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Hello, readers and authors, alike,

Welcome to my authors page! I, for those of you who do not know me, and Claire. You might know me from the forums, of which I have been a member since April 2007.

I love to act and sing, and have taken the lead in a school musical. I am known around my high school as the "Harry Potter Expert", and writer. Gryffindor is my house on the boards( Toaster pride!).

I have one dog, but have had several fish that sadly expired.

I love musicals, though my favorite has to be either Guys and Dolls or the songs from Chicago. I am an utter Broadway drama queen, and my iPod is filled with showtunes. Any thoughts on musicals? PM me!

My favorite character in Harry Potter is Tom Riddle, though I do have a crush on Harry. My other favorites include, but are not limited to, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Sirius, Remus, and Lily.

I don't have an die-hard ships that I support, but have several that I favor.

But, my favorite have to be: Tom/Minerva, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Luna, Harry/Luna, Draco/Ginny, and Neville/Luna. As you can see, I love Luna related ships.

Favorite musicals: Guys and Dolls, The Drowsy Chaperone, Mary Poppins, Into the Woods, Chicago, A Wonderful Town, A Chorus Line, Peter Pan, and Annie Get Your Gun!

My favorite books: Harry Potter(obviously!), the Cherub series, the Twilight series, anything by Mary Higgins Clark, Sherlock Holmes, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Pearl, and the Bible.

My Favorite Singers/Bands: Daughtry, Queen, Mika, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Nickelback, Black Eyed Peas, Kenny Chesney(*drool*), Bon Jovi

My stories:

I have since deleted all but one. If you would like to see it again, please email me.

I Don't Really Know What To Say: A one-shot about James talking to a Harry that hasn't come out of the womb quite yet. Thanks for al of the reviews!


Facing Death-A poem about the veil in the Department of Mysteries.
Upcoming Fics:
Burning Hearts(J/L)

Deleted Fics:

Betrayal-I have decided to discontinue this fic after Deathly Hallows simpy because of lack of interest from myself and readers.

Can't Help Falling In Love With You-A one-shot in which Tonks falls in love with an unlikely person.

Who We Grow To Be-A Minerva McGonagall character study.

If you read, please leave constructive reviews! No flamming!

Thank you for making a visit to my author's page!

It's not right, not okay,
Say the words that you say,
Baby, we're better off this way,
It's better that we break,

Maroon 5, Better That We Break

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Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/17/07 Title: None

IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! Best chapter yet!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: None

That was SOOOO great!!!! I feel really bad for Hermione. Youn had a great plot!!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: None

Padma Patil? lol!!! On to the next chapter!!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: None

Dark Lord? I thought that only Death Eatewrs callled him that? I loved it(aas usual)!!!

A 6th Year at Hogwarts by SomberBallad

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It's Harry, Ron, and Hermione's 6th year at Hogwarts. With a little romance, a little bit of Voldemort, a lot of the Mauraders, and the best DADA teacher since Lupin(and he's in it too). There are a lot of changes and a lot of trouble. Harry discovers his increasing doubt in his talent, Hermione remains overworked and ever loyal, while Ron struggles to find out what he really means in the story.

(This is an AU!Sixth Year Fic)
Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 06/03/07 Title: Chapter 1: Summer Holidays

I liked it, but it was a little ordinary. I'm waiting to see some plot going! Let me explain what I mean and more. It was very much like other fics, where it starts out writing letters and then going to the Burrow. I hope to see some action in the next few chapters. I like your characterization of the trio. Harry was perfect, and I like how you didn't let him complain and make him seem whangst. Ron was perfect! You couldn't be more on target. The only other plot and detail problem was when Harry, Ron, and Mr. Weasley came to pick Hermione up. I thought that you needed to at least skim over the Dursley's reactions to the Weasleys'. Their transportation method also seemed odd. So far, they've used a flying car, and used Floo Powder, so a Muggle taxi seemed OOC for them.

Author's Response: Thanks for all the thoughtful concrit in this review, the first like 12 chapters were written without a beta and need some good advice so thanks for taking the time to nicely tear it apart. I\'m not sure when I\'ll go back and fix this but I will definitely come back and look at this review when the time comes, thanks again!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/13/07 Title: Chapter 1: Summer Holidays

I liked it. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, enjoy the story!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 06/05/07 Title: Chapter 4: The End of Summer


Author's Response: Thank you, keep reading!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 06/03/07 Title: Chapter 2: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Ahhhh!!!! Much better! You really showed Snape's personality. Sirius would also take the job, like you had him. GREAT job!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! It\'s nice to know I improved some, a lot of people don\'t like this chapter, I revamped it a little while ago to make it more believable...it seemed like it worked ;)

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 06/03/07 Title: Chapter 3: O.W.L's and Diagon Alley

I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I love constant reviewership.

Splat, Split, Splinch by Nundu

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: What happens when two wizards Apparate to the same place at the same time?
Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 06/02/07 Title: Chapter 1: Splat, Split, Splinch

I loved it! Interesting idea!

Breakaway (Harry Potter Song Fic) by Kally31

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: When Harry met Tara. A prequel to Build My World.
Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 03/17/07 Title: Chapter 1: Breakaway

This was fabulous!! The only thing that I thought was weird was Harry agreeing to talk to a Slytherin. He hates them. But the rest was great! I'm adding it to my favs list!

The Forgotten Adventure by Naomi Evans

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Harry awakes in the middle of the night only to find that someone has kidnapped Ginny. After being transported from the Burrow into strange world that unfolds behind each door they find, Harry who is joined by Hermione and Ron, embark on a dangerous journey to save Ginny.
Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 The Warning

It was great!!! I found this story because of checking your author's page, just browsing. I read the summary and it looked great!! And what do ya' know? It was!!! I wasn't even planning on reading it either.

Author's Response: Perfect! That\'s what I intended. I needed to grab peoples attention and let them know this is a good story. Thanks for reading you are awesome! And thanks for all your reviews you are kind to spend the time! Naomi

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2 The Forest

"Trying to look away from Ronís face, Hermione tried to ascertain the strange world around them." The word trying and tried was used 2 times in 1 sentence.

Its Voldemort. Not Voldermort. Im picky, I know.
I love Hermione's attitude. It was just like her!! This was a great fic!! You are on my favs list. Please answer my reviewsw.

Author's Response: Thanks that made me laugh! I hate when people have too many of the same words in one sentance so I will go change it. Also I\'m glad you like it, I\'ve worked very hard to make sure I stay true to characters. Keep reading, but be patient with me I take a while because I only want to give you guys my best! Naomi

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Erkling Encounter

Not much happened in this chapter. I loved it, as usual though!

Author's Response: Alright....I\'ll work on it.

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Some Answers, More Questions

AWSOME!!!! I loved it!:)

Author's Response: Glad to hear it! I hope I don\'t ever disappoint you! Naomi

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Spiders Fight

good. bScary.

Author's Response: lol!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Solving the Puzzle

I was bored. No offense.

Author's Response: Hmm...I\'m actually working on that one. I\'ll see what I can do. Thanks for the honest opinion!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/18/07 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Bellatrix


Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/26/07 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11 The Coffin


Reviewer: bertiebott12 Signed
Date: 01/26/07 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12 The Choice

Bellatrix is lying! Duh!! great!

Author's Response: When has she ever told the truth!!!