely ridiculous that some schools and people think JK Rowling is trying to educate us in Dark Magic; everyone who thinks of her and the series as such all need their head checked if you ask me. Power to Jo!

I am a major fan of anime and manga, and hope to learn Japanese as I get older.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I produce. Here are a few boring statistics (if anyone even reads these bios):

TV Shows: The Parkers, Heroes, Naruto, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Wayans Brothers, CSI: Miami, Keeping up Appearances (I swear that show is the funniest British sitcom I have ever seen), As Time Goes By, General Hospital and the list goes on...
Movies: Pirates of the Carribbean, Schindler's List, Harry Potter, Titantic, AI: Artifical Intelligence, Spirited Away, Erin Brockovich, any film by Hayao Miyazaki, Tokyo Godfathers...
Artists: Evanescence, Maroon 5, , Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, w-inds, Linkin Park, Seether, Jojo, Christina Aguilera, The Beatles....
Authors: J.R.Ward, JK Rowling, Chris Crutcher, Chris Wooding, Darren Shan, Lois Duncan....
Books: Catcher in the Rye, the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, Dreamland, the Cirque du Freak Series....

There are numerous stories I recommend to be read and a few of them are posted on my favs list if anyone's interested in checking out stories that'll blow your mind.

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THE READERS OF MY FANFIC, ON THE BRINK: I will no longer be posting or continuing this story as per the ...um... persuasion of my parents, who were wary abt my doing this in the first place. Sorry, to all my wonderful readers Again, sorry...its been great, and I appreciate all those who stuck with me as long as you all did.

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Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/22/05 Title: None

Nice installment...if you're worried or even saddened about how many reviews you've gotten so far, don't be....I'm even recommending it to those who check out my bio...anywho, what did exactly did happen to Harry and Ron; I'm a little confused with that little part....Beside that, great job..1010

Author's Response: well, when they got into the Slytherin Boys' Dormitories, it was after lunch, and they somehow managed to sneak past the Slytherins to get to Draco and Hermione. They go though some drama, yada yada yada, and they get caught trying to sneak out of the Common Room. Then they get hurt, go to the Hospital Wing, then the end happens! TAH-DAH! Thank you soooooo much for being such a loyal fan of my writing!

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/19/05 Title: None

Aahhhhhh! What's with the cliffe? This is bloody brillant! I'm a little confused though as to where Hermione almost fell of the ledge...can you clarify that little detail for me? Anywho, this is great! Update soon; this is going onto my favorites' list...10/10

Author's Response: Welllll..... the ledge is out in the Grand Staircase..... I think I said that in the story..... or did I? Thnx for the review!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/06/05 Title: None

Ooh, very intereseting...what is happening to Hermione? There's no way the dementor she's supposedly seeing is invisible... there really isn't one there, is there? because others around would see it, wouldn't they? This is very good, keep updating...I can't wait to see what's going on with her...and Malfoy, him too...I give you a 10 out of 10....

Author's Response: oooh 10 out of 10 *blushes* naah. yeah, its about as far as i've gotten at the moment though


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 05/13/05 Title: None

That was hilarious! Dudley on a DATE! *shudders* Well, one thing's for sure...Harry is most definitely not going to be bored this summer. 10/10 update soon, plz

Escape From Dress Robes by Seren

Rated:23 Reviews
Summary: Dumbledore- much to the dismay of several students- has decided to throw a Hallowe'en Masquerade Ball. The Trio, along with a few friends, are horrified at the prospect, and immediately resolve to do everything in their power to get out of going. Along the way, they make new friends, form strange alliances, and even find love. A tongue-in-cheek look at various fallacies within the fandom. Blaise/Hermione, Neville/Padma, Harry/Millicent, and a lot of UST between Ron and Draco. Some OOCness involved (what did you expect? It's a humour fic.)
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/14/05 Title: Chapter 1: Episode One: The Fangirl Menace

Haha! I like you made it so that everyone was terrified by the annoucement of an upcmoming ball...and a masquearde ball, nonetheless...that's even worse! I don't blame them, I'd probably react the same way...hide until the ball was over and done with....hope you update really soon...10/10


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/14/05 Title: None

Wow...very nice. I like how you have this narrated from Harry's POV...I think that this would fit with both Harry, Ron, and Ginny view of a relationship between Hermione and Draco, but somehow I always thought that they would trust her judgement, but then again, it would be hard to accept it since they're enemies. Like it, plot and articulation and all. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks. I didn't even consider Ginny until I started the second chapter, when I realized how important another girl's view would be. But she'll have chapters, don't worry!

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/23/05 Title: None

Hehehe..this is pretty funny, but like in all Draco/Hermione fics, I fell bad for Ron...I'm mean, sure he couldv'e told her sooner but she shouldv'e noticed. I would never picture Ron forcing himself onto Hermione; he respects her way too much do something like that...anywho, I like your interchanging POV writing style...ver nice...10/10

Author's Response: I completely understand. I hate it when they make Ron seem so "I'm gonna make out with you no matter what!" He does respect her, and the point I was trying to make by him kissing her, is just that he does care. It's just love and he doesn't know what to do. But thanks! 10/10 *beams*


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 04/19/05 Title: None

EEEWWWWWWW! I would rather DIE than find out it was Snape...UGH! That is so disgusting...Sick..Sick...Ugh! I like this though so don't worry about that. 10/10 like always...EWWWW! SNAPE!? UGH?!

Author's Response: I love it when I get reviews like "Gross! Disgusting... Loved it!" Thanks a lot, though! Hugs and kisses!

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 04/19/05 Title: None

Goosebumps started running up my spine...he's what forty-something and if he's been sending letters for 3 years, that wouldv'e made Hermione...*face falls* 14?! Snape, I ask you...*shakes head*

Author's Response: I know... I'm ashamed... But you have to understand. Something had to happen to get Hermione to leave! And this worked for later on in the plot line. Yes she was young, but he is a kind of weird pervert. Don't worry, no more of him for a while... A long while...

Author's Response: I lied. I thought I was a chapter ahead of myself. There is more of that. But just one chapter. Then no more. And about her leaving... i didn't mean to give that away. Whoops. Keep reading

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/19/05 Title: None

Wow...I never thought they'd explode on Hermione like that...update soon, 10/10. I love it.

Author's Response: I didn't like making them get angry with Hermione like that, but it had to happen for the rest of the story line. Plus, I have trouble seeing their friendship as perfect in the first place. It just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. But that may just be me.

Too Late by Paprika

Rated:17 Reviews
Summary: Hermione has loved Ron for....... ever. But what happens when she tries to tell him? *Really sad, my first try at a one-shot so please give me some feedback!* Over 1,600 reads!
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 04/30/05 Title: Chapter 1: Twenty-four Hours Later

That was good. Um, I find it hard to see the Death Eaters attacking Hogsmeade like that though, and it was pretty obvious that Ron was writing a letter to Hermione. 7/10.

Author's Response: Thanks much! ~Paprika

Through A Hero's Eyes by Eponine

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 36 Reviews
Summary: Neville Longbottom lived almost his whole life with his Grandmother. He knows who is responsible for the insanity of his parents. But if he has a chance for revenge, will he take it? Neville's story, set in sixth year. Note: This story has been picked up again.
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 04/04/06 Title: Chapter 8: Broken Thoughts

Hey, whats going on? This fic is too good to not be continued. I have to know what'll happen next! Please update!

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much. It\'s been updated.=D

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 07/21/05 Title: Chapter 1: Reunions

Once more with your new installment, you have done a wonderful job, especially with portraying Alice and Ginny. The best Neville-centered fic Ive ever read! Keep it up! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! This comment goes to all of the readers: Please read the little blurb at the end about this story... thanks! ^^

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 05/10/05 Title: Chapter 2: A Lonely Return Home

Finally! A story dedicated to the mind and behavior of Neville Longbottom. "Why does everything always happen to me?" I always got the notion that he liked Hermione, but you took it too a whole new level. Absolutely refreshing and new! I hope he tells off Harry and Ron, too; I think it would be about time he came out to being more than just the shy, lonesome boy interesting entirely in Herbology. I almost cried at the scene where he went to see his parents. I see...Harry has a new "enemy" he never expected. This is definitely going to my favs list! 10/10 Keep it up. I'll be waiting "patiently", staring at the computer screen.

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 08/14/06 Title: Chapter 10: Bittersweet Revenge

Yes! Neville finally killed Lestrange...and it only took us a year to find out! Just kidding. I like the way you ended it, with Neville having more confidence in himself than ever and feeling 'complete' for the first time. 10/10

Author's Response: Hee. ^^;;; Sorry about that. I\'m glad you liked the ending! Thanks so much for the review!


Out of the Ashes by Stormy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 28 Reviews
“I won’t pretend I know how you’re feeling Harry – not this time. Too long I have ignored the simple fact that I make mistakes, and I cannot understand every emotion a fellow human can feel. I know that you feel anger, and resentment towards me. If there is nothing else you believe, know only that there are people who love you, and trust you.”

It is two weeks after the final battle and Harry is struggling to come to terms with what has take place. It takes someone special to draw a new life out of the ashes, but what is there to live for when so much has been lost?
(Set at the end of book 7)

Please Read and Review - my first fic!

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 05/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Out of the Ashes

Wow...that was incredible! Such pain, such despair. After reading this, I only knew one thing...NEVER would I want to be in Harry's place. Such good characterization, plotline, articulation...I could go on. 10/10...Oh, yeah, and thanks for reviewing my fic too. Really brightened my day, you being 1/3 people that actually did.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it - I surprised myself at what I could come up with at 11.30pm! And no problem about reviewing your fic - I always try to leave a review at the end of a story and yours definately diserves more than 3 reviews. It's great :)


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 04/08/05 Title: None

Wow...this is so angsty...so depressing, yet so good all at once...but I'd expect that from you; all your stories are good..all on favs list actually...any chance of updating soon. This is the first dark fic I've read on this site, and because of you, I want to read even more. 10/10, although, I wish I could give it a higher rating.

Plugs and Outlets by Alphie

Rated:46 Reviews
Summary: Mr. Weasley has a talk with Ron about his developing relationship with Hermione.
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 05/07/05 Title: Chapter 1: Plugs and Outlets

Bloody Hilarious! I'll never look at plugs and outlets the same way again, that's for sure. Poor Ron...I would hate to have that kind of talk...Plugs and Outlets indeed! 10/10...Written anything else funny?


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 05/07/05 Title: None

Are you planning on updating soon? I know that you have it update till the sixth chapter (the last time I checked) on harrypotterfanfiction.com, but what about MNFF?

Reviewer: Silver Apocalypse Signed
Date: 03/21/05 Title: None

The articulation in which you described the Malfoy family was very good indeed...I can tell this is going to be an out-of-the-ordinary fic and I must say its a great start indeed. Have faith...I'm sure your subsequent chapters will definitely be validated. Excelente! Update soon, plz! 10/10..

Author's Response: thank you so much! i love reviews! yay!