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The Curse Of The Lemon Drops by sitopanaki

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 124 Reviews
Summary: Hermione is slowly losing her marbles and develops an unhealthy obsession with Snape – to his horror. The task of saving what is left of her sanity falls upon him of all people. What's wrong with Hermione and can he help her?
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/22/07 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: When Nothing Is Reversed, Deeply Are You Cursed

wow!!! cant wait to read the rest!

Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/03/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - A Wand-Less Potions Master

its hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update sooooooooooooon

The Art of the Quill by Pussycat123

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 117 Reviews
Summary: *One shot* It is Lily and James's fifth year, and they have to endure many extremely dull classes. To pass the time, they swap notes. This is a collection of most of those notes ... and the madness that inevitably ensues.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 03/16/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Art of the Quill

hey,that was great..i hav bcum a big fan of urs..keep going

Author's Response: I will do ... thanks ever so much!

Winning More than the Cup by Fading

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 39 Reviews
Summary: How many times had Hermione wanted to be a Mrs. Ronald Weasley? She’d lost count over the years.

A Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny fanfic that takes place at the Quidditch World Cup.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 02/19/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

it was short and sweet....it was really good

Author's Response: Sooooo many reviewers said short and sweet...I guess that\'s not a bad thing. Thanks =)

Predictions by Dragon_Warrior

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 19 Reviews
Summary: ~*One-Shot*~
Sirius Black and James Potter are two of the most trouble-making third-years at Hogwarts. What happens when they find a crystal ball that makes their predictions come true?
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 02/14/07 Title: Chapter 1: Predictions

gud story...i liked it:)

Author's Response: Thanks :D

Meet the - Children? by Winged Artemis

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 244 Reviews
Summary: Lily Evans is a cheeky, brainy, hopeless romantic seventeen-year-old Head Girl with a sour temper. James Potter is an arrogant, hilarious, prank-pulling seventeen-year-old Head Boy with an immature head on his shoulders. Lily loathes James and James loves Lily. Blahblahblah.

However, when a mysterious locket and a very wacked Headmaster inform the two of them that their son is in grave danger, James, Lily, and of course, Sirius, are magically transported to the future to meet James and Lily's son and the state that the magical world is in.

A twist of mystery, fun, romance and some Sirius humor! And with a wee bit of J/L, H/G, and R/Hr!

WARNING: Tree climbing Dumbledores, valuable pieces of jewelry, and an ecess of sugar are contained inside - oh, and HBP is disregarded.

See profile for update information.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/05/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four - Dudley?

its wonderful!!!..plz update soooooooon

Author's Response: I\'m glad you like it! Updates are coming soon!

Draco, The Babysitter by mgle_teacher

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 485 Reviews
Summary: After a potion goes awry, Draco finds himself as the newly appointed babysitter of one Hermione Granger, age: 4. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, his wand is confiscated by Potter and he is forced to do everything the dreaded Muggle way.

Note to my readers: This story has been on hiatus forever due to a variety of factors. I do hope to finish it some day, but don't hold your breath. Also, this is NOT a Dramione nor will I change it to be one. Lastly, I am in the process of rewriting this story so bear with me.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/27/11 Title: Chapter 1: Exploding Cauldrons

I read this fic for the 1st time sometime in 2008....kept checking for updates....read it again today.... :) Pleassssssssssssseeeeeee update......can't wait to see what happens next...

Author's Response: OMG! Such a loyal reader! >.< Thanks for reading again! I'm still trying to finish this!

Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 08/19/07 Title: Chapter 1: Exploding Cauldrons

update soooooooooooon plz.....its awsome

Author's Response: I will. Thanks!

The Summer of Ninety Seven by SevenAndMoreToGo

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 91 Reviews
Summary: Post-HBP, a lot of developments have begun to take place. While Harry is preparing himself for the big battle, You-Know-Who and his two-minded servant are too....So you have him bursting in the scene everywhere - in the wedding, in Mundungus' den, in Godric's and even in JKR's mansion...

For is a crazy universe where the real and literary worlds coexist - and the only person who hasn't read book 6 is none other than - Lord Voldemort!

Warning: severe OOCness

And what do readers say about it?

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is amazing! I love stories about Voldemort, and this one definitely does him justice. You have a wonderful sense of humour..."

Schmerg_the_Impaler, reknowned author of "The Dark Lord's Blog"

Chapter 3: Marital Mayhem…Part 4...The Last Leg…(the second last chapter) is waiting in line!
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: A Plan in Process...



Author's Response: I definitely will...and this time, I won\'t ever leave until I finish this fic

Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 08/23/07 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 3: Marital Mayhem...Part 3...Antidotes and Other Plans...

hey plz update .....i'm a fellow indian btw....keep up the gud work..lol

Author's Response: Hiya, nice to meet you! Ya I have put up the next chapter, it\'s waiting..stay tunnnnd!!

Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 02/19/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Marital Mayhem…Part 2...Lovelorn…

It was excellent.......i loved it.........eagerly awaiting the next chapter....

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, lily! I am too!

Letters by Abbey

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: The War is over, and Harry thinks that's it. No more grief, no more fighting, no more pain.

But when he finds the letters, Harry realises that the worst grief can be for someone you barely knew, the hardest fighting can be against the past, and the most torturing pain only comes from inside your heart.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 02/09/07 Title: Chapter 1: Letters

It was fantastic.I luved it.congratulations.keep writing more and more fictions.

Author's Response: thank you so, so much. I will keep writing! If you want more, check out \'Lily Evans - Muggle to Witch\'. Thanks again!

Trees But Not Forests by Pussycat123

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 79 Reviews
Summary: One hot summers day, all is unusually peaceful for the Marauders, as they laze about in the Grounds. Of course, they can’t possibly stand for that sort of thing, so James decides to begin a word game with his friends that ends up with Lily being kissed, Sirius running for his life, and Dumbledore remembering his youthful days ... it could only happen to the Marauders!

Now available as AudioFiction Episode #100!

Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 03/16/07 Title: Chapter 1: Trees But Not Forests

its awesome.....i luved it....continue writing plz..

Author's Response: I will do! I\'ve got a lot going on at the minute, but I\'ll try and write when I can, so don\'t worry about that. Thanks very much!

"Please, I just need to talk to you," by Ron x Hermione

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 34 Reviews
Summary: Ron and Hermione have a heartfelt talk about what used to be when Ron discovers that she is dying. Will they get everything sorted out before the time comes? Or, will the time even come? The couple finally realises that a life and death situation needs love; no matter how hard the odds are of overcoming it.

This was written as an assignment for Roxy Black’s class, OWL-Level Romance, for the Spring Term of 2007. I am in Hufflepuff!
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot


Author's Response: Aw, thanks! ~Lindsey :)

Becoming a Dark Lord by FinalCow

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 120 Reviews
Summary: Voldemort knows it's great being the Dark Lord; it's a position he wants to keep. But even the most malevolent maniac can't stand when the forces of fashion conspire against him! A tale of organized mayhem.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: In which Tom Riddle acquires a business card


Author's Response: er... Thank you. Nice \'U\'s by the way.

"Oh Harry, why not me?" by SevenAndMoreToGo

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 24 Reviews
Summary: Parvati, Cho and Ginny - the three prettiest girls of Hogwarts, demand Harry why he didn't simply stick around with one of them. And he answers each of the ladies in limerick-like stanzas, giving his own "verdict" in the end.

Warning: Slightly idiotic

Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 09/22/07 Title: Chapter 1: "Oh Harry, why not me?"

hehe....this was hilarious......i generally dont read poetry in MNFF but ths was good

Dursleys, Meet The Wizarding World by Ghoul In Pajamas

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 459 Reviews
Summary: The Dursleys have left Privet Drive and are in hiding with Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle. Hestia and Mr. Dursley are constantly fighting, Petunia is avoiding the wizards at all costs, and Dedalus is trying to make them all the best of friends. Meanwhile, Dudley discovers he has an interest in Harry's world, but his parents are less than pleased when they find out.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 01/27/08 Title: Chapter 5: Death Eaters, Weasels, and Rumours, Oh my!

update soooonnn!!

An American Girl at Hogwarts by starkllr

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 20 Reviews
Summary: Jane Barnaby thought that moving from New York City to London, England when her father's job was tranferred was a big adjustment, but that was nothing compared to her shock when she received a letter delivered by an owl one summer morning...

Submitted for the August New Beginnings challenge by starkllr of Slytherin House.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 11/12/07 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

good going...update soon

Great Expectations by Cassandras Cross

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 507 Reviews
Summary: A weekend trip to the mysterious Rose Cottage leads to Ginny's second pregnancy and Hermione's first. The Potters and Weasleys take on “The Next Great Adventure” as they anticipate the births of Albus Potter and Rose Weasley.


Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 06/16/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Wistful Looks

update soooon plz :)

Author's Response: I\'m nearly finished with the next chapter, but I\'ve run into a problem with one section. Hopefully I\'ll be able to resolve it soon and get it posted. Thanks!

The Dragon Does the Tickling by jenniferes

Rated: Professors • 456 Reviews
Summary: After the war, Hermione returns to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year of studies as Head Girl, only to find Draco Malfoy has been appointed Head Boy. Her life is further complicated by the fact that Headmistress McGonagall is strongly encouraging Malfoy and her to attend one of the three wizarding universities in Europe after they graduate from Hogwarts. The story starts HG/RW, but the focus is on the development of HG/DM.
Reviewer: lily_007 Signed
Date: 05/03/11 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 27:Draco's Birthday

Makes me wish this were a book...so that i could turn the page and see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon, so you can see what's in store for Hermione and Draco. Thanks for the review, Jenny