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I fell in love with Jo Rowlings world years ago, when I was 11. The first book I read was Chamber of Secrets, mostly because I didn't know Sorcerer's Stone existed. I love everything about the books, although...I've always hated Pettigrew. If his character wasn't such an important part of the storyline I think Jo would have been better off without him.

I do love the fanfics though, and much as I will deny it, I'm completely enamored with any sort of romance fics, especially Dramione and James/Lily. I appreciate Jo pairing up Ron and Hermione, but in my head Draco fits her better.

I never thought, when I first joined the site, that I'd ever write any sort of fic. I've always loved to write, but finishing a story isn't one of my strong points.

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Cruciatus Cursed by Moony 62442

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Everything in life has a “what if?”

What if Voldemort didn’t try to kill Harry in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic? What if he used the Cruciatus curse instead? What if Dumbledore didn’t come to the rescue until ten minutes after the curse had been executed? And what if Harry had been held under said curse for all ten minutes?

All the answers and more lie ahead…

Slightly AU as it is an alternate ending for Order of the Phoenix. Check out info. on this story on my profile!

***Nominated for a Quicksilver Award***
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/18/07 Title: Chapter 10: Initiation

Okay, the whole "lobsters" line did make me snicker...(I love that move, by the way)...

And ah, Voldemort's finally made a mark on Harry...Quite literally. I was wondering when he'd get around to that...

Author's Response: I love that movie too! That\'s why I put it there. I thought you all might get a kick out of it. XD Yeah, he made quite a mark, huh? Now, I wonder why no one has asked if Harry will have to keep it... By the way, for the sake of not angering the wonderful mods of the site, please put all of this in one review if you can! I don\'t want you to be accused of spam or something like that. Thanks a bunch!!!! ~Moony

The Perfect Present by annie

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: A fluffy one-shot about Harry and Draco's first Christmas together. Involves a not-so-broken nose, matching ties, and a cat named Harriet. Harry/Draco
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/11/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Perfect Present


Oh my goodness...I'm not even sure why but that line made me giggle. :^D

This is very well-written: I love it! Harry and Draco make such a lovely pair...The fact that they are such opposites only serves to make it more interesting.

Enchanted by Willow Rosenberg

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: ~Complete~

The summer after the trio's sixth year, people gather at the Weasley's for the wedding of Bill and Fleur. Hermione goes in high hopes, expecting a relationship to heat up between her and Ron. However, her arrival at the Burrow is greeted with a rather nasty surprise...


2010: Ahaa, God, I just took another look at this story and, uh...the only defense I have is that I was a lot younger when I wrote it. Whew.

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 05/23/07 Title: Chapter 5: The Steps That You Take

Oh lord--

When Fred and George start getting excited, it can't possibly be good...

Author's Response: muahahaha?

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 03/22/07 Title: Chapter 4: Confrontation

Ugh...Can't Hermione just up and tackle Elodie? I'm not much for catfights, but I don't think I'd blame Hermione...

Author's Response: haha...it\'s so tempting. incredibly. but, you know, not her style.

Some Kind of Miracle by annie

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Draco is determined to live the last nine months of his life with no regrets. But when a series of unfortunate events exposes a list of his innermost wishes, ambitions, and desires to Harry Potter’s eyes, he might find that facing his imminent death is not so easy after all. H/D, post-war, rated for later chapters.

Join my Yahoo! group to receive updates and announcements about this fic :) Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anniesfanfiction/

08/23/08: Chapter 22 up.
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/14/07 Title: Chapter 4: A Conversation


I'm confused...and that's good. :^D

I love it--I can't wait to see the rest.

The Valiant Never by RJ Lupins Kat

Rated: Professors •
Summary: SBHG: Her best friends’ fates – and that of her world – lay on her shoulders. At 20, Hermione Granger can’t do it alone. But Fate steps in, and the Impossible gives her hope… and love. 'Sirius'... :Abstract Prologue:

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 09/28/10 Title: Chapter 36: Epilogue: Of What Dreams May Come

I've had this story in my favorites for a while now, but I've never had the chance to finally sit down and read more than the first few chapters.

Last night, I sat down and read the whole thing through in one go. I literally couldn't put it down.

Your writing is simply superb--the plot was so addicting, even from the very first chapter. I adore Hermione/Sirius fics, and at the beginning of every chapter I couldn't help but hope for a little, *ahem*, "interaction" :P.

And I love the way you play with words, like a work of art. It takes a plotline that's already a 10 and makes it a 20. Amazing. Thank you so much for this lovely story. :D

Revival of Autumn by AstroFire

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: The war is long over, and Harry is now reflecting on what his life is. But is it really what he thought it would be?

A short one-shot with Autism as the main theme. Meant for mature readers. Rating due to the sensitive topic.

Loads of thanks to Kasey for modding and guiding me with this story.
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 01/28/07 Title: Chapter 1: Revival of Autumn

Oh my....I think you did well to post this here. I, for one, simply love it. 'Tis beautiful. Thank you.

Author's Response: No, really, thank you. :) It\'s always very rewarding to hear so kind words. Thanks for letting me that you liked it :D


To Love Life Again by lucilla_pauie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: There's magic in dates.

Harry and Ginny and the Weasleys believe this.

This is why they send their poor Hermione to her granny’s cottage in Ireland on February twenty-ninth, Leap Year, hoping she could also leap back to life and perhaps to love once more, five years after losing Ron in the war.

Hermione doesn't know it, but her parents and the Weasleys plus Harry are not content seeing her slaving away with paperwork and living by routine with a dead look in her eyes.

In Ireland, amidst the hills and the romantic whispering of the mountain breeze and the sea, in the handsome seaside village of Ardmore, someone is waiting for her.

…someone waiting for something to complete his own return to life.

Someone named Andrei MacElroy...or so he claims.

This had been entered into the New Year Challenge At the Sign of the Green Dragon and won 2nd Place (insert very undignified *squee* here).

Rave reviews. Not your usual Dramione fic. The sequel is up. ~Then Somebody Bends~

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/16/07 Title: Chapter 5: Pins and Needles

Hermione with no Crookshanks is just wrong...Not to mention sad and...and...Well, I honestly don't know what else, but still...awww...Poor girl...

I'm still tempted to smack Draco in the head with a stick...How much longer can he pretend that he doesn't care? How much longer is he going to keep up this Andrei charade? I'm honestly surprised Hermione hasn't dissolved his little smokescreen yet...



Author's Response: *laughing* poor draco! ^_^ patience, my dear melissa! thanks a lot for this.

i enjoyed the drama while i was writing this chapter. a tribute to my fave fictional cat.

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/23/07 Title: Chapter 7: Loving Life

*satisfied sigh*

Wonderful, as always. I was beginning to wonder if he'd ever get around to kissing her..

I'm almost sad that it's over...But, at least they get a happy ending.


Author's Response: thank you, melissa. im relieved! i was really wondering what you\'d say. whew! anyway, im also sad that its over, but i have no inclination or skill for long-winded epics, i\'ll run out of scenes and just plain ramble, so i decided to...*sigh* thanks again! *waiting now for other beloved constant reviewers* ^_^

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/07/07 Title: Chapter 2: How to Light a Fire

First of all, is it just me that finds Draco using the word 'crap' in an actual sentence hilarious? Honestly...that line made me giggle...I'm loving this story though--your imagery is superb, and I the whole Hermione/Draco ship has me quite intrigued...I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for updates...

Author's Response: wow, melissa, you made me squeal in turn. ^_^ thank you! i love it when reviewers actually point out what they liked in the story! thanks again! i don\'t know, is it unusual for Brits, using \'crap\' in a sentence? just curious. and oh my, just found out that spring begins around March 21! eek!

Author's Response: EDIT: okay, just got it through encarta, haha. i understand now why that expression split your sides. i had no idea it meant that.. i thought just plain \'trash\' or \'rubbish\'. vocabulary is a funny business!

Tears by BittersweetLove

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Ron mourns the death of Harry. Will he ever get over losing his best friends?

This is a one-shot that ends a little randomly. so if you don't like randomness, don't read this.
Written before DH
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 01/28/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ron with no Harry? That's hard to imagine...I do agree with you about Ron's eyes though...I also love the way you write--everything flows so smoothly...Wonderful!

Author's Response: im like melted chocolate. ooo sounds yummy!!

Dirty Magic by Wings of the Morning

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: He's got a horrible, deep, sinking feeling that he's just like the rest of his family. They're all a bit insane, and he feels insane right about now, absolutely bloody wild, like he's let some caged beast out, and it scares him.

(Sirius picked a bad night to run away from home. Rating for heavy cursing and situation. Oneshot.)

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 01/31/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

*hums with pleasure*....Absolutely fantastic. Sirius' emotions...wow....just wow....I love the way your writing flows, the way you give enough information without giving TOO much. So yes. Absolutely fantastic.

To Never Forget You by Dear Irony

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Hermione and Ginny spent one last day with each other while cancer steals one friend from the world. No slash, post-Hogwarts.

I’ll respond to every review!

To Dead Poetic's "Glass In The Trees"

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 01/31/07 Title: Chapter 1: To Never Forget You

Oh gosh...this is the first time I've read something here that's made me cry...You brought Ginny's emotions to life so wonderfully--it was almost too easy to understand EXACTLY how she feels...It's so sad, but still beautiful at the same time...I loved it!

Author's Response: wow, thank you very much! that\'s really sweet of you. i had a personal connection with this story so it flowed pretty easy. thanks again for reading and reviewing!

Smells Like Sirius Black by Soap

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Hermione Granger finds herself in an unusual place, an unusual time for that matter. Through an unintentional mishap, she is tossed right into the mix with James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black. Will she make it back to her own time without altering the future irreparably? And what will happen when she returns?


Thanks to everyone who nominated this story for a Quicksilver Quill, and congratulations to the winners!!
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/18/07 Title: Chapter 2: Meeting the Marauders

This is lovely so far...The thought of poor Hermione having to put up with so many boys that all remind me a little of Ron is somewhat laughable...If she doesn't end up pulling her hair out I'll be surprised. :^D

I'm Not That Girl by WhatsInAName

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Luna thought she had found the right one for her, but in the end, all he gave her was the pain of love lost.

One-shot songfic set to I'm Not That Girl from the musical Wicked.
Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/05/07 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

All right...I'm all in favor of taking Luna's wand and sticking it up Malfoy's nose..:P...I love this fic though--superb writing, if I may say so. Some people (no offense to anyone, of course) can't write songfics to save their souls, but...you're good.

Author's Response: *does the happy dance* I agree... he\'s just as much of a troll as the one in SS/PS. MALFOY IS EVIL, MURDERER OR NO! ...Sorry. I love songfics, but I only know of a few that really catch the message of a song. Based on what I hear from you guys, this is one of them. Thank you so much for the review! ~Sam

Aftermath by cmwinters

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

"Come to the right side, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine."

Explores a life in exile for of some of those who have been hidden.

(VERY slightly A/U, and even then, only if you take all interviews really literally.)

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: There Goes the Neighbourhood

Hmm...Most intriguing...I look forward to finding out more about these people, about their, how shall we say, situation. You've definitely gotten my attention...

Author's Response: Well, the story is completed. Chapter 2 is in queue, and the remaining chapters will go in queue as fast as the others get approved, as MNFF has a one-chapter limit.

Thankfully, this chapter didn\'t stay in the queue very long (two or three days, tops)

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/13/07 Title: Chapter 3: The Union of the Snakes

I never thought I'd say this...but I'm enjoying being slightly confused. If there's anything I can't stand, it's a story with an easily predictable ending, and that's definitely not true for this one. I'm really liking the fact that I have no idea what's coming next. Truly a work of art...

Author's Response: Hahaha, yeah, that\'s probably not a typical thing for ANYONE to say. But wow, thank you, that\'s incredibly high praise! *blush* I hope it lives up to your expectations. The fic is only five fairly short chapters long, and chapter 4 is now in queue, and chapter 5 is ready to go in queue as soon as possible.

Thank you for the lovely review and the giggle. :)

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/17/07 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

You know, the first time I realized that that might be Regulus I thought I was wrong...It does make sense though, now that I think about it.

But still, good deeds or not, I can't help but think that Snape is very deserving of a Dementor's kiss...


The Prince of Air and Darkness by starlightzephyr

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Lord Voldemort is close to victory. He has conquered most of Britain, he has gained legions of followers, and through dark magic he has restored his youth. Now all he needs to break the spirit of the rebels who stand against him and complete his own success is a young, beautiful, pureblood bride…

When Ginny Weasley is kidnapped, Harry Potter and his friends will do anything to get her back. Now they must ally themselves with a follower of Lord Voldemort, a hunter with the evilest of pasts, and a former schoolmate they hate beyond all reason…

A tale of adventure, romance, intrigue and suspense. Based on the assumption that Hogwarts never reopened, and the battle against Voldemort has lasted almost four years.

This is a reader participatory fic. That means readers get to decide which chapters come next, suggest plotlines, and even make an appearance in the story! More about this inside...

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/09/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

My oh my...I like it...I can't wait to see more...

Author's Response: Thanks! More is on the way...

All The Same by Lurid

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: I don't mind where you come from
As long as you come to me
I don't like illusions I can't see

All around her, she observes conforming, and it scares her. So many people around her are so similar in their appearance, and sadly, a lot of them are more than similar underneath. Most of them are the same.

Reviewer: Darkness Enshrouds Signed
Date: 02/14/07 Title: Chapter 1: Is All I Am

I think Luna must be one of my absolute favorite characters. I love the way she never seems to care how other people see her...Her strength is impressive...

You did a wonderful job with this.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I put a lot of thought into this, even though it was a spur of the moment sort of thing. Thank you for your review!