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My name is Breanna and I am 24 years old. I have been a huge fan of Harry Potter since I was 8 years old, and have been reading and writing fanfiction since I was 13.

While I am not as active in the fanfiction community as I used to, it still holds a special place in my heart. I find myself returning when ever I find some free time between school and work.

Below is a list of my stories. As you may have noticed, they are not all posted on MNFF. If you wish to read one, search "potterfan226" on either SIYE or HPFF and you'll find it. I must warn you, my earlier works are ... well let's just say, they're awful. Let me remind you that I was 13 when I started writing :)

- Harry Potter and the Silver Weapon [Pre-HBP | 6th Year | H/G]
- Little Miracle [H/G]
- What I Know True Love is ... [Next Gen | H/G]
- Watching the Rain [L/J]
- Saying Goodbye [Post-Hogwarts | Pre-HBP | AU]
- Her Voice Within [Next-Gen | AU]
- Conceiving Julia* [AU]
- Memories of a Malfoy [D/H]
- Sister, Sister [Original Characters | Dark/Angst]
- Under the London Skies [H/G]
- Of Blood and Purity** [Marauder Era | Original Character]
- Solace*** [COMING SOON | Next Gen | Slightly AU]

* While Conceiving Julia is not posted on MNFF, it is posted on SIYE and HPFF. Unfortunately, I planned this series as a trilogy and started posting it online before I had a concrete storyline. I got in over my head and lost my desire to complete this story.

** Of Blood and Purity was a fun story to plan. I really liked the idea behind it, but like Conceiving Julia, I began posting before I had written much of the story. Life got the best of me and I haven't had much inspiration with this story ever since. It is planned out, so maybe one day I will return to it, but as of now, I have no plans to continue it.

*** Solace is a new story that I have in the works which will hopefully one day be out.. I've written almost the entire story, and may have a sequel in the works already. I want to avoid the disasters I've had with my previous two novels by completley finishing it before posting.

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Harry Potter and the Vision of Light by Goddess

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 247 Reviews
Summary: My very first fanfiction I've come to create after pining away the days to the coming sixth book...sigh...
Harry and his friends return to Hogwarts after a very intense fifth year, and find themselves once again amidst the harsh realitites of the coming Wizarding World war. Lots of action, danger and maybe even a little unexpected romance...(What else would it be for Harry?) Read and then review if you'd like! ^_^
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 02/23/05 Title: Chapter 19: 19 - The Snake in the Lion's Den

OMG! i was laughing so hard when i found out he switched houses! Awesonme job ^_^

Fate by Liisa

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 598 Reviews
Summary: Sirius returns miraculously from behind the veil, uncovering a secret that's remainded hidden for too long and was obviously not supposed to be found...He undertakes the task of trying to fix the mistake he made all those years ago on Halloween night
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 11/15/05 Title: Chapter 46: All Was Right

It's - It's - It's OVER....!!! *cries* NOOOOO! OMG. I'm so sad, but it was truly an AMAZING story to read. I loved every part of it, even when it got confusing. I loved the entire plot and you're such an amazing author. Keep up the good work and please write more (not nessicarly of this but of ... ANYTHING!) I'd read your stories in a heartbeat. =) Again, great job, but I'm still sad that it's over. 10/10.

Mirror by Lishkish

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 269 Reviews
Summary: I fixed the "Family Reunion" chapter! Harry deals with another year at Hogwarts, and the death of Sirius. He is knocked backward by the arrival of the new DADA teacher(youll never geuss!). What he doesnt know is that Voldemort is ready to go, and has a new spy at Hogwarts. And finally, to find out the secret of that veil. Mild languge. Please R&R!!! THANKS! !!!!!!!!!COMPLETED!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL 'SCAR'!
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/12/05 Title: Chapter 14: Welcome Home

GREAT Story, i love it, :D:D

Legacy by arus_knight

Rated:642 Reviews
Summary: Harry suffers through another horrible day at the Dursleys'. Little does he know that this day will start him on a road of discovery and renewal.
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 09/02/05 Title: Chapter 40: The Price of Victory

O.M.G. She isnt dead right? RIGHT? *screams* OMG. Haha, otherwise, good chapter. :P

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 09/02/05 Title: Chapter 41: You can't go back again...or can you?

YaaY. I've read so many fanfics (with Harry and Ginny dating) and one of them gets killed and then comes back alive. So, I guess I kinda knew she wasnt really gone forever. But good chapter BTW. Off to read the next

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/17/05 Title: Chapter 36: The cave

great chapter :) I cant wait 4 the next one...


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 02/22/05 Title: None

Haha so far so good, love the story ^_^

Scar by Lishkish

Rated:298 Reviews
Summary: Sequel to Mirror

Harry is seventeen years old, and left unprotected now that Petunia is in Azkaban. The war has really begun, and The order will do whatever it takes to get as many magical races on their side that they can. Follow Harry through his last year at Hogwarts as he meets the new DADA Teacher, the new Quidditch Captain, Goes on a mission for The Order, and much, much more that I won't tell you about, so that while your reading the story you can fall off your chairs in shock. Let's just say this fic is packed with action, and you don't wanna miss it! PLEASE READ AND REVEIW!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/03/05 Title: Chapter 1: Happy Birthday

Wow this is such a great stroy ^_^ I love it :P


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/05/05 Title: None

Omg i was crying at the leters in the chapter, lol your such a good writer!

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/06/05 Title: None

Wow ur such a good writer! LOL Its soo funny when Remus is so :O at the Fideluis (??) Charm, its sooo funny!

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/05/05 Title: None

Wow over 12,000 words! I like that, gees it mucst of been hard for you to write that! LoL Its awesome thoguh! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/07/05 Title: None

Yaay i cant wait for the next chapter ^_^ LoL your awesome!!! ^_^

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/05/05 Title: None

Aww Hedwg died, thats so sad. But for Harry getrting a tatoo, haha thats hallarious!

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/05/05 Title: None

Wow you're soo good at writing. I'm glad hedgiw didn't die. Haha another wand. OMG i was laughing soo hard when Harry did the stuff to the dursleys! It was soo funny.

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/06/05 Title: None

LOL i was laughing soo hard at the part: “Harry, what are we doing here? I hardly think hiding out in the sweet shop storeroom will make the reporters go away, although I daresay we won’t go hungry.” Its just hallarious, kepp up the good work!

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/05/05 Title: None

Wow it's taking meeh all night to read these 9 chapters, lol its already 11:06pm here and i started at like..uhm iuno 7 or 8??LoL They're soo long, but i like LONG Fan Fictions, keeps me occupied ^_^

Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 05/18/05 Title: None

Hey did u know that someone on a different site posted this EXACT story, but udner the username pronglet?? LoL, it's quite funny, well not really, but everyone is mad ... But I love ur story ... it's awesome :P

Shine my Light on You by Powerful_Quill

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 118 Reviews
Summary: Ginny Weasley never understood why they would send her to help him. After all, she wasn't one of his best friend's, nor a person he looked up to like Remus Lupin. So why her? But it was the desperate look in her mother’s eyes that had really convinced Ginny to do it. Being desperate was not a thing of her mother's, and it had startled Ginny to see those tears in her eyes.
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 03/20/05 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five

Aww lol i was crying at that letter, lol, great story ^_^

Harry Potter and the Balancers of Death: Book 6 by jparan1

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 251 Reviews
Summary: This a story about Harry and his friends in their 6th year. It take's place after JK's OOTP. THe charaters and concept belong to JK Rowling and I am just using her great works as an output for waiting for her next book.

I do think you will enjoy this story. I have gotten many positive reviews. Alot of reviewer says it reads like if JKR wrote it herself. I am not that good, but I do appreciate the kind review.

This is an action adventure, with a touch of romance. I have tried to stay true to JK' orginal works, but there could be inconsistancies. Forgive me, for I am merely a muggle.
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 02/22/05 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19- A New Day.

Omg that was such a great story, I LOVED IT!

Finally Home by Weasley Mom

Rated:1303 Reviews
Summary: This story starts during the summer between Harry's fifth and sixth year. It follows his journey from the skinny, guilt-ridden Boy Who Lived to the Man Who Would Defeat Voldemort. Some H/G and R/Hr romance. Chapter 50 is up!!!! STORY COMPLETE!!! Written pre-HBP. This story no longer follows cannon.
Reviewer: potterfan226 Signed
Date: 02/23/05 Title: Chapter 3: Last Wishes

Lol omg that was great i cant see the keyboard because my eyes are all blury from crying lol