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I am moving sites, this one's too bloody (not rude) picky. This is my website at Fanfiction.net, where all my stuff is at the moment. This profile will no longer be updated unless it's a poem or something equally small, as I'm just sick and tired of the perfectionists who say no simply because your English is AUSTRALIAN and not AMERICAN, something they don't appear to realise.

This is it, enjoy and don't complain that it doesn't look fancy, it's the goo inside that matters. Mugglenet can go to buggery for all I care.

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In Essence Divided by Wintermute

Summary: Harry Potter and Tom Riddle are strangely alike. And yet their choices are so different - what made the difference? A story that explores the possibility of Tom Riddle's soul within Harry and a journey behind the Veil to find Sirius. AU as of HPB, contains no spoilers. Main Characters: HP, TR, AD, Sirius, Ollivander, Alphard Black, Aberforth Dumbledore, Voldemort.
Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 06/02/07 Title: Chapter 32: Face to Face & Epilogue

Any sequel in mind? It'd be interesting to see what happens after this plot line.


Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 03/02/07 Title: None

Have you considered writing a sequel? This is good, because it's different!

Author's Response: Thank you. :) To be honest, I haven\'t considered a sequel to this story because it\'s so long. It\'s scary (even to me), but this is only 1/3 of the story so far. *runs screaming* I\'m glad you like it because it\'s \"different\". Being that it was concieved just after the publication of OotP, this story going to diverge from HBP canon more. However, I\'m going to work hard at keeping canon characterization in tact. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 07/05/07 Title: None

Mate...err... when do you plan on updating? Starring at the last chapter is getting rather...boring, no offence, but please hurry up!

Harry Potter and the Magical Myths by nuw255

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: A man from Interpol comes to question Harry Potter as part of a murder investigation. How will Harry react? And how will this affect his search for Lord Voldemortís Horcruxes? Plus, the question we all want answered: What will happen with Ginny?

This story picks up immediately after HBP, and is very slightly AU. But hey, arenít they all?

Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 03/08/07 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Dumbledore and Slughorn

GET IT VALIDATED!! i want to finish reading the rest.

Author's Response: Well, it\'s been close to a week, so chapter 25 should be up very soon.

Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 03/08/07 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Dumbledore and Slughorn

GET IT VALIDATED!! i want to finish reading the rest.

Author's Response: Double!

Never Alone by ckwright51

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Dumbledore’s gone and Harry, Ron and Hermione have returned to Privet Drive to start their search for the Horcruxes. Their plan not to return to Hogwarts is changed with the reading of Dumbledore’s will. Harry must discover that his friends are a greater help then he can imagine and how to use the “Power the Dark Lord knows not.” With a little romance, action, mystery and even Quidditch along the way, Harry will find out if he and his friends can defeat the greatest Dark Wizard of the age.

This story was completely written before the release of DH or the Order of the Phoenix movie. Any similarities are entirely coincidental.

All reviews will recieve a response!
Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 03/12/07 Title: Chapter 14: Life or Something Like It

Spectacular! Hurry up and update-or finish- the chapter already! I really hope that you update soon.

Author's Response: The next chapter is on the way. Should be posted sometime this week or next. Love the excitement over the story. THanks.

A Difficult Choice by FlightofthePhoenix

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Peter has always been a person who hung around more powerful people than he was--- like his friends Sirius and James. He wasnít the one to stand up for himself, but gave in to whatever he was told to do. So what happens when he is faced with a difficult choice? Betray his friends and be showered in glory or stick by them and be cast away into the shadows for the rest of his life?

This was originally written for the Peter Pettigrew Spring Fling
Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 11/22/07 Title: Chapter 1: Welcoming the Darkness

*Grins evilly* Nicely done, and his character looks alright too, see ya at school! ;)

A Different Road III: Friend or Foe by black_ink

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: [Year 3: 10 of N/A] Its Harry’s third year as a Slytherin; the infamous prisoner Sirius Black is on the loose after twelve years…and, of course, after Harry. So, to keep him safe, Dumbledore is having Harry spend the summer with the last person he would ever want to temporarily live with. Things only get worse as, at Hogwarts, Black keeps trying to break into the castle and friendships will end. At the end of the year, Black won’t end up on the run nor will he end up a free man, and Pettigrew won’t escape on his own, but with some unexpected help, making the ending of Harry’s third year a can’t-miss…

How will Harry’s years at Hogwarts turn out, now that he's a Slytherin? Will he turn to the Dark Arts and be a follower of Voldemort? Or will he kill Voldemort, or die trying, after he learns of the prophecy? Will Harry's choices lead him down a different road? Follow and you will see...

“Questions are a burden to others; answers a prison for oneself.”
--The Labor Exchange

Reviewer: DorkDax Signed
Date: 02/15/08 Title: Chapter 1: Brooded Over Plans

Weelllll, if I had a insane old bat for a mother I'm fairly sure I recognise the laughter, nice logic. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! ~Sara