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Summary: This story starts during the summer between Harry's fifth and sixth year. It follows his journey from the skinny, guilt-ridden Boy Who Lived to the Man Who Would Defeat Voldemort. Some H/G and R/Hr romance. Chapter 50 is up!!!! STORY COMPLETE!!! Written pre-HBP. This story no longer follows cannon.

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 140900 Chapters: 50 Completed: Yes
12/31/04 Updated: 10/18/05

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/19/05 Title: Chapter 20: The Start of Classes

Wow just read this whole story and its v gd. the characters are particularly strong. I like that you've brought harry and lupin closer as i think that is a very likely consequence of Sirius' death and I love the marauder revival!

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/12/05 Title: Chapter 29: In the Dungeons

Great chapter, gd to see Harry controlling himself. When did jk say that patronus and animagus forms corresponded?

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/27/05 Title: Chapter 25: Bump in the Night

Excellent idea! nice to know that Percy hasn't completely lost his sense of family. Serves the git right! go Percy!

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/03/05 Title: Chapter 26: Back to Normal

really liked the humour at the beginning of the chapter. wow itll be really interesting to hear what percy has to say. looking forward to next chapter

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/21/05 Title: Chapter 21: Marked

Fantastic chapter! wow that wound me up a lot. be glad you're not here cos believe i am ANGRY now!

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/08/05 Title: Chapter 28: Professor Tonks

I really liked this chapter was very readable and enjoyable.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/24/05 Title: Chapter 23: Control

v nice chapter. cliffhanger of doom!


The Compton Diary by rockinfaerie
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 25]

Summary: This is an insight into the lives of one elderly couple, Alice and Bernard Compton, who lived in a deserted region of east Scotland. What follows is an extraordinary account of one week in mid-March 1998... Quite possibly the strangest and most life-altering period of their lives.

Categories: Mystery Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 10469 Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes
01/19/05 Updated: 07/12/05

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 10/21/05 Title: Chapter 1: Letter to Helena Stanfield

Great story, v original, really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks - so glad you enjoyed it!


Summary: The war is on and the only person with the power to stop Voldemort's second reign of terror is sulking alone in a cold, dark room. The unexpected arrival of an old school chum in Privet Drive jolts him to action, however, as Harry begins his most exciting year at Hogwarts. Year 6 will include a visit to the ancient village of Godric's Hollow; a first hand account of the 1000 year old quarrel that ripped Hogwarts apart; a Fred and George-style farewell to a certain ex-Minister of Magic; and the discovery of the Half-Blood Prince, a mysterious figure who holds the key to winning the war...

(And, as J.K. says, what's life without a little romance?)

Categories: Alternate Universe Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 202909 Chapters: 49 Completed: Yes
01/19/05 Updated: 08/01/07

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/20/05 Title: Chapter 6: Special Delivery

Have you given up on this story?

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/27/05 Title: Chapter 6: Special Delivery

gd chapter. very funny. looking forward to chapter 7...

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/17/05 Title: Chapter 1: Flight From Privet Drive

great story. loved chapter two btw. excellent stuff. evil cliffhanger tho.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/21/05 Title: Chapter 5: The Madness of Uncle Vernon

gd chapter. can really imagine vernon being like that. hmm now i wonder what the letter said?


Spirits in the Future by JessicaH
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 587]

Summary: Voldemort attacks the Potters, James and Lily try to protect their beloved baby boy. Then suddenly they're in a house they do not know. Harry isn't with them and they don't know what happened. Where are they? And who are the redhead children running down the stairs? Why have they been sent? The story is placed in the future, years after Voldemort's death, but danger is still lurking. Features Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione.

Joint winner in the genfic category of the Multifaceted Fanfiction Awards

Categories: Post-Hogwarts Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 108188 Chapters: 26 Completed: Yes
01/27/05 Updated: 11/17/05

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/20/05 Title: Chapter 12: Hogsmeade

Very gd chapter. Good to see similarities between harry and little lily, like having all 3 generations in the one place.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/27/05 Title: Chapter 14: The Dark Mark

Really gd chapter. Feel really sorry for James. I wonder what all this about Snape's mark is about. When will James and Lily work it all out?

Author's Response: James doesn't have it easy at the moment. A bit too much information I'm afraid. As for when they will finally work it'll see...I'm not telling.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/27/05 Title: Chapter 8: Harry's lessons

what a sweet chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/15/05 Title: Chapter 11: Bonding and nightmares

Sweet chapter. you write family relationships superbly.

Author's Response: Thanks.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/21/05 Title: Chapter 13: Quidditch match

Great chapter. Lucky jordan! good description of the quidditch, also will be extra interesting now that Lily and James can have some contact with their family.

Author's Response: Thanks, I was nervous about the Quidditch it's so easily get boring. And Jordan does feel very lucky at the moment, even if they are only going as friends.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 03/07/05 Title: Chapter 10: Quidditch tryouts

I liked this chapter and its gd to see past events revealed to James and Lily, but I think you need to work on a new plot line. Its great that your story is so character driven but it needs to have something else soon.

Author's Response: It's coming, I promise you.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 04/08/05 Title: Chapter 15: Danger ahead

Really enjoyed that chapter. You write so well about people's emotions. I just hope that somehow Pettigrew's actions will be revealed to James.

Author's Response: Thank you. As for your'll have to be patient on that one.

Reviewer: ellidiot Signed
Date: 02/17/05 Title: Chapter 1: Our Grandchildren?

wow what a great story. hmm... now who could she be...

Author's Response: Thank you, and you are more than welcome to guess.

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