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I love the japanese culture. I'm obssesed with manga and the Harry Potter series. I enjoy writing, and this is my first time joining something like this.

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The Unseemly Proposal by sparx

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: The reign of Voldermort comes to an end, and with it ends the prestige and power Lucius Malfoy once had in the Wizarding World. In order to regain the respect of his fellow wizards and to make them believe that he has turned over a new leaf (which he actually hasn't) and has graciously accepted muggles and Mudbloods, Lucius asks Hermione, a Mudblood, to marry his son, Draco, a pure-blood. Obviously, they both refuse, but Lucius isn't going to give up easily. After all, he wants his status back. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve and is determined to play match-maker. What happens next is a series of events that serve only to bring Hermione and Draco closer, both literally and figuratively speaking. Read to find out how this one unseemly proposal causes absolute chaos in their lives! THIS STORY IS NOT HBP and DH COMPATIBLE! Hey all! Check out my personal info for the expected date of the next update. =)
Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/24/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

Wow this story is absolutely amazing! I absolutely enjoy it! What a very interesting plot! You have my Congrats!

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/26/07 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16- Dropping In

Sparx I knew i should put you on my favorite lists. So Hermione and Draco are getting along that's good. Keep up the good work!=D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/25/07 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13- Of Popped Buttons and Wrong Accusations

Please sparx don't delete it!!!!! P.S You are on my favorite author and story list!=D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/26/07 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 21- Patrolling Hogsmeade

Hey there Sparx this is my third review because I love this story I think that you should have Hermione hex Pansy out of jealousy from seeing her around Draco. Keep up the good work! =D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/26/07 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26- Of Vodka and Chocolate Cake

They snogged amazing!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I HAVE EVER WRITEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/26/07 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28- Hermione’s Decision

Where do I get to vote at?

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/26/07 Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 29- Overcoming the Fear

AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very anxious to find out what happens. If you got my suggestion will you use it? Keep Up The Good Work! =D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/31/07 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 34- Revelations

You are AMAZING!!!!!! You have my thanks. In the future chapters you should have Draco actually realize that he wants to do something curageous for Hermione. [Sorry you get a lot of these from me but i dont know how to email you on mugglenet.] =D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 07/28/07 Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 36- Feelings

Fantastic work Sparx! Bravo!

Toxic by Therinian

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •

It is Hermione Granger's seventh and final year at Hogwarts. When she and Draco Malfoy are together more often than either would like, Hermione asks herself: "Can a leopard change its spots?", as Draco wonders: "Will any sort of relationship with Granger be bad for my health...?"

Please note: this story, while having some humor and mystery, really is a romance...!


Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 08/24/07 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Welcome Back

I think that your story is absolutely facinating! And I would like to know when the next chapter will be submited. Thank You!

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 08/21/07 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Welcome Back

I think that your story is great! I love it!

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul by Soap

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Set Post-Hogwart's, Voldemort has been defeated and the Wizarding world has returned to normal - well, as normal as Wizarding worlds could be. Hermione has a job at Gringott's, the Wizarding bank, but what will happen when an old enemy turns up as a colleague?
Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 05/01/07 Title: Chapter 17: Mrs. Malfoy, again

LOVE YOUR STORY LOVE IT!!!!!! (that's all i can say!) =D

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 03/31/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Banquet

I wondered how old are they? Your story is very fascinating

Author's Response: I\'m not really certain... I haven\'t asked them. I thought it might be rude to ask Hermione her age. I\'m going to go with 25-26 ish. =)

Enchanted by Willow Rosenberg

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: ~Complete~

The summer after the trio's sixth year, people gather at the Weasley's for the wedding of Bill and Fleur. Hermione goes in high hopes, expecting a relationship to heat up between her and Ron. However, her arrival at the Burrow is greeted with a rather nasty surprise...


2010: Ahaa, God, I just took another look at this story and, uh...the only defense I have is that I was a lot younger when I wrote it. Whew.

Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 01/30/07 Title: Chapter 1: Anything but Ordinary

Oh my goodness I absolutley adore this story. I'm very interested in finding out if Hermione will ever be held in Rons arms.

Author's Response: what do you think? ;)

The Only One Who Could See Her by Kattelena Riana

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: No one can see or hear Hermione. She can't touch anything, or do anything for that matter, for she has no effect on the world around her. She finds that her body is without her spirit, and only one can help her. Hermione Granger must get help from the only one who can see her, Draco Malfoy, or she will be stuck inbetween the world of the living, and dead, forever.

Disclaimer:J.K. Rowlings characters. Based on Just Like Heaven.

Chapter 6 is being re-betad.
Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 08/19/07 Title: Chapter 5: The Diary Of Lily Evans

I LOVE IT!!! Your story is very interesting and the fact that they found Lily Evans diary.... how strange. It appeared right at the perfect moment!

Author's Response: Well, of course it would. Otherwise the plot would be stuck, and we can\'t have that.

Only Those Who Believe by smiley10792

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Born into a time of turmoil and hardship, Rowena Ravenclaw always knew she was different. There was something that would haunt her mind deep in the night- an unseen and unknown power.

Now she has met three other young people who have this power. Together, they can bring the magic back. Together, they can do great things. But the magic is for only those who believe.

I am smiley10792 and I am in Hufflepuff house.
Reviewer: aspen_potter Signed
Date: 07/28/07 Title: Chapter 1: Ch. 1- Someone Else Understands

I absolutely love this story! Your way of writing is very creative and they are so young! How interesting! You are on my favorites list now!

Author's Response: Cool, thanks!